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If you could've attended one show....

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I'm confused, that should say WWF/AJPW/NJPW Wrestling Summit instead right? And how was the IWGP Tag Title match?


Seen Tenryu vs. Savage and of course, it's dope. Not as cool as Liger vs. Savage though.


IIRC, the actual name of the event translated as "Japan/US Wrestling Summit"

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Any promoted CWF show in it’s peak years. It was as good as any of the more famous territories. Flair was always down there. Tons of guys were down there when they were young. Dusty Rhodes, Funks, THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD! I think this was my answer to a similar recent thread asking about the same thing.

I found this searching for the Lawler and Dutch vs Landell and Dundee Texas Tornado match though. What’s the status on this and the Lawler vs Dutch matches? Are the still long lost?

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