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  1. The comments I've seen said that he thinks he could come back and wrestle full time for a couple of years, and be at about 75-90% of what he was before he retired. But that he also had absolutely no desire to do that, and I can't imagine a match against Triple H would convince him to come back for even one payday.
  2. I don't think I've seen the Rikishi match, but I really like the Sunday Night Heat match Val had with Punk.
  3. Hell no. The first two matches weren't nearly good enough to justify a third.
  4. Cesaro was barely in FCW before getting called up. Tenure isn't that much of a deciding factor.
  5. If this were 2004, maybe. Terrance Howard is the bigger star now.
  6. Clearly this means the WWE is missing the boat by not making Heyman the face of the company.
  7. The bus is a specific contract perk though right? Yes, and the idea that no one buys Bryan's merch is bullshit, too.
  8. At least everyone stopped talking about Benoit's kid.
  9. Davey is Mumford and Sons: Technically proficient but uninspired mimicry of what somebody else has already done a lot better, and quite popular with people who don't know any better.
  10. Big E isn't actually a brony, is he? I... I don't think I can deal with that...
  11. Have you seen Orton's beard? You're expecting a lot out of him.
  12. I blame DDP for Randy Orton's career. If Orton wasn't using a finishing move that's a proven crowd pleaser, people would've stopped paying attention to him a long time ago.
  13. So no one in Japan would be able to adapt to the WWE's style?
  14. Tajiri wasn't over? Could've fooled me. People were clamoring to see him face Austin, RVD, Angle, Rock and Taker? He got over relative to his position.I also doubt bland, personality-less MOVEZ drones are going to get over in an era full of bland, personality-less MOVEZ drones. You're doing an awful lot of generalizing here.
  15. Serious question: Why hasn't the WWE tried harder to incorporate more Japanese wrestlers into the company?
  16. So that's why they have all those Japanese wrestlers on the roster! I was wondering.
  17. Has David Benoit ever said he wanted to work for the WWE? Do we have any reason to believe he won't turn out to be David Flair levels of awful? Does anybody REALLY give a shit either way, or is everyone really that fucking bored because nothing else is going on right now?
  18. Yeah, I don't think they look "significantly better" than Emma, and Bailey is just adorable.
  19. If he's gonna lose the beard, it needs to be because a heel cuts it off as part of an angle. There may be a riot if Triple H does it.
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