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Inoki is such a dumbass. Visits N. Korea without permission, may lose his job at the worst.


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I guess Collision in Korea 2 is on hold then.


Although the NK-News people (grain of salt) mention Jang meeting with Kim Jong-Nam (older brother of KJU, removed from succession for sneaking into Japanese Disneyland using a false name) as a reason for the execution. So recent events there have been undersold, like rumored executions of musicians and the whole bizarre thing with the 85 year old Korean War Veteran and such

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Don't worry gentlemen!


Speaking on television Sunday, professional wrestler-turned upper-house lawmaker Antonio Inoki said he planned to make his 28th excursion to Pyongyang before the next Diet session convenes in late January. His secretary confirmed Monday that arrangements were in the works for such a trip.


Looking forward to the Inoki/Rodman match. Falls count anywhere in the city of Pyongyang

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