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Rampage - 11/19/2021


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On 11/22/2021 at 8:55 AM, L_W_P said:

The 123 Kid had enough birthdays to turn Syxx.Then he was X-Pac. X of course being the Roman numeral for 10.

Great progression there.

And of course now he goes by Sean Walt Man.

In fact, pro wrestling is chock full of guys who have made the switch from boy or kid to man, such as Honkey Tonk Boy or the Big Boss Kid.

My personal favourites are probably:

Kid Abu Nakanishi

Paul Hey Kid

Strong Boy

Braun Strowkid

Macho Boy Randy Savage

The Sandboy

Mad Boy Pondo

The Z-Boy

"Real Kid's Kid" Steven Regal

One Boy Gang

Icekid King Parsons


Billy Kidkid

The Boogie Woogie Boy Jimmy Valiant


Calvin Tanklad

El Muchacho sin Nombre

Kiddy Fernandez

Maxwell Jacob Friedboy


somewhat confusingly, Kid Ami Toyota

and of course Gentle Boy Jervis Cottonbelly


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Love the progression of this thread, funny stuff!

As for the show, for me it was mostly either there or actively not my thing. I don't like Billy Gunn and I don't want to see him on my TV, and he also just reminds me/the audience that most of the AEW roster are relatively small and "short" which can make it hard to bring in the more casual WWE style fans. I'm probably overthinking it because of my bias against the roided-up stiffs.

Jade Cargill has a great look but I thin she's too green to be getting the push she's getting. But maybe I'm just being cranky.

I love the Mark Henry segment every week, that is a nice touch.

Main event was fine. Jungle Boy doesn't do a whole lot for me, and his little rope bounce arm drag move requires a little too much time and obvious cooperation for little effect, and I say this as a long-time lucha fan. 

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