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  1. Nintendo did this before where they denied DS Lite being in development and a day later announced it. My guess is Switch 4K/Switch Pro is coming but Nintendo is going to have Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 be the 'launch title' for it. Once Zelda: BOTW 2 gets a release date, I think we'll hear about it soon after.
  2. There is talk that Oxenfree and Afterparty (which are also made by Night School Studios) are about to get delisted.
  3. More than likely, yes. Although some of the games I've seen haven't gotten much of a boost (I recently did Hardware Rivals on PS5 and the loading times / overall game is no different than on PS4). Also, I just got my 230th Platinum trophy with Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One on PS3.
  4. Here's my list to start with: Astro's Playroom (of course and first one you need to play, it's fun) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart Demon's Souls Returnal Control (the PS5 port/remaster is a wonder to behold) Deathloop Outriders (may want to wait until it's cheaper though) Tales of Arise (probably the best Tales of game in a long time) Yakuza: Like A Dragon (crazy JRPG style game in Yakuza world)
  5. First Pokemon, now Kirby. It seems like every first party Nintendo is now an open world game. (something) of the Wild basically.
  6. The cast for the Mario movie seems like a fucking trainwreck. Jack Black annoys the hell out of me more than entertains me and Chris Pratt is completely wrong choice for Mario. Charlie Day will be awful even as Luigi, but it might be entertaining. This seems like something a Hollywood executive thinks would work and would want to make like The Emoji Movie.
  7. ActRaiser Resurrection and Castlevania Advanced Collection got me excited and will be out today.
  8. It's rumored that we'll see Mario Kart 9 and Metroid Prime remake and possibly Hollow Knight Silksong release date.
  9. Remedy doing a Star Wars game would likely be a spooky supernatural game that involves a Jedi trainee awakening an evil pre-Jedi/pre-Sith deity in a Star Destroyer that's not really a Star Destroyer (think the "Oldest House" from Control). I would likely play the shit outta this game.
  10. Got my 229th Platinum trophy with Disorder6 on PS3. I bought it on my Japanese account years ago and it was sitting on my hard drive. Figure I go through it and get the Platinum. I have no clue what I saw or played. I can't even read Japanese that well.
  11. Got my 228th Platinum trophy with Medal of Honor Warfighter for PS3. The online is sorta broken now from what I've heard and it's very likely EA will shut down the servers for this and Medal of Honor (2010) in the near future. Campaign isn't that bad and actually better than what reviewers thought at release.
  12. There's also a new SpongeBob SquarePants game (presumably for PS5 too), Outcast 2, and MX vs ATV: Legends (I've lost track of the number of these games).
  13. Well, it's an end of an era for LittleBigPlanet: LBP 1, 2, Vita & 3 on PS3 servers are now permanently shutdown
  14. I honestly thought that the early parts of Spider-Man 2 was a new Infamous with an older Cole McGrath.
  15. Got my 225th Platinum trophy with Horizon: Zero Dawn. HOLY CRAP what an ending. Great great game. The gameplay didn't grab me at first but it got me hooked. I then completed the training tutorial for Hardware Rivals to earn my 226th Platinum trophy. The servers are shutting down on December 8th, 2021; the online 'community' for this game is utter trash and very toxic. Later today, I got my 227th Platinum trophy with Midnight Deluxe for PS4.
  16. I pre-ordered the physical disc version - I'm not really a fan of the collector's edition not having a physical copy.
  17. Speaking of Kojima, Konami is shutting down the servers for PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and all versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes in May 2022.
  18. Going through Horizon: Zero Dawn and the story feels like Game of Thrones except without George R.R. Martin trying to make bad shit happen to the good characters all the time. Got a bit more to go and I'll have the Platinum.
  19. Yeech, it's almost too much at once. I may take the release day Fridays off for Elden Ring, Saints Row & Horizon: Forbidden West next year and even then I'm not sure it would be enough to finish them.
  20. Another Saints Row trailer but with actual gameplay and some in-game cutscenes. If you don't mind the Jeff Garlin sounding dude from Volition, not a bad look.
  21. Yeech, J.T.'s description of Mafia III makes me want to play it. Currently, I'm trying to Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn for my 225th Platinum and working on Hardware Rivals (which is shutting down on December 8 2021) with some friends when they are online.
  22. Just saw the reveal trailer for Saints Row. BRB, going to pre-order. It comes out on February 25, 2022.
  23. Supposedly today, we'll get more information about LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga (probably a release date) during Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live YouTube stream.
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