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  1. I'm having the weirdest run where I can't stay awake for a whole game these days. I fell asleep recently during a retrieval round in platinum. Needless to say, this is not gonna endear me to the cool kids in class. I whiffed on doing devices on a Platinum round 4. That didn't endear me to the locals. I did have one stretch the other day where I came into a Platinum at wave 2 to find my teammates struggling with an upload. I did the other two while they were still working on their first, then doubled back to the first one and cleared it out and finished it. They then booted me from the game. No good deed goes unpunished. I just can't muster enthusiasm for gaming right now with not being able to stay awake and having spells of double vision rear their ugly heads. Playing less has seemed to help that, though. GTA pisses me off to no end because as badly wrecked as Andromeda is, I can play in the same game with three friends. Trying to get everyone in the same room (or hell, mission) is impossible and has been for three years now. They can add every kind of doohickey in the book to make money, but they can't straighten out the simplest shit.
  2. In a stunning upset to no one, you gotta buy a bunker to start the heist. That'll knock you back $3-4 million. Nice bunker, though. Anyone can still play it, they just can't start it, I'm pretty sure. I bought one, and I'm sure Robert can afford one, so that's no big deal. The constant money schemes grew old ages ago, though. Anyone still playing should dupe cars until their arms fall off, anything to not have to pay these greedy bastards a dime of real money.
  3. A cruise? Well la di freakin' da, if'n it ain't no D. Burke Rockefeller over here. I'm hurt. The least you could've done was try to sneak me onboard in your luggage.
  4. I don't have as muxh as you, I"m pretty sure. Think I have about 43 million now. No bonds.
  5. I think the store updates are ran randomly. and as strange as it seems, the same ones can all pop up again. Sort of like the dailies being the same map two days in a row. I started playing at 1:45 or so last night and had a very hard time finding games that were the daily objectives (Firebase Zero, silver). This game is gravely wounded and is just slowly bleeding out at this point.
  6. But will you be able to cover your ears with tattoos?
  7. Yep, this does look expensive. Fun, but expensive.
  8. Friggin' ME:A multiplayer's not working for me right now. Demand must have overloaded server capacity. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET VARIANTS OF GUNS I'LL NEVER USE, BIOWARE?
  9. I can't find players for the dailies. This is at 2 s.m., though. I am aiming (not really) to be rhe persin with the highest APEX and the least amount of Challenge points.
  10. "The Last 3 Goofs Playing ME:A Try to Play ME:A" Seriously, MP is juat plain dead. I couldn't find the people to do dailies with last night. No one to do platinum today.
  11. I was THIS close to singing the "Michelle" part, too. Robert should have beatboxed.
  12. I'm so very tired of powers dailies. All dailies should take two matches. If anyone can get the powers points in two matches, good for them, but I can't score that many and I detest running maps alone. Basically, as one of the 10 people still playing this game, they need to be catering to me.
  13. Sorry I turned in so early last night - I've been going to bed earlier lately, and I was just smashed-up tired. Played the gold APEX again and the Platinum APEX - Remnant on Platinum actually does seem to be easier than the others - it seems like the enemies are tougher (don't even bother trying to melee toe-to-toe with the Nullifiers, you will lose), but there's less of them. The Destroyers and Progenitors are hard to take down, but it doesn't seem like the game floods you with them like they do the Hyrdras when you play Outlaw. It's Dampened Powers, which isn't so bad. Played it with one of the top 5 guys, the one with a horrible reputation for being an ass about whatever. He lived up to the hype by doing the mission with a Level 13, expecting us to carry him. I was doctorin' all over the place, but that's just because he made a bad decision and the other two were the only two we could find. Expectations get lowered pretty quick when playing this game these days.
  14. The shiny Platinum newness has worn off and the game's getting grindy again. Doing dailies seems to take forever. The night shift should consider going into Los Santos guns blazing and take our inevitable asskicking like men.
  15. If it's Kett on Aqua, I may be skipping it also. That map and Fiends do not get along. Two new recruits to the Illuminati today. Have you heard the good news about Mass Effect: Andromeda?
  16. While Melraz, RUkered and I watched and picked up the leftovers
  17. I understand they're trying for a throwback vibe, but it doesn't really work well. It's still a funny game. By the way, Andromeda multiplayer is like a desert. Think about it: game's been out less than a year, is already deeply discounted and available on EA Access, but no one's playing.
  18. The game's grindy, but still interesting enough (for now) to keep me going. Really it depends on who I'm playing with at the time. The bunch I complain about all the time are fine to play with if I don't have to be in a party with them. Really, even on Platinum, I don't really feel that communication is absolutely necessary. It helps, but it's not necessary. Right now I'm gaming with three dudes who know what they''re doing and two are on game chat. And they sound like reasonable people, not telling me what to do, not telling me how great they are, etc. They're team players - we just got through a platinum with 3 uploads where they had to move all three times, and they did so like pros. Things are great when you've got a good bunch. The rest of them mean well, I suppose, but they're too deep into a dick-length contest to act like human beings. This is just filling time until the next game for me. I played the South Park game some more today, but I can't get into the combat system at all, which made me not like the first game. Am thinking of just setting the combat to easy just so I can finish the game.
  19. Loyal Order of the Moose. They fucking hate Shriners. EDIT: The Rotary Club DOUBLE EDIT: I was playing with the asshole with the rancid-sounding girlfriend and Freight Train tonight, and I nearly put a foot up both their asses. We're on Wave 2 of a platinum on Firebase Zero. Retrieval comes up. I have a habit of getting in that red room, because there's three spawn points nearby. Dude with GF chides me to get back with the rest of the group. I ask him what he would have me do (in those terms) and he said that me coming back there and joining them would cause the enemies to spawn and chase them down there (which I guess leaves the rest of the board free, maybe?) So I join them. The first retrieval is about 10 seconds from where I was until I took the fucking Captain's advice and moved back, so I had to go farther for it. No prob. Prob: The second one spawned in the middle of where those three guys were taking on 2000 Outlaw. In the process of getting the second one, I had to use all five pops. Yeah, good job bunching them up, asshole. Then Freight Train chides me because I revived him and didn't make him invisible. Never mind that I was trying to revive the guy next to him who was running out of time. Oh, had a fun exchange with guy with rancid girlfriend before that. We were playing Platinum freestyle on Paradox, and I got a hack. It was the one pretty much directly behind the little cave we camp in. So it's tricky. They move away from me, and I'm able to do about half the hack before some curious Krogans start sniffing around. At two minutes left and about two-thirds of it done, he asks me "what's the deal with the hack?" My reply? "There's a bunch of critters in it, that's the deal." I finished the hack with a minute left. How in the fuck can you take a videogame so seriously? He needs to get into a party with the night shift on a two-beer night. We'd show him how this shit is done.
  20. I think that with Christmas songs, there should be some that should be retired, like jersey numbers. Can anyone do "Blue Christmas" any justice after Elvis? Maybe, but doubtful, take it off the list. Same with Burl Ives' "Holly Jolly Christmas." Christmas music sucks because all it is every damn year is the country-music-flavors-of-the-year shitting out half-hearted Christmas records, because that's all these flash in the pan country assholes have done in the last 20 years. I figure my Spotify playlist for Christmas eve will be those two songs mentioned above, the instrumental "Christmastime Is Here" and "Skating" from the Charlie Brown soundtrack, "Christmas Don't Be Late" and "12 Days of Christmas" by John Denver and the Muppets and Bob & Doug's version and I'm golden. Whoops, forgot "Christmas in Hollis." Nuke that Brad Paisley tripe.
  21. Invited three more people to the Illuminati. This should, if I guess correctly, set themselves off against each other or at least hurt some feelings after people get banned from the club. That'll, indeed, be funny as hell.
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