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  1. At the start of the New Japan Cup Finals it sounded like they were discussing something related to Joshi. Anyone know? The Act situation maybe?
  2. Fair enough. So what if he didn't choose to leave and had the financial backing that Bischoff had? It's odd when you think about it. Turner gives money to Frey and Bischoff, two guys with little to no experience running a wrestling company, while telling Watts to cut costs.
  3. It still wouldn't have been hot. Brother.
  4. What if they just let Frey keep running things in 92?
  5. I've heard more than once that was all a work by Fritz. KVE was not going to compete in the 1980 Olympics either way.
  6. Unlike major sports, I don't think RAW (or Nitro, if it was still around) falls into the "have to see it live" category.
  7. They had matches and a final. That's close enough, right?
  8. Hogan says that Verne offered him the title, but he also wanted part of Hogan's NJPW money. Hogan said no, of course. It's rare, but I actually believe Hogan in this case.
  9. What if Watts stayed on TBS and had the 6:05 time slot instead of Crockett?
  10. Would it have been asking too much for the Shield to go after the Wyatt's?
  11. Who are the two next to the aforementioned jacketed Sting? I am guessing the one with the yellow boots is Hayes and the other is Garvin.
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