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  1. How am I supposed to answer that? Do you have access to everyone's resumes? Because I don't.
  2. They can't find things for a dozen or so people to do? Really?
  3. Yes, because they're making enough money that they can afford to at least try to find other roles for them.
  4. I've been watching a lot of 2001/2002 OVW lately. Towards the end of 2001, Brock Lesnar gets written out after the Disciples of Synn throw a fireball in his face. His tag partner, Shelton Benjamin, goes after the Disciples for revenge by dressing in all black, putting on a leather trench coat, and attacking them with a pool cue. You guys... he's doing Hardbody Harrison's "Stang" idea.
  5. I was hating Marty Scurll long before we knew what a creepy piece of shit he is in real life.
  6. I agree 100%, but I'm pretty sure that at the very least, Vince has thought about it.
  7. Is Vince going to do that thing he does when he weaponizes someone's personal life to humiliate them by having Cole ask Lars about gay porn next week?
  8. They're large, identical twins. It's a unique enough gimmick that they really didn't need much else.
  9. Them and Brian Lee dragged down a good chunk of 1996 ECW, though Lee at least had a really fun match against Gordy.
  10. Yeah, it's not nearly as good as you want it to be. Dustin wasn't terrible in it, but he wasn't good, either. And yes, he is definitely a chonk at this point in his career.
  11. You absolutely should. They're my home promotion, too. I've been to about 100 of their shows, and have never had a bad time. They're cranking out some stars, too--Gino Medina, Kylie Rae, Hyan (she's gonna have a massive 2021)...
  12. Are there any indie promotions near you? You need to go see some more live shows.
  13. His match against Goldberg on the first Thunder is better than anything Warlord ever did as a singles wrestler.
  14. @EoaeI can assure you that Ross had a lot more control over the book than you think. EDIT: I will say that I think that Barry Bloom had a lot to do with it, too. Fuck Barry Bloom.
  15. I should add that I don't believe the omission was done with any malicious intent on the part of Ross. But it still pisses me off a little.
  16. The original co-writer for Ross's first book was Scott Williams, who also did the autobiographies for Terry Funk, Bill Watts, and Jim Duggan. Scott was also my best friend, as well as my editor at the Galveston Daily News. About halfway through the production, after Scott had already written at least a large chunk of the book (and maybe even an entire rough draft), Ross replaced Scott with Paul O'Brien. I don't know how much of the writing was kept and reused by O'Brien, if any, but I do know that they used Scott's research because he knew more about parts of Jim Ross's career than even Ross k
  17. He really was, though. Sid, Roma, and even Mongo were better than Warlord.
  18. Dude had to be publicly shamed into putting his deceased co-writer's name on his autobiography. Fuck him.
  19. Leviathan was literally a demon from hell summoned up through the Ohio River in a Satanic ritual by Cornette's dominatrix girlfriend and her bootleg Ministry Of Darkness stable.
  20. The best thing about Damien Kane was his wife, Lady Alexandra. Cornette doesn't need to work in the industry because he doesn't need the money, but Cornette doesn't work in the industry because he is toxic as hell and no one wants him around.
  21. Does he own any t-shirts that aren't kind of fascisty?
  22. David Otunga and Curtis Axel were tag champs for three months.
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