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  1. Disagree. At the time, Storm was as hot as he'd ever been. He should have won the Bound For Glory series, beat Angle for the title, then had a long run as the top babyface in TNA. But instead of going with the hot hand, they cut him off at the knees, and he never fully recovered.
  2. Joey Janela literally admitted that prior testing wasn't required. https://twitter.com/JANELABABY/status/1317150747553837058?s=19
  3. President Fuckface Von Clownstick just announced at one of his Covid superspreader rallies that he's giving Dan Gable the Medal Of Freedom. Apropos of nothing, the polls in Iowa are pretty tight currently.
  4. He worked as a manager in Booker's Reality Of Wrestling for a while, and he was tremendous. He would spend most of his time on the outside talking shit to the little kids in the audience, which would end up getting him big heat when it was time to interfere in the matches.
  5. But the reason why Eaton is the greatest tag wrestler of all time is because he was so nondescript, he was able to tailor his work to complement his tag partner. The Eaton who teamed with Koko didn't work the same way the Eaton who worked with Condrey, or Lane, or Arn, or Regal worked. He was a blank slate. That's what made him great.
  6. The WWE Hall of Fame is worthless without Cyndi Lauper in it. Vince's national expansion would've failed without her. Plus, it's Cyndi fucking Lauper. She's the best.
  7. If Owen had had Bret's dedication to wrestling, he would have been the better of the two. He was more athletic and charismatic than Bret, and had just as much technical skill (sans Bret's precision, naturally). He just wasn't as big of a mark for himself as Bret was. Ziggler is allegedly a pretty badass amateur wrestler, but he never shows it. He'd rather be Great Value Shawn Michaels, I guess.
  8. I can see that. One of the reasons they hired CM Punk was because him and Val had a pretty excellent match on Heat.
  9. There's a guy who is actually named "Triple H" that's won 14 world championships.
  10. If Koko was around today, he'd be one of the biggest stars on the indies. Or he'd be one of the top guys in NXT (before getting sent to the main roster to feud with Daivari on Main Event). Heck, AEW might even want to sign him, even though he's black.
  11. No one complains when AJ Styles puts kanji on all of his gear, and he's just a dumb hillbilly.
  12. Kylie Rae crying happy tears because she gets to wrestle one of her idols is wholesome as fuck. Has Shelley ever done an intergender match?
  13. Of course. We all know how Kane feels about wearing masks.
  14. They're both on the same level, but she only makes $.81 for every dollar he earns.
  15. See, I think the Retribution angle actually makes a lot of sense. Can any of you think of a better way of breaking someone's spirit and making them want to leave the WWE than by signing them to Raw?
  16. He was a filthy hippie drug smuggler who brought his degeneracy to a wholesome, Louisiana town. The only babyfaces in that movie are the guys in the truck at the end.
  17. What are the chances that Undertaker actually says "duh" to anyone?
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