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Documentaries I Found on Youtube - Sports Version


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Quick go through of Youtube of "known" titles I can find. Does not include the stuff on Netflix or 30 for 30s.

Helpfully if you are trying to find things to catch up on. This is only Youtube you can find more in other places (like definitely DailyMotion)

In no particular order...

Hoop Dreams

Magic & Bird

The Dream Team

When We Were Kings (Quality Sketchy)

Unforgivable Blackness
Part One
Part Two


Pumping Iron (Actual doc starts about 13 minutes in)

Beyond the Mat

Wrestling With Shadows

The Undefeated

Once in a Lifetime

Dogtown and Z Boys

The King of Kong


The Armstrong Lie

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I think that was just a c&p error on my part - I have my word file at work where... maybe???... I have the right link

And there are so many sketchy russian channels claiming to have the full docs but they are lies

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