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  1. I'm not sure if Timbs is horrible or not. I mean, he didn't stand out to me in any way in his other appearance on the set. He was just the sixth guy in a trios match where he wasn't the focus. Here he is in a singles match where he is the focus but it's a lucha title match which was obviously outside of his comfort zone. I have to give Pirata Morgan a lot of credit. He worked really hard to try and lead Timbs on the mat. The real problem is: who decided these guys needed to work a title match this long? This is one of the longer singles matches on this set and it is obviously a one man show. There were other shorter title matches on this set. Why couldn't this be the same length as those? As it stands this ends up being the most boring match on the set and a pretty good number 100 pick.
  2. I saw this for the first time a few years ago without knowing what the stipulation really was and I didn't like it at the time. Once I learned about what a Relevos Suicidas match was I became a bit of a mark for the stipulation. Watching it now I definitely like it more. It's still not an amazing match but the work is solid, Fuerza and Santo are great, and there's a cool atmosphere surrounding the stipulation. Fuerza being so fucked up that he can barely make it back into the ring when the singles match starts is a nice touch. The seeds have also been planted for the triangle match that's coming up.
  3. So this was a bit of a disappointment coming after all of their other matches against each other. This is a title match but it's not an epic along the lines of other famous Dandy title matches or even the best title matches on this set. Instead this was more like a combination of lucha and juniors style wrestling. That worked better here than it did in matches like Perro Aguayo vs Villano III but matches like Morgan vs Dandy and Charles vs Atlantis combined aspects of juniors style wrestling with visceral violence or graceful flying that made them more memorable than this one. It was still a good match but I would have preferred to see more matwork and less moves/nearfalls.
  4. What made this inferior to the other Dandy vs Charles trios match was that the parts without Dandy and Charles weren't as good. Still, more Dandy vs Charles is a good thing. I am loving this feud and I am psyched for one last match between them, even if a title match probably won't involve them trying to kill each other like they do here.
  5. Again, these matches are really fucking fun. This is probably the least of the Brazos matches on this set but it's still a super fun brawl with a great finish. I like that El Brazo, who was the weak link in the Super Libre, is forced to fight on his own and prove his worth here. It was nice to see Verdugo get more of the spotlight here than he has in any of trios matches as well. He and Porky doing the sitout counter to the sunset flip at the same was a cool spot and a great near elimination. This is really an Hobre Bala and Super Porky showcase though and both of them really tear it up.
  6. Great title match though it wasn't the usual lucha title match either. Morgan and his second Emilio Charles Jr. were a bit less subtle about their heeling than I'm used to in this environment. That wasn't bad though and any rudisimo from Pirata Morgan is going to be fun. He would throw an elbow any time the ref's back was turned or bite Brazo de Oro to try and escape a hold. Still, most of his cheating was through trickery which is what I expect in a title match. I especially liked the spot tim pointed out where Morgan patted Brazo de Oro on the back during a boston crab to make him think the ref was breaking the hold. This wasn't the fastest or most graceful matwork but both men fought for everything and in some ways it was more brutal looking than a lot of lucha matwork. It helped how great both were at selling throughout the match and in particular how Brazo de Oro sold the injured knee as the match went on. Not only did it factor into a number of transitions in the last fall but you could also see him position the injured leg away from Morgan when he was in control which was a really cool detail.
  7. This was fucking awesome and is a contender for best trios match on the set. I know I've said that before and it's going to be hard ranking all of these great trios matches but I can't imagine this one not holding up on a second viewing. I love the way this goes from Brazos comedy with Bucaneros stooging to brutal fight. I've said it before but in addition to being a great bumper Morgan is one of the stiffest brawlers on this set. I loved his selling of Plata's onslaught in the first fall, especially when his teammates had to drag his lifeless carcass back to their corner. Hombre Bala wasn't one to be fucked with either. He really unleashed hell on Super Porky. I loved the story of El Brazo becoming the weak link after being busted open which forces Oro and Plata to fight for their lives and the finish brought that full circle. I really like in a match like this when they tie up every loose end for the finish. El Brazo gets taken out by a missed dive by Porky leaving Brazo de Oro to defend himself against a pack of wolves. Awesome awesome pro wrestling.
  8. Early 90s Brazos matches are one of my favorite things in wrestling so I was excited to see more 80s footage of one of my favorite teams. Over the course of this set Los Bucaneros have become one of my favorite trios units so my hype level going into four straight Brazos vs Bucaneros matches is pretty much maxed out. This was a great trios match albeit not at the level of the top trios matches on this set (I'm sure I will still rank it way higher than it deserves). This is a high workrate trios match and that's an environment Los Bucaneros excel in. Everybody matches up really nicely though Morgan/Oro, Bala/Plata, and Bala/Oro were my favorite combinations. I marked out like crazy for Porky countering the monkey flip, not only because he is fat, but because it's one of the most graceful monkey flip counters I've ever seen. Porky countering the sunset flip will always be awesome. Now I'm really excited to see that Morgan vs Oro match.
  9. That's only awesome if it leads to Katsuhiko Ogasawara calling him out for being a wussy model and bringing in MATSUNAGA to toughen him up.
  10. On a second viewing this was really fun. I wish it felt more like a full match but this is a more entertaining whole than a number of three fall trios matches on this set and features tons of crisp/cool offense. It's hard to argue with fun so I could even see this somewhere near the middle of my ballot.
  11. So, going into this I'm not a fan of Jerry Estrada from everything I've seen but I've heard people speak highly of this match. I've also read OJ and tim's reviews so I'm not exactly expecting to be sold on him either. The first two falls feature some solid brawling though there are moments that hint at just how fucked up Estrada is. As this thing goes on it just gets so fucking weird. That does lead to some crazy moments and images. I like how gross and violent and fucked up wrestling can be and those images definitely make this match worth watching. Jerry accidentally posting himself is kind of funny but kind of tragic as well. The way he just stands around every time he's knocked to the floor is kind of creepy. He does some really dangerous stuff too like that nasty victory roll counter. On the other hand some of those dangerous moments take away from the match like how he ends up in the wrong position for dives and flying moves but corrects himself at the last minute or doesn't even capitalize on his opponent's "mistake." So in the end the most memorable images are not enough to save this one. I'm going to watch this again but this feels like a bottom half match at best. At the same time this is a unique spectacle and I'm glad I watched it.
  12. Everybody throws some hard shots in this one and especially Lizmark, Satanico, and Chavo. This isn't the best Rayo vs Capos stuff you'll see but it's something I find myself getting a kick out of more often than not these days. I'll take Rayo doing cat and mouse comedy spots over main eventers trying to have an epic and failing. The third fall has a fun exchange of trios spots. This didn't have the kind of arc or interesting transitions that hold together a great match and that hurt it but this was still a match that had enough fun spots to keep it away from the bottom.
  13. The first fall was fun but felt pretty standard. The chaos of the second rope coming off and Jerry Estrada selling his ass were pretty entertaining. it felt like they were building up some kind of rivalry between All Star and Rocky Star. Their exchanges were decent fun but not something that is going to blow anybody's mind. The match as a whole is mediocre to solid and is something that'll probably end up finishing close to the bottom.
  14. The rudos were pretty easy to hate here which is really the best thing this match has going for it. They were pretty entertaining when soaking in the crowd's hatred or engaging in any schtick. Unfortunately that didn't add up to a compelling match. I'm still not sold on Jerry Estrada. His taunting and punches in this match were among the best things I've ever seen him contribute to a match but for most of this he looked as out of it as usual and with him being one of the main focuses of this match that ended up dragging the whole thing down.
  15. This was kind of fun but is still a match that'll rank lowish. Blue Panther and Super Astro are pretty awesome in this and when either of them are in the ring you get the kind of breathtaking lucha that reminds you why you love wrestling. The rest of the match isn't like that but it's not complete shit either. When they aren't in the ring it's more goofy fun with guys in wacky and colorful outfits making big theatrical movements. Outside of Astro and Panther this isn't very crisp and it has some weak stretches but this isn't an absolute bottom of the barrel match either.
  16. This was nothing special. Ari Romero was amusing and young Eddy made this feel unique but everything else was merely solid. To be honest I'm having trouble remembering more than a couple spots from this match.The only other thing that is standing out to me is some of the limbwork which I thought was pretty boring. This isn't an absolute bottom match but it isn't going to be too much higher than that either.
  17. He was in a bunch of really good tags during the Zero-One vs AJPW feud. I couldn't find them on youtube but I think all of them are on ditch's site.
  18. Good brawl with a great finishing stretch. tim really nailed it when he said the intensity really blows up after those dives. Satanico crawling back into the ring to counter the double sub on Atlantis was a great comeback and that's when the false finishes really began. I loved the space between eliminations as well. Still, this wasn't as great throughout as the tag with Dandy and Masakre from earlier on this disc.
  19. This is merely a glimpse of great lucha. It looks great but we don't get to see much. Los Bucaneros are some of the best rudo bases ever and they excel in a sprinty environment like this one. Atlantis and Super Astro are great again. Duh. It was weird to see a babyface miscommunication spot. I'm not sure where to rank this.
  20. Fuerza fucking Guerrera. THAT is an awesome Fuerza Guerrera performance. Fuerza is such a fucking goof. I always love the Fuerza bump, especially when it gets used as a miscommunication spot. I love Atlantis teasing a dive against Blue Panther then turning and slapping Fuerza right off the apron. I love Fuerza eating a punch from Faraon, spinning around, and accidentally posting himself. I love Fuerza's spaghetti legged selling of all of Faraon's punches. I loved Fuerza selling his frustration at the victory roll getting blocked before the finish and selling the pain in his nose after it gets countered. I love Fuerza Guerrera. But like a great rudo he never steals the show. It's the spectacular tecnico offense that makes most of the list of highlights in this match. There is tons of graceful high flying from Atlantis and Super Astro while Faraon keeps it simple with good matwork and great punches. The rudo team does a great job with their miscommunication spots and stooging and it makes an already great batch of tecnicos look better. I'm not sure if the "Atlantis hits the quebradora on all of his opponents" spot has ever looked better and I thought the fake out with Blue Panther almost blocking it at the end made it even better. The dives at the end were amazing too. Atlantis has a great fast tope and Super Astro's tope en reversa to the outside was insane. This is a high end trios match.
  21. I wasn't a fan of Sayama as Tiger Mask though I really liked the match against Gran Hamada on the NJPW set and I remember his match against Canek being better than I ever would have expected. I had begun to think of Sayama as useless until I saw his UWF stuff. Obviously being paired up with Fujiwara makes anyone look better but he turned into a real ass kicker when he dropped the flying and stuck to kicking people in the face. That Super Tiger vs Fujiwara match where Fujiwara gets knocked out is one of the scariest things I've ever seen in wrestling. Fat Sayama is pretty fun too.
  22. When I was ten years old Mankind and La Parka were my two favorite wrestlers.
  23. Why is the world so cruel? Great thread btw. I know, right? After watching the Satanico vs Chicana match from this set I checked luchawiki to see if they ever had a hair match and I died a little inside.
  24. One of the greatest things I've ever seen in a wrestling match is a spot in one of the Fuerza vs Octagon matches where Fuerza bodyslams Octagon in one corner of the ring and then climbs the opposite corner to do a dive only to slip off the turnbuckle and faceplant. When I saw him going to the opposite corner I knew there was no way he could possibly make it but he walked over and climbed the turnbuckles with such confidence that I changed my mind and for a moment I really believed he could do it. The way he fell was just so absurd that it absolutely had to be on purpose. I don't know of any wrestler who is so comfortable looking like such a fool. That's why Fuerza is awesome.
  25. This is as awesome as it looks on paper. This is a brawl though not a bloody one until the final fall. El Dandy and Satanico mesh really well and MS-1 makes just as great an opponent for Satanico as he did a partner. I loved Dandy's variation on the running around the ring to confuse the rudos spot. Here it was used to separate the rudos to put an end to their double teaming and lead directly to Dandy and Satanico's comeback after being mugged for much of the match so far. The MS-1 vs Satanico brawling during the next two falls is pretty awesome and makes me really want to see a hair vs hair match between these two. Finally we get one of the best low blow finishes of the entire set. Perhaps even the best low blow finish on the set. Nobody has more tricks up their sleeve than Satanico.
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