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Black Canvas Grappling (A TEW Booking Committee Thread)

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(yes, we're doing one tour event outside Kansai. No I haven't lost my mind (or At least I don't think I have). We're currently making money, I figure one or two shows a tour outside a region will at least get us noticed in that region and hopefully speed us towards growth)

Backstage Incident: Animal Harker is brightening up the scene backstage. Dreadnought also was telling "road stories", from his father (Dread), which boosted the backstage.. Since we're not going to have many fans, and with the lack of popularity here beign an issue it's a pared-down show.



Opener: Dreadnought defeated Hosaka at 11:15 via Dread Bomb (Rating:19)

Individual: Dreadnought 19, Hosaka 16

Notes: Hosaka was off his game, and they didn't click. But better they get experience in the pre-show, in front of very few people, right?


Match 2: James Diaz beat the Great Avatar at 15:06 after an Asian Thumb Spike (Rating: 45)

Individual: Avatar 45, Diaz 39

Notes: Penalized because the fans didn't buy the Young Lion Diaz pulling off the upset against the older Avatar (even if we've only been wrestling two months!)


Main Card:

Opener: Big Bruiser Findlay beat Akima Brave at 14:45 (Atomic Spinebuster) Rating: 51

Individual: Findlay 51, Brave 40

Notes:Dinged a bit for time.


Match 2: SUKI defeated Giant Brody at 18:38 via submission (SUKI SPECIAL III), Rating: 53

Individual: SUKI 57, Brody 40

Notes: Dinged a bit for time. Brody and Brave are not making me look good for calling them the Muscle of GD.


Match 3: Frankie Perez defeated Logan Wolfsbaine via submission (P-clutch) at 16;12 (Rating: 50)

Individual: Perez 55, Wolfsbaine 52

Notes: Dinged a bit for technical masterclass in front of a rowdy crowd.


Match 4: Blast Ikoma defeated Edo Phoenix IV (Local worker) at 18:18 via Northern Lights Bomb (Rating:48)

Individual: Edo Phoenix 51, Ikoma 42

Notes: Dinged a bit for time... but Edo Phoenix IV might have earned himself a contract, as they had pretty good chemistry, despite Ikoma's ranking.

Overall: 49


To be expected in a new location, with not really many of the super stars, but it helped our popularity, so.. I'll take it!

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BCG Fighting Spirit Day 3: (Kobe) Att:569

Ah, lots of people in the stands. This is more like it.



Opener: Torii/Okamoto/Y.Taku defeated Laine/Wolfsbane/Sotomura (Torii over Wolfsbane, Spinning forearm smash at 25:01) RATING: 63

Individual: Torii 74, Okamoto 67, Taku the Younger 58, Wolfsbaine 53, Laine 47, Sotomura (working through injury) 32.

Notes: Really should've had this on main card, but it was just "Hey, I have Torii and Okamoto booked to appear later, I should at least get them in a match)


Main Card:

Opener: Dynamite Naharashi defeated Sojuro Sen via Naharashi cutter (10:17) Rating: 50

Individual: Sen 47, Naharashi 39 (off his game)


Match 2: Kawagishi defeated Avatar via Diamond Dust (15:13) Rating: 55

Individual: Kawagishi 55, Avatar 41


Match 3: Findlay defeated Brody via Atomic Spinebuster (20:44) Rating: 59

Individual: Findlay 62, Brody 43 (Okamoto and Perez were ringside, but didn't get involved)

Notes: Good Chemistry between the two


ANGLE: Perez and Brody say they will see Findlay and Okamoto at FIGHTING SPIRIT! (Rating: 45)

Notes: Okamoto did not do well without a script


Match 4: Funakoshi and SUKI defeated Miura and Yoshizawa (Funakoshi Butterfly Backbreaker on Miura) Rating:69

Individual:Funakoshi 73, SUKI 68, Miura 54, Yoshizawa 50


ANGLE: Funakoshi calls out Torii, and tells him between his recent matches, and beating him in a tag match earlier in the tour, he's earned himself a title shot at FIGHTING SPIRIT. Torii nods and makes the "I want the belt" motion

Rating: 62 (Torii was a bit lost without a script)



Overall Rating: 65 


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46 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

Notes: Our injuries heal over the two weeks or so between tours,

Fighting Spirit Tour Day 1: OSAKA (attendance 575)

Opener: The American Cobras defeated  Toshusai and Wolfsbane (Spillaine over Toshusai via submission: Kneeling Boston Crab at 17:33 (Rating:56)

Individual:Spillaine 58, Toshusai 56, Wolfsbaine 48, Malloy 45

Notes: I was expecting the tag team specialist bonus from the Cobras. I wasn't expecting the great chemistry between Toshusai and Wolfsbane!

And you just got your storyline for the tag titles right here. The original plan was to have Wolfsbaine join Frankie and co. The new plan should be have the Cobras challenge, fail, while starting to establish Toshusai and Wolfsbaine as a team. Then have Toshusai and Wolfsbaine win the tag belts in there first attempt, then have the Cobras attack the new champs and join with Perez. 


Wolfsbaine and Toshusai is a perfect ace tag team to build them both up to more singles action down the line. We just hit money.

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Speaking of money, now that February is over, looking back at our first couple months, the production upgrade gave us a hit to our profits (51K vs January's 87K), but we're still making money. Here's hoping our profits increase (the Wrestling Industry and the Economy are rising)

Internationally, The Confederation of the Territories got a new member, as CILL joined OLLIE as the mexican affiliates to the alliance.

Backstage before our next tour event Shiga is spotted with his proteges, all three of them, Psychology tips to Shuga Amano, Microphone tips to Danjuro Kikuchi and selling tips to Yutaka Ogata. 

Maybe we should let the three of them form a minor stable as the Shiga ducklings 🙂


BCG FIGHTING SPIRIT DAY 4: Kyoto (Attendance: 555)


Opener: Edo Phoenix IV, Commander Kawagishi and Gidyau Katou defeated Team Naharashi and Danujuro Kikuchi at 17:02 (Kawagichi over F.Naharashi via Diamond Dust) Rating: 49

Individual: Kawagishi 51, Kikuchi 50, Edo Phoenix IV (Official debut) 45, F. Narahashi 44, Katou 42, D. Naharashi 39 (off his game)

Notes:I was going to put Kawagishi and Katou in with Wolfsbaine and Tosh, but Kawagishi didn't want to job and requested changes. I put him on this match instead


Match 2: Tosh and Wolf defeated the Devil Machines (Wolfsbaine over Avatar - Belly to Belly Suplex) at 13:35 Rating 60(!!!)

Individual: Wolf 64, Tosh 58, Okimassa 55, Avatar 49

Notes: yeah, our Avatar jobs a lot, but man, putting this good a match on the pre-show should be a crime 🙂. Both teams have excellent chemistry (Dreams of a four way tag match between these two, the Cobras, and the Champs)


Match 3: Golden Domination (Perez/Brody/Brave) defeated Laine/Miyaki/Shikitei at 17:39 (Perez submitted Laine, P-Clutch) Rating: 57

Individual: Perez 64 (head and shoulders above), Shikitei 54, Miyaki 53, Brody 48, Brave 45, Liane 45



OPENER: SUKI and Matsushita defeated Shimizu and Kita (SUKI over Kita via MOUNTAIN SUKI) 18:13 (Rating:57(

Individual: SUKI 64, Matsushita 53, Kita 44, Shimizu 38

Notes: The Azumamaro's (Kita and Shimizu) may share a common name, but they do not have ANY chemistry as tag partners (literally, the note was ZERO Chemistry). Dinged a bit for time


Match 2: Findlay and Okamoto defeated TEAM TAKU at 23:21 (Findlay over T.Taku- Atomic Spinebuster) Rating 63

Individual: Okamoto 69, Y.Taku 64, Findlay 62, T.Taku 32 (yeah, don't team takus up too regularly)


Match 3: Furusawa defeated Sojouro Sen at 22:25 (Furusawa Armbar): Rating 72 (!!!)

Individual: Furusawa 76, Sen 50


MAIN EVENT: Torii defeated Ikoma at 29:16 with the Spinning Forearm Smash: Rating 68

Individual: Torii 67, Ikoma 55 

Notes: Torii defeates Funakoshi's last challenger to prepare for the upcoming challenge. A bit greedy to use this on a tour card, but man, all the matches performed well!


Overall Rating: 66

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Minor news:

Referee Tawaraya *Seriously, that's his name* has decided to move on from BCG after many years of service, and has handed in his notice. We make offers to two replacement refs.


In other news: Several of our wrestlers move to Japan to be closer to us: Animal Harker, Logan Wolfsbaine and Dreadnought all relocate to various parts of Japan. That will help with the costs some

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Posted (edited)

Backstage Incident: Goro Hatamoto was brought before Wrestler's Court, and accused failing to pick up his share of the tab for a rental car. Now, if the judge was Shiga, we know what the penalty would be, but Furusawa passes judgement, and Sentenced him to pay the FULL cost of the rental and to reimburse his travel partners.

Fighting Spirit Day 5 Tour (Osaka, att:571)



Opener: Kawagishi defeated James Diaz (Diamond Dust, 12:28) Rating: 48

Individual: Kawagishi 48, Diaz 39

Notes: Just giving Diaz more experience


Match 2: Kiyotaka Defeated Isono (11:20, Kimura) Rating:45

Individual: Kiyotaka 47, Isono 34



Opener: Perez defeated Avatar at 15:30 (P-Clutch), Rating:59

Individual: Perez 62, Avatar 41


Match 2: Findlay defeated Hatamoto (Atomic Spinebuster, 15:14) Rating: 50

Findlay 60, Hatamoto 27

Notes: Dinged a bit for time


Match 3: Tosh and Wolf defeated Team Naharashi at 19:48, Wolf over F. Naharashi) Rating 49

Tosh 59, Wolf 50, (off his game) F. Naharashi 44, D.Naharashi 43

Notes: Dinged for technical match (which we have to have, with rowdy crowd)


Semi-Main: Torii and Matsushita defeated Y.Taku and Katou at 23:13 (Matsushita one handed choke slam on Taku), Rating:67

Torii 75 (head and shoulders above), Taku the Younger 62, Matsushita 59, Katou 48


Main: Findlay/Okamoto (who call themselves the Lions) teamed with Funakoshi and defeated Edo Phoenix IV, Animal Harker, and Sojuro Sen at 22:38 (Funakoshi pinned Edo Phoenix IV-Butterfly Backbreaker) Rating:66

Funakoshi 69, Okamoto 68, Findlay 65, Phoenix 50, Sen 49, Harker 49

Notes: Yup, double booked Findlay. My bad. But he did pretty well considering. Okamoto debuted a new comeback move that got the crowd buzzing, his psychology will go up being able to use as a go-to spot)


Rating: 56


Shiga likes the way Edo Phoenix IV works, and suggests we push the kid




Edited by SirFozzie

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Backstage Incident: Big Boss Emperor gets called before wrestler's court and accused of making a mess backstage and not clearing it up. He was of course, found guilty, and Furusawa sentenced him to clean it up, and then (at the suggestion of Shiga?) buy everyone a round of drinks after the show.

Final Fighting Spirit Tour Day (#6) Attendance 569 in Kyoto


Shimizu defeats Kawagishi (13:01, Figure 4 Necklock.. sounds painful) Rating:56

Kawagishi 55, Shimizu 49


Sen defeated Big Boss Emperor (10:20) Rating:47'

Sen:51, Emperor 30

Notes: Just giving Emperor some work, and for Sen to express the displeasure of his fellow wrestlers of Emperor's messiness (not that he would take liberties with youngsters in ill-favor with other wrestlers, of COURSE NOT)


Main Card:

The Cobras, Tosh and Wolf defeated Miura, Yoshizawa and The Devil machines at 22:40 Rating: 57

Wolf 57, Tosh 57, Spillaine 56, Okimassa 51, Malloy 43, Yoshizawa 42 Avatar 40 (off his game), Miura 31 (???)

Notes: starts the tag team chaos storyline


SUKI defeated Kamisaka (MOUNTAIN SUKI: 17:45) Rating:52

SUKI 58, Kamisaka 41 (was tiring)

Notes: Dinged for time


Perez defeated Edo Phoenix IV (P-Clutch, 21:12) Rating: 61

Perez 61, Phoenix 50,


Furusawa defeated Akima Brave (21:25 -  Furusawa Armbar) Rating: 64

Furusawa 64 (off his game), Brave 44 (Great Chemistry between the two


Final Rating: 53 Throw away card really



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Posted (edited)

Before Fighting Spirit, Gidayu Katou suffered a strained-wrist while wrestling for Pro Wrestling SAISHO. Katou has grown leaps and bounds in popularity since he signed up with us: Up about 20 points through the first two and a half months.


BCG FIGHTING SPIRIT (Osaka, Attendance: 4,258)



Okimassa defeat Doi via submission ((9:35 - Scorpion Deathlock)), Rating: 49

Okimassa 53, Doi 32


Dynmaite Narahashi defeated Akima Brave  ((11:48 - Narahashi Cutter)) Rating:54

Naharashi 52, Brave 51


Main Card:

Furusawa defeated Shimizu (20:22 - Furusawa Armbar)): RATING: 81

Furusawa 85, Shimizu 49

Notes: Yeah, technical masterclass had to be put here, it would have not gotten that rating later in the card, but wow. EIGHTY FREAKING ONE. and 90% of that is due to Furusawa)


Tosh and Wolf defeated Harker and Laine (17:23 Wolfsbane Belly to Belly Suplex on Laine) Rating:60

Tosh 64, Wolf 58, Harker 52, Laine 48


Matushita defeated Kawagishi (16:01 One-Handed Choke Slam)  Rating: 55

Kawagishi 53, Matsushita 51 (Tiring at end)

Notes: Dinged for time (just a bit too short)


BCG TAG TITLE MATCH: Miura and Yoshizawa defeat the American Cobras (14:32 Miura over Spillaine , END OF THE WORLD), Rating: 66

Malloy 63, Spillaine 56, Miura 55, Yoshizawa 54, 

Notes: Both teams got specialist bonuses. Miura & Yoshizawa make defense #4 of the BCG Tag Titles


BCG CHALLENGERS SERIES TITLE MATCH: Yoshinaka Taku defeats Edo Phoenix IV  (20:18, Full Nelson Bomb), Rating 68

Taku 65, Edo Phoenix IV 59

Notes:  Yoshinaka Taku makes defense #2 of the CHALLENGERS SERIES TITLE


The Lions (Okamoto/Findlay) defeat Golden Domination (Perez/Brody) (22:15, Okamoto BRAINBUSTAAAAAA SUPLEX over Frankie Perez) Rating: 75

Okamoto 82, Findlay 71,Perez 60, Brody 50


SUKI Defeated Blast Ikoma (26:02, SUKI SPECIAL III) Rating:79

SUKI 77 (!!!), Ikoma 58


BCG WORLD TITLE MATCH: Bunrauken Torii defeats Funakoshi (35:19, Spinning Forearm Smash) Rating: 77

Funakoshi 86, Torii 85

Notes:The announcing brought it down slightly.  Bunrauken Torii becomes a three-time BCG World Heavyweight Champion

Final Rating: 77 !!!!!!!!! (TV Rating: 0.03, 27,318 viewers) 

Speech: SUKI, Torii and Funakoshi all get "You're awesome" (all pleased)


Man, if Dan or someone takes over after this tour, I think I went out on a pretty good note, don't you think?


James Diaz moves to Kansai since we're the ones booking him right now





Edited by SirFozzie

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So, does anyone want to take over booking duties for the next three months? 🙂

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Posted (edited)

 I might be able to, but I also haven't actually purchased the game yet, been just running through the demo. Give me a day.

Feels like we are doing well with hirings, though I've been trying to scour to find some people to target if we decided to change things up. Names that hit my list

Lion Genji: Kinda someone that I've just never paid attention too, but could be another good add to our midcard. Has the talent to work up the card in spurts too.

Fuyuhiko Wakabayashi, Black Flash and Monday Next: 3 Australians with a lot of talent that we could get for cheap. 

Orange Tsuchie: Could totally see if he's signed by someone else already, but he is not loyal to EXODUS and he is really really good. 

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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Dan will likely be booking the next tour, but here's just some thoughts

Group A
Edo Phoenix IV
Dynamite Naharashi

Group B

Since we have 10 shows in the tour, this would allow 5 nights to be dedicated to each group

Semis: Funakoshi/SUKI (do we want to give SUKI a surprise rub and build a story that Funakoshi has lost two major matches in a row)
Furusawa/Okamoto (Excuse me while I drool)

Finals: ???/Furusawa (Furusawa wins?)

selected Other well-known wrestlers (recognizable and up) not in the Grand Prix

Ikoma (start a storyline with him being snubbed?)

Matsushita (same, just doesn't have the stamina  to do the dream matches I want in the grand prix)

Yoshinaka Taku: I want him to defend the Challegers Series title belt a couple times during the tour as well as at the Grand Prix finals (Note: He is up to star, the push is working)

Malloy/Spillaine/Miura/Yoshizawa Tag Specialists

Kawgishi/Brave/Miyake Okimassa/Sen don't really have the momentum to be in there.

Toshusai: We need him to pull Logan Wolfsbaine up, and get them ready to take over the tag titles.. (Tosh is well known, Logan still considered unimportant, although he's gained 7-10 points of popularity already through the bginning of March, and another 5 or so points in the couple week of March.Do we want to give them the titles at the next event?

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I agree with the groups, as it's a bit early to start throwing all our biggest names in there at this point. More growth as a company first. 


I also officially bought the game today, so can take over if you want. You could hold it yourself since it's been your baby and if you want to book the Grand Prix, I certainly won't hold it against you.

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Posted (edited)

Alright, let's get a look at everything. Still getting used to the format more for 2020, 2016 is just so much my jam it's weird to go into something else.


First off, I didn't realize BGC has the True Born way so we were not gaining the loyalty of some of our youngens. That is... unfortunate. I'm debating making some cuts to some of the young guns who aren't loyal or have elite upside. Big Boss Emperor,  Shugo Amato, Suguro Emoto, and Wataru Kikumoto seem like the obvious potential cuts. We are at 52 talents, and that's... a bit much.

That said, I'm kinda tempted to bring in some outside guys for one shot deals just to see how they perform.  Americana Jr., Pavel Vanzycha, Surfer Boy Lucas, Felipe Caballero, and Austin Smooth might get one off appearences as try outs to see if we can find someone worth jumping for.

I am also strongly considering signing someone specifically to come in just for this tour to challenge either Taku or Torii. Lion Genji is who I'm thinking could challenge Taku, but Torii the only name that makes sense (And could be interesting as it is Furusawa's old tag partner) is Shingen Miyazaki.

Oh, I also bumped up show lengths on the tour to 2 hours. Wanted to give things a bit more chance to breath, and get some of the up and comers on the main card.

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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So, couple notes before show one. Franke Perez requested a pay raise, and I gave him a decent one, as he's kinda the backbone of Golden Domination. Furusawa announced he was changing his style from Regular Wrestler to Technical Striker, which seems more then fair. Also, Kitau is ready to go from his minor injury

BCG Grand Prix Tour Night 1: Saturday Week 3 of March 2020 in front of 571 people in Osaka, Japan


Pre Show Match 1:

The Black Iron Corps (Kita and Narahashi) defeat Mitsurki and Kinoshina in 15:16. Rating: 51

Kita 53, Narahashi 50, Mitsurki 42, Kinoshina 36

Just kind of a trial run to see how they GCG holdouts would do. Not amazing, but not awful. Kita and Narahashi are going to be fixtures in the midcard, it's just a matter of figuring out whose place they end up outdoing I think


Pre Show Match 2:

Commander Kawagishi defeats Americana Jr. in 15: 11. Rating 45

Kawagishi 46, Americana 33

Not quite what I was hoping for from Americana Jr. here. Didn't help that Kawagishi was off his game.  Still, this was Americana holding back and at super young, so he's still in play long term, but I'll probably wait it out with him for now.


Pre Show Match 3:

Yuta Isono, Dreadnaught, Akima Brave, James Diaz, and Joffy Laine defeat Danjuro Kikichi, Omezo Shikitei, Ginju Kasaki, Takenori Doi, and Goro Hatamoto in 14:40: Rating 47

Shikitei 56, Kikichi 52, Laine 50, Brave 48, Diaz 40, Isuno 35, Kisaka 32, Doi 31, Hatamoto 30, Dreadnaught 21 (Oof)

Wanted to give the kids a chance to really step into the big story going right now, and they did... eh. Not awful, but not good. Dreadnaught and Doi were off there games. I'm liking Laine getting 50's in these types of matches though, might need to start giving him some main show rub. If he can learn Japanese, we will have something with him. Disapointed in Brave, thinking he might have started his time decline as it feels like he should be a king in these matches, instead of being out done by Laine.


Main Show Match 1:

Tosh and Wolf defeat The Devil Machines in 18:22. Rating 61

Tosh 61, Wolf 58, Okimasa 54, Avatar 46

Just getting started on giving Tosh and Wolf some main show time. Finding people willing to lose to them was annoyingly hard. 


Main Show Match 2:

Block 1 in the BCG Grand Prix: Razan Okamoto defeat Azumaru Shimizu in 20: 24. Rating 62

Okamoto: 67, Shimizu 48. 

Like this overall, but would have liked a tad more from Shimizu. I'm not sure if this is new, but Okamoto used a hot new move in this match that further elevated him. Okamoto moves to 3 points in the Grand Prix, Shimizu stays at zero.


Main Show Match 3: 

Bundaruken Torii and Rokuemon Matsushita defeat Kamasaki and Kitoyaki in 15:57: Rating 64

Torii 76, Matsushita 57, Kitoyaki 52, Kamasaki 48.

Just a casual 76 from Torii in a match he was holding back in. I'm wondering if using Matsushita for putting over someone else in the short term could make sense. I think him trying and failing to take the belt of Taku?


Main Show Match 4:

Block 1 of the BCG Grand Prix: Funkaoshi defeats Dynamite Narahashi in 11:52. Rating 62

Funkaoshi 72, Narahashi 41

Yes, the match was short, but I needed an Steal the Show match somewhere. and boy did Dynamite choke under the pressure. He keeps putting up performances like this he might not end up winning a match in this thing.


Main show Match 5: 

Lion Genji defeats Motoyuki Miyake in 17:04. Rating 60

Genji, 56 Miyake, 56

Being honest I kinda expected more out Genji then this rating, though it wasn't, you know, awful. Miyake probably needs to be someone we consider giving a bit of a rub too, he's good.


Main Show Match 6:

Block 1 of the BCG Grand Prix: Frankie Perez defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 20:46. Rating  63

Perez 62, Phoenix 54.

I thought Phoenix was the 4th best guy in this block, so I wanted this to have a pretty big feel. It did, just not as big as I wanted it to be. Still, if we can get Perez some momentum before his big matches with Funk and Okamoto, great.


Main Event:

Mabuchi Furusawa, SUKI, Yoshinkau Taku, and Gidayu Katou defeat Big Bruiser Findlay, Blast Ikoma, and Miura & Yoshikawa in 23:37. Rating: 69

Furusawa: 77, SUKI 65, Findlay 63, Taku 62, Miura 53, Ikoma 51, Katou 50, Yoshikawa 49.

SUKI and Miura were off there game, but my thought is How can Miura off his game put on a better performance in Ikoma? Furusawa with the casual 77 while holding back, as well.


Show rating of 65.

Some rough spots here, but everything on the main show at least hit 60. 





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Yeah, I constantly get frustrated with Ikoma. He has buckets of talent, but, it's like it just.... doesn't work the way it's supposed to!

Perhaps Taka the Younger/Ikoma or Taka The Younger/Matsushita at the grand prix? Beating either of them would indicate that Taka's not just a quick flash in the pan.

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Posted (edited)

Giant Brody relocated to Kansai, so that's nice. Also, PGHW is now renewing the contract of Noriyori Sanda, probably the biggest name to hit free agency in Japan for a bit. It does appear he is in time decline, but he could be useful for a tour to put over some young workers.

Backstage Incidents galore, but all of them positive. Goemon Inoue was telling Road Stories, which is a weirdish thing from the announcer, but helped everything. Shiga continues to be a huge asset, drunk or not, teaching Amano about selling, Kikichi about Microphone work, and Ogata Psychology. 


BCG Grand Prix Tour Night 2: Tuesday Week 4 of March 2020 in front of 581 people in Kobe, Japan

Sooo… I accidentally clicked the ready to go icon. I hadn't organized my matches yet. So this will be bad


Pre Show Match 1:

Fujio Narahashi defeats Surfer Boy Lucas in 14:32. Rating 51

Narahashi 48, Lucas 44. 

Well Holy Shit then. A 44 for Lucas in his very first match in Japan. Pluses in Star Quality, Charisma, and Morale, only minus being holding back. I think he earned himself a chance to continue on this tour personally. 


Pre Show Match 2: 

Tosh and Wolf defeat The Devil Machines, Yokokawa and Sen, and Kamisaka and Kiyotaka in 15:34. Rating 52

Wolf 62, Tosh 56, Okimasa 52, Sen 50, Kiyotaka 50, Avatar 48, Yokokawa 47, Kamisaka 47.

Not bad at all Wolf. Tosh was off his game, but Wolf got to have the best performance against 7 established names. We have something great with this team. Sen also bruised his eye socket, curtosy of Kamisaka on this one.


Pre Show Match 3:

Danjuro Kikichi and Shuga Amano defeat Dreadnaught and Yuta Isono, Nobutuki Kubo and Yutako Ogata, and Mitsukuri and Kinoshita in 15:21. Rating: 40

Kikuchi: 48, Isuno 37, Mitsukuri 35, Kinoshita 34, Amano 31, Kubo 29, Ogata 26, Dreadnaught 25

Yeeeeaaaah meant for this to be my pre show opener. Mitsukuri put up a 35 while being off his game, so that's a decent sign?


Main Show Match 1

Edo Phoenix IV defeats Gidayu Katou in 13:33. Rating: 55

Phoenix 53, Katou 44.

Not an awesome performance from Katou, but this was primarily just to try to heat up Phoenix a bit. 


Main Show Match 2

Lion Genji and Funkaoshi defeat Motoyuki Miyake and Azumaru Shimizu in 19:51. Rating 62

Funk 62, Motoyuki 55, Genji 54, Shimizu 50.

Wow, that's a much lower then I was wanting out of Funk. the losing team put up an effort I'm happy with, but both the winners were slight letdowns. Or pretty big ones from Funk, being honest.


Main Show Match 3

Golden Domination (Frankie Perez, James Diaz, and Akima Brave) defeat The Lions (Blast Ikoma, Dynamite Narahashi, and Rokuemon Matsushita in 16:07. Rating: 57

Perez 64, Matsushita 59, Ikoma 54, Narahashi 47, Brave 44, Diaz 40.

Oof another match were hardly anyone got going. I like what Perez and Matsushita did, and I'm fine with Diaz floating in the 40 range, but everyone else was just not as good as I was hoping. Matsushita debuted a new power spot to help his Psychology though. Mats I actually haven't been frustrated with at all so far.


Main Show Match 4

Razan Okamoto and Yoshinaku Taku defeat The American Cobras in 16:21. Rating: 60

Okamoto 59, Storm 58, Marvel 56, Taku 46.

Good god man. This was supposed to be my main event! But Taku and Okamoto have zero chemistry as tag partners, and it just killed this dead. Huge bummer. 


Main Show Match 5

Grand Prix Block B Match: Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Giant Brody in 14:54. Rating 68:

Furusawa 76, Brody 46.

Should have main evented with this and just let Furusawa carry. Brody is a hard to work worth member of the field in this cause of his stamina issues.


Main Show Match 6

Grand Prix Block B Match: SUKI defeats Animal Harker in 15:06. Rating 55

SUKI 53, Harker 50.

Jesus Christ this is the show from hell. SUKI has an off night for the second show in a row. 


Main Show Match 7

Grand Prix Block B Match: Big Bruiser Findley defeats Azumaro Kita in 14:52. Rating 65

Findlay 68, Kita, 52

Finally something goes right! Findley and Kita have good chemistry, and while the match was short, I had it be a wild brawl which fit both guys styles.


Main Event

Non Title Match: Bunrakuken Torii defeats Commander Kawagishi in 19:12. Rating 72

Torii 77, Kawagashi 55.

Thank you Torii! Literally threw this main event together by just finding the best worker I had to work with Torii at the last minute because I wasn't sure if anything else was main event worthy. Kawagashi brought it too, but Torii saved my bacon.


Overall Rating: 70. It's a miracle this show rating was this good, it felt like everything went wrong on the card until the last 2 matches. 

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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Furusawa is judge for Shikitei for just staring at his phone for a locker room meeting. It actually had a positive effect, so that's nice.


Well Shit. Frankie Perez is working CZCW tonight. Sooo….. I guess I'm doing Block B Matches tonight instead of 1? Sure, let's do that.


BCG Grand Prix Tour Night 3, 592 people in Kyota Japan

Pre Show Match 1:

Yoshisada Matsuzawa and  Yutaku Ogata defeat Nobuharu Yokokawa and Noboyuki Kudo in 14:39. Rating 37

Matsuzawa 47, Yokokawa 44, Kudo 29, Ogata, 24

A: The Kids didn't look great with the Vets and B: Yokokawa got Chronic Shoulder Pain in the match. So that's not great


Pre Show Match 2

Azumamaru Shimizu defeats Pavel Vanzycha in 14:58. Rating 50

Shimizu 51, Vanzycha 38.

That 38 should look impressive, but that was with good chemistry. Maybe another guy we bring back here and there, but Pavel isn't young like Americana. Will sit out on him


Pre Show Match 3

Edo Phoenix IV and Commander Kawagishi defeat Akima Brave and Yuta Isono in 15:21. Rating 54

Kawagishi 56, Phoenix 54, Brave 46, Isono 39.

Isono continues to be the most impressive of the kids. Kawagishi and Phoenix, with Okamoto, is actually making me wonder if we should try a Junior division, or at least tournament. We already have 3 guys to build from


Main Show Match 1

Grand Prix B Block Match: Giant Brody defeats Animal Harker in 10:18. Rating: 57

Harker 51, Brody 49.

Right match at the right time imo. Had them have a Wild Brawl to open the show, and it helped. Also, positive chemistry!


Main Show Match 2

Miura and Yoshizawa defeat Danjuro Kikuchi and Joffy Laine in 12:32. Rating: 52

Yoshizawa 57, Miura 55, Kikuchi 50, Laine 48.

Crowd wanted a longer much, but I don't think anyone really wanted to see these guys go 20 at this point. Laine continues to impress in the midcard, wanted to give him a main show chance.


Main Show Match 3

Razan Okamoto and Rokuemon Matsushida defeat Tosh and Wolf in 12:32. Rating: 63

Okamoto 70, Matsushida 62, Tosh 56, Wolf 55

Okamoto was off his game and still put up a 70. That zero chemistry thing really killed it dead last show. I feel like I'm already approaching an impasse with Wolf. Crowd shits on him when he's in long matches, then penalize his matches for being too short if I shorten them. 


Main Show Match 4

Blast Ikoma defeats Omezo Shikitei in 14:41. Rating 61

Blast 61, Omezo 51

Hey look Blast didn't let me down for once. Positives.


Main Show Match 5

Grand Prix Block B Match: Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Azumamaru Kita in 21:11. Rating 76 (!!!!!)

Furusawa 76, Kita 53.

Hot damn, that is the good shit. I probably should have main evented this one over the upcoming match, but I wasn't sure how much Kita would hold up his end. Turns out he didn't do it that much, it just didn't matter.


Main Show Match 6

Bundaruken Torii and Yoshinaku Taku defeat Lion Genji and Motoyuki Miyake in 21:20. Rating: 58

Torii 66, Taku 61, Genji 53, Miyake 50.

Badly placed Technical match, meant to run this second and lost track. Still, Torii doesn't play well in Technical. The Genji bring in feels like a mistake. Luckily it was only for 10 dates.


Main Show Match 7

Funkaoshi defeats Fujio Narahashi in 13:13. Rating 57.

Funk 67, Narahashi 50.

Another off night for Funk too. Funk is almost becoming 4th on my personal depth chart right now in the company, as he's not at the tier of Torii and especially Furusawa


Main Event

Grand Prix Block B Match: Big Bruiser Findlay defeat SUKI in 21:38. Rating: 65.

Findlay 65. SUKI 65. Everything is 65.

Well phooey. Definitely Main Evented the wrong match. I hoped this would feel like a big deal, as Kita was a big underdog in the tournament and these two feel like contenders, so I wanted Findlay getting the big win to feel like a big deal. New lesson is always bet on Furusawa. Which is funny because SUKI was angry post match and Findlay because Findlay botched a move and almost hurt him.

Also, this match was kind of a vote of no confidence in SUKI to a degree. 2 straight bad performances leading to this made Findlay feel like the much safer option.


Show Rating: 67


I thought this card was going to be hot fire and it ended up just okay. 




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Posted (edited)

Not many notes before the start of this one, except Shiga continuing to protégé the crap out of his clique. Psychology to Amano, Psychology to Kikuchi, Selling to Ogata.


Oh, and both Findlay and SUKI have graduated to Major Stars, Frankie Perez is up to Well Known as is Giant Brody. I also talked the older Taku into becoming a road agent, so I shouldn't have to use him as a wrestler.  Which is good cause he's fifty fucking three


BCG Grand Prix Tour Day #4, in front of 571 people in Kobe


Pro Show Match One

Commander Kawagishi and Motoyuki Miyake defeat Mitsukuri and and Kinoshita in 12:10. Rating: 51

Miyake 53, Kawagishi 52, Mitsukuri 39, Kinoshita 37. 

Not bad for Mitsukuri since he was off his game. Miyake outperforming Kawagishi is interesting, even on a pre show match.


Pre Show Match Two

Yoshisada Matsuzawa deafets Felipe Caballero in 11:46. Rating 50.

Matsuzawa 50, Caballero 42.

Caballero had good chemistry, so that helped, and he out performed all my other try out guys save for Lucas, who I kept around for a bit. I... might offer him a contract? We have so many workers already, but he seems to bring something solid to the table.


Pre Show Match Three

Miura and Yoshizawa defeat Joffy Laine and Luke Pool (New more legit name for Surfer Boy Luke) in 14:31. Rating 49

Yoshizawa 57, Miura 53, Laine 37, Pool 35.

Man, Laine and Pool just seemed to fit together so well as tag partners. Match charisma and star quality. Was hoping they could be something. And then they hit no chemistry. Bah.


Pre Show Match Four

The Devil Machines defeat Danjuru Kikichi and Noboyuki Kudo in 11:54. Rating: 52

Okisawa 55, Kikichi 50, Avatar 49, Kudo 30.

Not many thoughts here, just trying to find Kikichi a tag partner. Kudo aint it.


Main Show Match One

Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Omezo Shikitei in 21:20. Rating: 72

Furusawa 71, Shikitei 56

Wanted to start the show with the Technical masterclass, and wanted to see how Furusawa and Shikitei would gel. Pretty good overall. Not even Fursawa's best performance


Main Show Match Two

Grand Prix Block A Match: Azumamaru Shimizu defeats Dynamite Narahashi in 21:08. Rating 52

Narahashi 48, Ahimizu 47.

I mean, not much to say to this one. Getting Shimizu a decent win.


Main Show Match Three

Grand Prix Block A Match: Razan Okamoto defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 12:06. Rating 59.

Okamoto 67, Phoenix 46.

I hate hate hate having to use the Steal the Show tag. It's dumb as rocks our matches get penalized for going less then 20, but we have to have one of these matches on a show. 


Main Show Match Four

The Lions (Blast Ikoma, Yoshinaru Taku, and Rokeuemon Matsushita) and SUKI defeat Golden Domination (Giant Brody, Akima Brave, James Diaz, and Yuta Isone) in 20:30. Rating: 62

SUKI 67, Matsushita 61, Taku 59, Ikoma 57, Brody 51, Brave 47, Diaz 40, Isone 38

I feel like I'm stuck between wanting to push the Domination stronger and wanting to have there roster be a bit better equipped for big matches. 


Main Show Match Five

Tosh and Wolf defeat Black Iron Corps in 17:44

Tosh 61, Wolf 54, Kita 52, Narahashi 46.

Still trying to establish Tosh and Wolf. I'm not sure if they are ready for the tag belts, I'll get a better sense soon.


Main Show Match Six

Bundaruken Torii and Big Bruiser Findlay defeat The American Cobras in 18:04. Rating: 68

Torii: 76, Findlay 64, Storm 58, Marvel 49

Did we know Findlay and Torii had excellent chemistry already? Cause they do, and that's pretty huge. Marvel was off and we got penalized for time and this still almost put up a 70. Might rematch this at some point.


Main Event

Block A Grand Prix Match: Funkaoshi defeats Frankie Perez in 23:56. Rating: 60

Funkaoshi: 68, Perez 45

Well Shit. Perez broke his ribs in the match and that ruined what I thought as one of the tours big matches. That sucks. 


Overall Rating: 55. Blech.

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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Halfway through the tour, it sure feels like a lot of stuff just isn't going the way I hope. Anyway, here is were we are right now.

Major Stars: Torii, Furusawa, Funkaoshi, Okamoto, SUKI, Findlay

Stars: Rokuemon Matsushita, Blast Ikoma, Inejiro Yoshizawa, Noritoshi Miura, Yoshinaku Taku

Well Known: Giant Brody, Tanyu Toshusai, Frankie Perez

Recognizable that are being pushed: Motoyuki Motoyuki (Fun fact, between us and SAISHO, he hasn't put up a match rating below 50 since January. He's a rock), Commander Kawagishi, The American Cobras, Edo Phoenix IV, Gidayu Katou, Azumamaru Kita, Akima Brave, Animal Harker.

Unimportant to push: Logan Wolfsbaine, Danjuro Kikuchi, Fujio Narahashi, Joffy Laine, Luke Pope, Omezo Shikitei.

Youn Lions we are letting get work: Ginji Kisaki, Goro Hatamoto, Ichiro Mitsukuri, Ikki Hosaka, James Diaz, Koyo Kinishita, Noboyuki Kudo, Shugo Amano, Takenori Doi, Yutaka Ogata, Yuta Isono

Potential Cut List: Big Boss Emperor, Dreadnaught (though I'm not opposed to just keeping him on the pre-show), Suguru Emoto, Wataru Kikumoto, 


Grand Prix totals

Block A: Funkaoshi 6 points, Okamoto 6 points, Perez 3, Shimizu 3, Phoenix 0, Narahashi 0

Block B: Furusawa 6 points, Findlay 6 points, SUKI 3 points, Brody 3 points, Kita 0 point, Harker 0 points.

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I usually program things like this.

Opener: technical masterclass (found out that if you do a calm the crowd before a technical masterclass match that will also de-rowdy the crowd). Best technical wrestler

Match 2 under card guys told to steal the show. As long as they're not recognisable or higher the crowd is ok with 15 minutes. I'd put wolf/tosh matches here for example

Then build up from there.

If you think you'll have many rowdy matches in a row.. a calm the crowd match will bring them down allowing you to take them higher (For example right before the main event)


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Posted (edited)

Our announcer got the "stop looking at your phone!" treatment for Furusawa. Had to buy the locker room a crate of beer. Shiga may have influenced the decision, I just don't know.

Speaking of Shiga: Psychology for Amano, Kikiuchi, AND Ogata this. time. Shiga is certainly pulling his weight.


BCG Grand Prix Tour Night 5, in front of 574 people in Kobe


Pre-Show Match 1

Dreadnaught and Big Boss Emperor defeat Shuga Amano and Yutaka Ogata in 8:13. Rating: 31

Amano 32, Emperor 28, Dreadnaught 24, Ogata 24.

I mean, it was a chance to get to see what they can do. Amano is becoming someone somewhat interesting, at least?


Pre Show Match 2

Omezo Shikitei and Dankuro Kikuchi defeat Goto Hatamoto and Suguru Emoto in 10:24. Rating: 46

Skikitei 51, Kikuchi 48, Emoto 34, Hatamoto 28. 

We have had Emoto on our roster this entire time. He hasn't wrestled yet. Sooo figured I'd give him a shot. And he wasn't awful.


Pre Show Match 3

Yoshinaku Taku defeats Wataru Kikumoto in 9:04. Rating 45

Taku 59, Kikumoto 31

Dinged for how short it was, but still a good outing for Taku against the rook


Pre Show Match 4

20 Man Battle Royal with a shot at the Taku and his Challenge Series Title on the line: Lion Genji won the battle royal, last eliminating Motoyuki Miyake. Rating: 58.

A chance to have a lot of people on the card, and get some youngens in the ring with some vets. Miyake is probably gonna fit in with an angle I'm running later on this show. I think he is a player for us.


Main Show Match 1

Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Tanyu Touhashi in 22:59. Rating: 70

Furusawa 71, Touhashi 53. 

Just opening strong with Furusawa doing what Furusawa does. 


Main Show Match 2

Akima Brave and Yuta Isono defeat Commander Kawagashi and Gidayu Katou in 11:55. Rating 52

Kawagashi 58, Katou 51, Brave 48, Isono 32. 

Isone held this one back a good bit, not his best performance by any means. Kawagashi and Katou have good chemistry as partners, but it's such a weird team. Not sure if we should team them up.


Main Show Match 3

Grand Prix Group A Match: Frankie Perez defeats Azumamaru Shimizu in 21:50. Rating 52

Perez 49, Shimizu 46. 

The injury really hurt Perez, gonna give him a bit of a break. by switching the Groups this next week again. 


Main Show Match 4

Grand Prix Group A Match: Razan Okamoto defats Dynamite Narahashi in 21:51. Rating 78 (!?!?!?)

Okamoto 79, Narahashi 48.

Complete and utter Okamoto carry job, though benefited by great chemistry. Okamoto is king, all hail Okamoto.


Main Show Match 5

Grand Prix Group A Match: Funkaoshi defeats Edo Phoenix IV in 20:41. Rating: 69.

Funk 67, Edo 56.

I mean, good match but not great. Thought this would be the big match of the day for the group stage and guessed wrong. I'm legitimately wondering if we should not even have Funkaoshi in the Finals of this.


Main Event

Bundaruken Torii and Big Bruiser Findley defeat SUKI and Blast Ikoma in 28:25. Rating: 74

Torii 76, Findlay 67, SUKI 64, Ikoma 57.

Yeah, I think I might have an angle with some more stables forming, which is being set up in the next segment. I think Findlay siding with Torii who can become a group leader and forcing Razan to take on Rokuemon as his new right hand could be good.


Post Match, after getting pinned and helped to his feet by SUKI, Blast attacks SUKI, eventually leaving him down and laying 

Rating: 57.


And now Blast can start his "I'm tired of these outsiders coming in and taking my spots" angle. My idea is he takes in guys who are tired of outsiders coming in, from GCG's remains or elsewhere. I think I have the real kicker to this angle that can elevate much further, and that's having him not actually be the leader. But yeah, this is the birth of "The Loyalists"


Show Rating: 73


That's fucking better. 4 matches at 69 or better.

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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Posted (edited)

Nothing eventful happens between shows.


BCG Grand Prix Tour Night #6, in front of 587 people in Osaka


Pre Show Match 1

The Devil Machines defeat Yoshisada Matsuzawa and Danjuro Kikuchi in 15:19. Rating 53

Okimasa 53, Matsuzawa 51, Kikuchi 49, Avatar 47

We hit on tag chemistry on Matsuzawa and Kikuchi, which works fine for me. That's a natural midcard tag team. 


Pre Show Match 2

Joffy Laine and Shugo Amano defeat James Diaz and Luke Pope in 9:45. Rating 41

Laine 46, Pope 36, Diaz 31, Amano 28

Two attempt at finding a tag partner for Pope, two zero chemistries. 


Pre Show Match 3

Golden Domination (Akima Brave, Yuta Isono, and Dreadnaught) defeat Takenori Doi, Noboyuki Kubo, and Goro Hatamoto in 10:07. Rating 36

Brave 46, Isono 36, Doi 35, Hatamoto 32, Kubo 29, Dreadnaught 24.

Brave was off his game (and still by far the best guy in the match), Dreadnaught was really off his game (how could you tell), and Doi cracked his sternum in the match. woohoo.


Pre Show Match 4

The American Cobras defeat Mitsukuri and Kinoshita in 9:57. Rating 53

Spillane 58, Malloy 50, Kinoshita 40, Mitsukuri 38

Malloy was off his game, but the Cobras just still hold as the steadiest part of the tag division


Main Show Match 1

The Lions (Razan Okamoto, Rokuemon Matsushita, Yoshinaka Taku, and Dynamite Narahashi) defeat Edo Phoenix IV, Gidayu Katou, and Miura and Yoshizawa in 22:24. Rating: 66

Okamoto 74, Matsushita 63, Taku 60, Phoenix 56, Yoshizawa 56, Miura 52, Katou 51, Narahashi 46.

Sooooo I meant to push this further down the card. I did it with the wrong match. Whoops.


Main Show Match 2

Wolf and Tosh defeat Kamisaka and Kiyotaka in 10:02. Rating: 61

Wolf 59, Tosh 56, Kamisaka 52, Kiyotaka 50

Tosh was off his game, still a good performance. 


Main Show Match 3

Commander Kawagishi defeats Omezo Shikitei in 16:35. Rating 58

Shikitei 53, Kawagishi 50

Our technical match of the evening.


Before the next match, SUKI takes a microphone and addresses the attack by Blast Ikoma at the last show. He says Blast will get whats coming to him at some point. Rating 68

SUKI is legitimately a fantastic talker, and I'm planning on using that a bit. He improvised well in the segment and put up probably our best angle so far.


Main Show Match 4

Grand Prix Group B Match: SUKI defeats Animal Harker in 21:29. Rating: 64

SUKI 67, Harker 47

Harker went 21 without being penalized for stamina. God bless Slow Build matches.


Main Show Match 5

Lion Genji and Azumamaru Shimizu defeat Motoyuki Miyake and Fujio Narahashi in 12:09. Rating: 58

Genji 57, Miyake 54, Narahashi 48, Shimizu 47

Just trying to get Genji some momentum for his challenge at Taku.


Main Show Match 6

Grand Prix Group B Match: Azumamaru Kita defeats Giant Brody in 21:26. Rating: 47

Kita 50, Brody 48.

Woof. Kita broke his nose in the match, and it hurt his performance. This wasn't good.


Main Event

Grand Prix Group B Match: Big Bruiser Findlay defeats Mabuchi Furusawa in 25:32. Rating 63

Findlay 68, Furusawa 61.

Fucking Crap. I made the decision to give Findlay this win so that he can be the one seed from his block, to get him some momentum before losing in the semi's at the big show. It went horrifically. Furusawa suffered a whiplash neck strain in the match, and it took a big toll. Huge blow, I was banking on this being another mid to high 70's match.


Overall Rating 62

Not a great sign when the best rated segment on the show was an interview. Also, Kita's injury was caused by Brody, and  Furusawa's injury was caused by Findlay, both by botches. So that's lovely. 


Our medical report is huge. Both Sen and Yokokawa have been dealing with injuries and I've sidelined them. All of Kita and Furusawa are both hurt for 6 days, with Perez banged up for 9 more. This Grand Prix has not gone fucking well.


Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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I just realized I ran Animal Harker vs. SUKI already. Jesus, that's bad. I gotta get that caught up before the final event.

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Posted (edited)

BCG Grand Prix Tour Night #7, in front of 610 people in Osaka


Pre Show Match #1

Dynamite Narahashi and Commander Kawagishi defeat Fujio Narahashi and Noboyuki Kudo in 11:36. Rating 49.

Kawaishi 55, F Narahashi 47, D Narahashi 45, Kudo 27


Pre Show Match #2

Joffy Laine and Gidayu Katou defeat Luke Pope and Akima Brave in 11:55. Rating 47

Brave 47, Pope 44, Katou 41, Laine 40. 

The curse of Pops matches having zero chemistry remains, it was just the other team this time.


Pre Show Match #3 

Kamisaki and Kiyotaka defeat The Devil Machines in 10:16. Rating 53

Okimasa 54, Kamisaki 51, Kiyotaka 50, Avatar 47.



Main Show Match 1

Razan Okamoto defeats Omezo Shikitei in 20:41. Rating 54.

Okamoto 54, Shikitei 41. 

Don't click as opponents. Fits how well this tour has gone so far 😕


Main Show Match 2

Tosh and Wolf defeat The Shining Force (Kikuchi and Matsuzawa) in 11:51. Rating: 58.

Tosh 58, Mats 53, Kikuchi 52, Wolf 50

Wolf was off his game, but it was two teams with excellent chemistry teaming against each other. Got what I wanted.


Main Show Match 3

Grand Prix Block B Match: Mabuchi Furusawa defeats Animal Harker in 21:16. Rating: 62

Furusawa 62, Harker 51.

The injury took such a big toll out of Furusawa that this was all he could pull even with good chemistry. Hoping he will be good to go for the big final match with SUKI in a few shows.


Main Show Match 4

Grand Prix Block B Match: SUKI defeats Azumamaru Kita in 21:23. Rating: 69.

SUKI 70, Kita 48.

Kita is still battling his own injury, so we needed SUKI to pull out a big performance. He succeeded.


Main Show Match 5

Grand Prix Block B Match: Big Bruiser Findlay defeats Giant Brody in 21:06. Rating: 65

Findlay 67, Brody 49.

If Findlay can stop hurting people he could be a big player for us. I mean, he already is, but he really needs to stop hurting people. didn't happen here, fortunately.


Main Show Match 6

Lion Genji and the American Cobras defeat Yoshinaku Taku and Miura and Yoshizawa in 20:51. Rating: 59

Taku 65, Genji 59, Yoshizawa 58, Miura 55, Malloy 55, Spillane 47.

If you are thinking that 47 for Storm looks low, come in and collect your prize: Bruised Kidney on a botch from Yoshizawa. 


Main Event

Bundaruken Torii defeats Blast Ikoma in 17:51. Rating: 76

Torii 78, Ikoma 57.

This was a total "I have zero confidence in this card so am putting on a bigger match then I would usually put on a touring show" main event. Even with the short match penalty, Torii still absolutely crushed it.


Overall Rating 71

Thanks Torii. 

Edited by The Man Known as Dan

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