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I don't do this very often, but once maybe twice in a generation an author comes along who is so different and so brilliant that I just have to say something. Keep in mind, I have a pretty damn high opinion of my own writing ability so when I say that an author easily young enough to be my daughter blows me out of the water, I ain't giving that shit up easily. Now here's the best part, you don't have to run to the library or buy an expensive book (I wish there was one to buy and I'd be all over it like ugly on an ape), but no, this won't cost you a thing but a few well-spent hours that you would likely otherwise waste on this here message board. Don't you just love how I can rattle on for a whole paragraph without telling you who the fuck I'm talking about? ;-) 

Okay, enough with the hype and bonus points to anyone that guessed that I'm talking about Alyssa Wong. Go to crashwong.net and click her bibliography, all but one story are linked for your reading pleasure. Start at the beginning, it's amazing to me just how good she was right out of the gate, continue on and if you're like me your mind will be blown at just how amazing this young lady is. 

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Okay 42 views and no one has anything to say? WTF? C'mon people, let's hear some comments good or bad, I don't bite (at least not very often).

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11 hours ago, zev said:

Started reading Wong's works months ago. Good stuff. Forget where I first read a recommendation though. Aimee Bender, maybe? 

Very possibly Aimee, I don't want to hog credit, but I think I may have pimped her stuff on this board in a previous thread back when. Of course, it doesn't matter how you get to Alyssa Wong's work, merely that you do!

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