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UFC Fight Night 140: Ponzinibbio vs. Magny (11/17/2018) - Buenos Aires, Argentina (Estadio Mary Terán de Weiss)


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7 hours ago, Oyaji said:

There are just way too many holes in Khalil's game for him to be a top fighter, even in a division as weak/thin as LHW. I'm still a big fan of the guy and he's one of those always dangerous type of fighters that could turn somebody's lights out in an instant but between his lack of grappling/wrestling/cardio, I don't see how he can climb the rankings.

I want them to give Walker another fight soon so we can ideally see him pushed a little bit to see other facets of his game. My main concern is that bacne tho. I hope brother is clean.

Pre-DC/205 Rumble Johnson, light heavyweight was open for business. I think a dude like Rountree would have feasted on some of the lesser fighters besides the Baders of the world who would just try to take him down. Although light heavyweight is still top heavy, that mid tier is harder to break into now. The guys who would have been or were top level light heavyweights are now all gatekeepers for the most part. You have to beat a Jimi Manuwa or Glover Teixeira or OSP to prove you actually are half decent as opposed to years back where that's enough to get you a title shot. Misha Cirkunov can rip one of your limbs off and beating him means you're still one or two fights aways from title contention. You didn't have that during the Machida/Shogun/early Jon Jones era.

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