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  1. I try to keep fruits wrapped in paper ready to hand out, but it's been a struggle in real life for the past month or so and I have gotten out of sorts with the island.
  2. Shep is visiting my campsite today. Past two weeks have been a struggle with snowpeeps, probably got 3 perfect total out of 14. Zell gave me a picture out of the blue after I gave him a present. Hadn't really been paying attention to presents lately, so that was a nice surprise.
  3. I'm too lazy to read the article at the moment, but if the Goldin Auctions guy is Ken Goldin, Logan Paul would probably be 3rd in line. Ken has a "problematic" reputation in the card world.
  4. So I watched highlights of the FCF on YouTube and it didn't look horrible. The worst thing about the presentation was the horrid announcing.
  5. Excited for this one. Especially surprised to see the TV cut included.
  6. Not if their ads are garbage.
  7. I really can't stand Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at this point in life.
  8. Didn't they put Dracula in space in Dracula 3000? Why is Universal so clueless when it comes to the classic monsters IP?
  9. Why would they get a cut when EA is just putting fantasy players with random numbers in the game?
  10. I picked up the Castlevania collection recently on the Switch sale a couple weeks back. Cool games mixed with some bad, but it's enjoyable.
  11. It's good that EA has 2 years to make the Madden engine even worse. Last EA sports game I liked was Ps2 Era.
  12. Can't wait for that Madden 21 reskin.
  13. Did they? Maybe if Goff still has a copy of Football: My Way by Jeff Fisher.
  14. I thought I typed fuckery previously, but apparently not. I'll let it stand, though.
  15. Redd bringing a big boatload of fu key today. All fakes of serene, scenic, and famous paintings. Informative statue is bogus as a bonus.
  16. Just started watching with my wife and we're both into it so far.
  17. Stafford to the Texans for Watson and help with bills. Actual financial obligations, not the Buffalo Football Club. Problem solved and you're welcome.
  18. There aren't enough laughing face emoji's to use on these assholes. So I'll just go with this one, .
  19. I'm thinking Mr WorldWide could probably drive as good as Suarez, so there's that.
  20. Not sure if this is going to be our new normal for death announcements, but Deadline is saying she's still alive. https://deadline.com/2020/01/julie-strain-not-dead-prolific-b-movie-actress-and-former-penthouse-pet-1202829829/
  21. Just paid for the calm painting. Will get it into post tomorrow after my chores.
  22. Today I have Redd and he has the following for sale: - calm painting (always real) - glowing painting (always real) - jolly painting (fake) - informative statue (fake) Same as Rippa, let me know if you want me to pick up something for you.
  23. I feel the only person that is convinced is Mark Davis. A chip off the old block. He sadly lacks the football knowledge that his late father once possessed. Mark Davis' only football acumen is his purse strings and he's already exhibited a lack of sense there.
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