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Found 7 results

  1. In keeping with my trend of starting new threads for the new year (especially if the person who started them is banned) I start a new Star Wars thread. It seemed fitting since the news has been released that Episode VIII = The Last Jedi
  2. Since this is going to be a huge thing (and I can't find the Star Wars thread), I'll open the spoiler thread here. Announcement came out today that the premier on D+ will be on FRIDAY May 27th now with the first two episodes. Here's a trailer:
  3. So, I'm running through TOR's smuggler campaign, and I just had a funny moment that I had to share. My smuggler is just about done with missions on Alderaan, when she gets an urgent request to come back to a Noble's house and protect them, apparently my past actions have triggered a feud between Houses, and one of my Patrons is facing a pistol duel to the death. I make it back inm time, and meet up with the duelist who wants to kill my patron. He insults me and my companion, before saying "So, the rules of the duel are.." My smuggler casually yells "Draw" and puts a round through the duelists shoulder. He yelps and starts berating me "Don't you know that the duel hasn't even started yet? My smuggler decides to be double the smart-ass and says "How about now?" and puts a round through the OTHER shoulder. Needless to say, the duelist... er.. declined to follow through on his challenge. One of the funniest moments in MMO's I can remember.
  4. Caught the first episode of Book of Boba Fett. Was not quite what I was expecting with a good half actually focusing on the time Fett's immediate time post ROTJ. I like the chemistry between Fett and Shand so far. Not sure how I feel about the rest though I do like seeing more o how the Tusken Raiders work.
  5. I am assuming some folks might have even already scene it. Avoid this thread at all costs unless you have see the movie or don't care about spoilers
  6. DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER IN THIS THREAD UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE... or don't care about spoilers Okay - everyone has been warned so don't feel the need to use spoiler tags in this thread And now I won't be back until like the first week of January
  7. Saw Solo. It is not a very good film at all. Missed opportunity. That was... Not a good movie. Boring story that went too long. Way too light on nostalgia and laughs, just because Rogue One threw a bunch of new characters up, doesn't mean it worked here. Ending was bafflingly Russorific. Waste of time better spent on either a Solo/Hutt film or a Lando film. I wanted a Roddy Piper Solo, I feel like I got Zach Morris. 4/10
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