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UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno (12/12/2020) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX)


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Dave Meltzer:

As far as the scoring of the Figueiredo vs. Moreno fight, Judge Derek Cleary gave 48-46 on rounds one, three and give for Figueiredo, a 9-9 third round and only round four for Moreno.  Judge Sal D'Amato's 47-47 score was rounds one and five for Figuieredo, two and four for Moreno and a 9-9 third.  Judge Junichiro Kamijo had one and two for Fuguieredo, four and five for Moreno and a 9-9 third. I had one, two and five for Figuieredo and a 10-8 third and 10-9 fourth for Moreno.  In fan voting, the majority of fans had the same rounds the same way as I did.  In total, MMA decisions reported 41.3 percent had it a draw, 31.0 percent had it for Figuieredo and 24.4 percent had it for Moreno. Media scores were 52 percent a draw and 48 percent for Figuieredo and none for Moreno. Dana White said that due to the draw, he is looking to rematch the fight as soon as possible.

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