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  1. Yeah. I'm pretty sure she fucked up Dolores something fierce until Dolores turned guns onto Maeve. Then something else happened. Maybe Dolores set off an EMP in the warehouse? Welp, I guess I either need to re-watch that season or find a YouTube summary. I wouldn't mind re-watching the season because I did like it quite a bit.
  2. Homicide and a bottle of Drano. PLEASE.
  3. They tried killing off Tessa Thompson's character. The rest of her family died and she crawled out of the fiery wreck like a Terminator. You also had the big fight between Dolores and Maeve that I thought ended with Dolores shutting down the big orb, future predicting thing that calculated that with it being shut down that humanity would fall apart within a very short span of time. But yeah, it's been so, so, so long since season 3 that it's hard to remember everything that happened. I also think Aaron Paul's character is also a synth, but I'm not entirely sure.
  4. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope the scalpers bring their tickets back down to Earth the closer we get to the event. I originally had my tickets to the First Dance for about 3x, but that was about 5 days before the event when I learned they would be trying to induce my wife on that Friday. Then a day before I dropped them down to less than face value and never sold them. They were really excellent seats too. At least I bought insurance for them and got around $125 back. The same is probably going to happen with this. No one is going to want to take a huge loss on their tickets so they'll drop them down in price. I already made sure I have nothing going on with that Sunday so if ticket prices drop, I'm going.
  5. Def Jam 1 and 2 were the shit. I only own 3 PS2 games now, and they're the Def Jam games and Here Comes the Pain.
  6. As someone who irrationally loves Westworld even when it's up it's own ass, I'm hyped for this season.
  7. Watched the first episode of Picard season 2. I could almost go for a series that is just Picard running the winery.
  8. To be fair, Nick Khan probably still has a very good feel for Hollywood and is probably confident he can use contacts he still has to get Roman some high profile work.
  9. Can they cgi her original nose back on her? Sorry, I'm in the camp of thinking her pre-nose job nose looked way better and was a lot cuter.
  10. I wonder if some of the weirdness is that this was shot higher than the typical 24 frames per second for movies. I know at one point Cameron was aiming for 120 FPS, but I think this is someone closer to 60 FPS. It's like no one learned any lessons from the Hobbit movies.
  11. No need for lists or anything, but short hair Thor is the best Thor.
  12. Hmm...At times the CGI looked pretty bad. At other times, it looked good. For the most part, it reminded me of the Final Fantasy movie, which I don't think is a good thing. And that's honestly the only thing I can comment on. I have no idea what the story is so there's no point in saying anything about that. I mean, maybe it was the water motif, but I was catching some heavy vibes of Moana while watching that and all that made me do was want to go watch Moana for the hundredth time instead of watching Avatar.
  13. Holy shit. I made it to the end of season 1 of Picard. No hyperbole, but this was maybe the biggest slog of TV I've watched since season 2 of Lost or the Ireland season of Sons of Anarchy. Holy shit. So many episodes put me to sleep. I think of the whole season there were maybe a few episodes I liked, Nepenthe in particular. I did also kind of like the season finale, but I have some obvious issues with it... All of Starfleet showing up felt like it was cribbed right from the end of Rise of Skywalker. Don't borrow ideas from Rise of Skywalker. Man, the Borg Cube was really irrelevant and felt like a way to shoehorn in 7 of 9 more than anything else. You could have done this whole season without the Cube and it would have still been the same. Picard constantly pleading with Soji and Soji being really fucking dumb for a synth was pretty annoying. I felt the very ending, so everything with Picard, was a little cheap, unearned, and undone faster than WWE undoes their shit. I am surprised that from episode 1 or 2 that I predicted what would happen with Picard. All in all, I'm conflicted on this as a season. I don't think it was necessarily bad, but it wasn't that good. I'm still looking forward to season 2 though and I'm looking forward to starting Discovery. I think I'll go through Discovery first before I jump into Strange New Worlds.
  14. No. People overreacted to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter bullshit and made inferences based on vague posts.
  15. As a huge fan of the series Sex Education, and a fan of his work playing Eric on that series, this is an incredible casting. If you all haven’t watched Sex Education on Netflix, I really encourage you to do so. It’s awesome. His character is awesome.
  16. I’m honestly surprised no one made a Pro Wrestler Story like the Video Game Story games. Something for mobile where you don’t necessarily do any hardcore booking, but you’re just running a pro wrestling company and trying to get it to grow bigger and bigger.
  17. Oh, i too finished Ozark. I was mostly ok with the finale. All in all, I dug the series, but it just goes to show you that if you come from where I live in South Bend, then move to Chicago, and then venture down to the Ozarks, shit is going to get fucked up. Thankfully, I only tick two of those boxes. Live in South Bend, we go to visit my mother in law who lives down in the Ozarks, but my family hasn’t moved to Chicago…yet. So the Ozarks are safe for now. And I’m nowhere near as smart as Marty. When it comes to criminality, I’d be like the guys in Office Space looking up how to launder money and asking a dude selling magazines for advice.
  18. The IASIP guys have talked about in the past about how Fred Savage was by the far the biggest party guy and would just get absolutely blasted drunk. So Fred Savage now getting called out for sexual harassment isn’t surprising. It’s kind of a 2+2=creep type of thing.
  19. Going to hope that prices on Stubhub come down closer to the event.
  20. I want a Chozen/Terry Silver fight so bad. Chozen should be like the Hulk with just Johnny and Daniel doing everything they can to contain him until they're finally like, "get him."
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