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TNA iMPACT Spoilers for 2/22/24 - Orlando, FL

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*Taped for Xplosion: Speedball Mike Bailey def. Jai Vidal
*Taped for Xplosion: Dirty Dango (w/ Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius) def. Laredo Kid

TNA iMPACT - Airing February 22, 2024 from Orlando, FL

*Chris Sabin def. Jason Hotch (w/ John Skyler) (9:34) with the Cradle Shock

*Simon Gotch def. Jack Price (2:26) via submission.  Josh Alexander did commentary and faced off with Gotch afterwards.

*Steve Maclin (w/ the Rascalz) def. Trent Seven (w/ Speedball Mike Bailey) (15:03) after the K.I.A.

*Eric Young comes out to face Frankie Kazarian but Kazarian says that he decides when they wrestle and he's not in the mood. Kazarian says EY has ghosts in his closet and tonight, he will face one..  Eric Young defeats Big Damo (w/ Kazarian) (5:05) after a faceplant

*Ash by Elegance def. Savannah Thorne (2:04) after the Rarified Air swanton bomb.

*The System (Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards w/ Alisha) def. Alex Shelley, Kushida, & Kevin Knight (18:30) when Moose pinned Knight after the Spear. After the match, the teams continued to brawl with Shelley putting Moose in the Border City Stretch until Edwards & Myers pulled him out.


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Good matches with some squashes mixed in.  Fun main event, another great showcase for Kevin Knight, he was on fire and looked excellent in the closing stretch. Maclin/Seven was good stuff. Solid build to No Surrender

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Maclin vs Seven was awesome! Trent looked just as big as Maclin.  I would not have thought that!

Even the Never Surrender pre show looks awesome!

Also, ASH (by Elegance) was insane!

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good theme by Ash!
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