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UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 8: Jacaré vs. Hermansson (4/27/2019) - Sunrise, FL (BB&T Center)


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UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 8: Jacare vs. Hermansson 
April 27, 2019
Sunrise, FL (BB&T Center)

Ronaldo Souza (185.5) vs. Jack Hermansson (185) - Hermansson, DEC (unanimous)
Greg Hardy (264.5) vs. Dmitry Smolyakov (262) - Hardy, TKO (punches), R1 (2:15)
Alex Oliveira (171) vs. Mike Perry (171) - Perry, DEC (unanimous)
Glover Teixeira (205.5) vs. Ion Cuțelaba (205) - Teixeira, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (3:37)
John Lineker (135) vs. Cory Sandhagen (135) - Sandhagen, DEC (split)
Roosevelt Roberts (155) vs. Thomas Gifford (156) - Roberts, DEC (unanimous)

ESPN Preliminary Card:
Ben Saunders (170.5) vs. Takashi Sato (170.5) - Sato, TKO (elbows), R2 (1:18)
Andrei Arlovski (247) vs. Augusto Sakai (264) - Sakai, DEC (unanimous)
Carla Esparza (115) vs. Virna Jandiroba (115.5) - Esparza, DEC (unanimous)
Gilbert Burns (156) vs. Mike Davis (155) - Burns, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (4:15)

ESPN2 Preliminary Card:
Jim Miller (155.5) vs. Jason Gonzalez (156) - Miller, SUB (rear naked choke), R1 (2:12)
Angela Hill (115.5) vs. Jodie Esquibel (116) - Hill, DEC (unanimous)
Court McGee (170.5) vs. Dhiego Lima (171) - Lima, DEC (split)

Event Bonuses ($50,000)
Performance of the Night: Jim Miller
Performance of the Night: Glover Teixeira
Fight of the Night: Alex Oliveira vs. Mike Perry

Attendance: 12,754
Gate: $1.21 million

Cancelled Fights:
Yoel Romero vs. Paulo Henrique Costa - Bout Nixed 
Alex Oliveira vs. Jingliang Li - Injury to Li 
Yoel Romero vs. Ronaldo Souza - Romero Illness (Pneumonia) 
Carla Esparza vs. Lívia Renata Souza - Injury to Souza (Ankle)
Jessica Penne vs. Jodie Esquibel - Injury to Penne 
Gilbert Burns vs. Eric Wisely - Injury to Wisely


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Main card thoughts:

- Roosevelt Roberts seems like someone you would carefully and gradually move up in terms opponent difficulty. I think Gifford was the right opponent. This fight allowed Roberts to showcase how well rounded he is in addition to what he can possibly improve on. He called out Matt Frevola after the fight and that seems like the right fight for him. Frevola is tough and durable, but Roberts probably should be a decent favorite.

- Based on how skinny and lanky Cory Sandhagen looks, you would expect John Lineker to knock him into next Sunday. Lineker definitely looked like John Lineker, but Sandhagen just weathered the storm and outstruck Lineker when it mattered. That makes me believe that Sandhagen calling out Lineker was calculated because the reach of Sandhagen played a role in Lineker not being able time a perfect right hand. Going forward, I think it's going to be interesting to see how dynamic Cory Sandhagen can be. He has overperformed in my opinion because he's not a fighter with clear cut athletic prowess especially from the appearance of his physique. He showed he can beat a name fighter, but what is his true ceiling?

- If Sandhagen has overperformed, Ion Cutelaba is underperforming something fierce. For a guy who brings all that intensity from the weigh in to the in cage stare down (tonight, he walked straight up in Teixeira's face while Buffer was doing the blue corner intro), he leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to actually performing against legit opponents. He hurt Teixeira in the first round with some punches and then a spinning back elbow. Then, he let Teixeira recover for whatever reason. I don't know if he had a massive adrenaline dump or it just takes too much oxygen to feed his muscles, but he looked absolutely finished in the second round. It's not like he was going berserk trying to finish off Glover in the previous round. He just looked spent. Once Glover's boxing got into a groove, it was pretty academic. Once Glover got top control, you've never seen a fight be so over. I give Glover credit...he could have eventually stopped Cutelaba standing but he didn't tempt fate. Cutelaba's video game lifebar was too far gone so there was no reason to do anything but get the fight down to the ground. Glover Teixeira: Keeper of the Gates.

- Mike Perry vs. Cowboy Oliveira was exactly what you thought it would be. Clunky, sloppy, uneven at times, but still pretty damn fun. You will also enjoy the unofficial dance off as Cowboy was coming to the cage dancing like Alex Wright in 1996 to his entrance music which in turn made Mike Perry dance to some crazy EDM song only he could hear in his head waiting for Oliveira's entrance. Anyway, I thought Mike Perry fought a pretty discipline fight in the final round because he could easily went ham. I say that because I think Cowboy hurt his foot and/or dislocated a toe at the end of round two as Dom pointed out when it happened. The fans also helped make this fight enjoyable as you had the Brazilians doing the "you're going to die" chant loudly in Portuguese and the other half vehemently support Perry. Mike Perry also cut a very Mike Perry promo afterwards. This certainly delivered.

- If you didn't know any better, you would think Dmitry Smolyakov was some midcarder from the wrestling territory days in the mid to late 70s. He should've been working for Dick the Bruiser at Market Square Arena wrestling Wilbur Snyder. Unfortunately, Smolyakov was born way too late and had to fight for real which he is not really good at. As soon as Hardy got close to him, Smolyakov was looking for a soft place to lay down. Based on their selection of opponent and how Smolyakov somehow performing worse than Hardy's DWTNCS opponents, it baffles me how Allen Crowder got that fight in Brooklyn. The baseline for Hardy beating anyone at this stage of his career is clear: Willing and ready jobber. Hardy still has a lot of wasted motion and could get caught coming in overzealous. But for right now, it makes no sense putting him in with someone decent (and not knowing there against Hardy to put him over like Crowder) when you know what the baseline is.

- If there was something in MMA that would be a "trap" fight, Jack Hermansson would be the perfect definition of it. He almost submitted Jacare like a minute or so into the fight. Even when Jacare was getting his offense in, it seemed like Jacare was always behind the eightball. Maybe he got caught overlooking Hermansson in favor of a title fight since it was promised to him beforehand if he won. Hermansson was just way more effective and more consistent. Hermansson got hit squarely on numerous occasions but it was nothing that would change the tide of the fight. With that said, it's hard to not to feel a little sympathy for Jacare. He was on the doorstep of a title shot and was put in there with someone who on paper was a tough matchup even if he didn't present clear and present danger like Yoel Romero or Borrachinha can. If Jacare has one last run left in him, I doubt he takes another match in the interim before a title bout. You never know when someone who has been teetering on the edge of relevance finally rises to the occasion. 

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How did none of the judges give Hermansson a 10-8 in the second? Control all the way, damage constantly, outlanded him by over a hundred strikes, surely that's constitutes dominance?

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