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  1. Cody completely lacks this thing in pro wrestling (and Dungeons and Dragons) called Charisma. He's hopelessly bland. Robinson is just as bad outside his rope-shaking "yeah, daddy!" deal, which the Japanese fans seem to love. This gives him an advantage over Rhodes. He comes back to the WWE, though, it's gonna go from "look how cute!" to "what the fuck is that?" very quickly. LOVED that main. I'm not a big fan of giving more than 5 stars to a match, but given that limitation, it was a five-star match. YMMV.
  2. It took me forever to get in the game,, but I really, really like it after I puttered around for a while. I heard that if someone wants to fight PvP, they have to shoot their opponent first. If the opponent returns fire, it's on. That'll never happen because I love this whole ecosystem of people playing the game who will come over and help me with a fight, then run off with a wave. I've been doing the same thing for other people. It's grand.
  3. I always loved getting on the GTA train and then putting $9,000 bounties on each other to watch the riff-raff take their shots.
  4. Hadn't heard of this until Robert said it existed. Nice Christmas present. It won't imbed. https://youtu.be/nI0iQyuHN6s
  5. Dunno if it's in single player, but it was fun listening to one of the banjos play a Christmas song in multiplayer.
  6. He's a refined gentleman of the choicest tastes who only rides the finest in horses.
  7. Spent a huge chunk of time tonight just trying to get into the game. Server not responding. I finally got in, ran around and screwed with a couple of missions, then got kicked back out again after about 30 minutes. So I finally get back in after ages of "Server not responding" and it's undone all my progress on the mission I had finished. Back to square one I go. Eh, I'll pass.
  8. While the rest of us watched and caught the spillover (that was most undoubtedly the worst word to use in that description)
  9. Hot take: Horrible, horrible song to begin with. Not-so-hot take: Incredibly useless cover. Like Tool if Tool were made up entirely of Stewarts from Beavis and Butt-Head.
  10. I found the RDR Online equivalent of red gang circles last night. First time, I killed a whole fort of them (about 15) and looted the bodies for about 45 cents total. I get to the gang leader and he's pleading for me to let him go, he has to feed his family,, etc. I thought "Dude, 15 of your guys just tried to kill me and you want me to cut you a break?" So of course I try to hogtie him and wind up shooting him in the back. I lost reputation. Lost reputation for killing 15 bandits and their leader. Whose side are these guys on? There are deathmatches already, they're just oddly named with odd weapons. Everybody's supposed to use bows in one match, but people still use guns anyway. There was a deathmatch where everyone's locked to using hatchets. There was a number of kills while riding on a horse challenge. I think a big piece of freemode peace is that bullets aren't exactly flowing like wine and nobody's got the real money to spend on being a fulltime griefer.
  11. Several states legalizing marijuana takes the fun out of bragging about it in those states. It isn't as much fun being a POT REBEL~! when your grandpa can go to the same place you go to get the same purple kush you smoke. I don't get Online yet - nice of them to give us the dough to buy better weaponry - but I think before too long we'll see some much better stuff on online. I think they'll spit out some DLC that willl provide content to both single player and online, for example.
  12. I got a pretty decent play session in, and the game's perfectly fine if its considered Fallout 4.5 and not a multiplayer game. Forgot how much fun it is collecting everything that isn't nailed down.
  13. After today's patch that made things worse and the identity-stealing bug, I think we can classify this whole thing as ''Tire Fire."
  14. It's funny how much this online is like GTA Online except you're delivering horses and wagons instead of briefcases and cars. When I spawned into a room, I had three other players within easy traveling distance, so everybody's not as far off as you might think.
  15. I have a character built, I'll take a pass through the Social Club. I did the first introductory mission after building the most precious character ever - he makes the rednecks from GTA 5 look like society types. Of course, at the end of the mission, I kept seeing the spinning wagon wheel of death, so that was the end of that. I show offline even though I have the privacy settings set to "adult." I dunno what's wrong. Gonna try some stuff soon. Apparently there are 0 crew requests in the Social Club, but the whole Social Club via computer thing is acting kinda wonky.
  16. Were you too drunk for freemode?
  17. I know it wasn't a "Predator" line, but I always loved "to the Mini-Cooper!" Be trying on this online thing on the 30th - just got the game a couple of weeks ago. I"m at 14 percent complete. If I"m in the DVDR group for GTA 5, does that mean I'm automatically in the group for this, or do I have to join somewhere else? The Social Club website wasn't much help at all.
  18. Man, Kotaku was not kind to this at all. I bought it anyway on Black Friday, just because I have a feeling they'll pull a good game out of their asses. Everybody hated Elder Scrolls Online at first, but I've heard from a couple of friends that they really worked out all the bad stuff and it's much more playable now. I'm considering it an investment.
  19. I'll be board Guinea pig as the only one who got nowhere in the first RDR. I finished the first mission, then got sucked into a vortex where all I could do is play cards and chase bounties. I think I bought some land. Interested to hear Melraz' reaction to dominoes being in the game.
  20. I gotta go through a internet service provider change, so I should be ready to go by the time they figure out multiplayer in 2024. This is really my favorite part of videogames - knowing there's literally millions doing the same thing you are. My friends list will probably be 90 percent people playing RDR2. Sounds weird, but I even like to wait in line for the game to go on sale - all those people waiting to do the exact same thing. I know it's kinda like movies, but I'm one of those rare folk who doesn't care for movies.
  21. This is on my must-buy list. Between Horizon 4, RDR 2 and this, I'm thinking about not getting cable at my new place because I won't have time to watch anything.
  22. I just bought Forza Horizon 4 (loved 3) a week after it came out, and the first patch was 22.2 gigs. Wow.
  23. GTA 5 on the 360 was one disk of gameplay and one disk of map. I was hoping this would be two disks in the same setup.
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