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  1. Sasha losing was the right result. Becky should not be beaten decisively yet. Not when the Ronda match is on the table. As for Becky's next potential opponents, Ruby Riott is a good suggestion. Hell give Liv Morgan a shot. I wouldn't be mad at extending the Sasha feud through Survivor Series. Plenty of options.
  2. Strowman vs. Fury is interesting. I guess some kind of boxing exhibition? Surprised this was given the green-light by Fury's camp given the eye injury sustained in his last fight and the prospect of an 8 figure check looming around the corner with the Wilder rematch. Conor can't be far off doing one of these.
  3. Fucking hell. WWE are doing AEW's work for them. Dying days of WCW-esque. Live crowd were insulted. What were they thinking?
  4. I see the *new* PPV set is just a mesh of the old Raw & Smackdown sets.
  5. Shawn Michaels was wearing assless chaps and dancing to ''Sexy Boy'' well into his 40's. The idea that the Bucks (Nick only being 30) are somehow middle aged is such a dumb talking point that I'm not surprised it's hatched in this thread.
  6. so uh.. 4 matches? I'm honestly fine with it.
  7. I thought Joey Janela was kinda cool until Enzo Amore of all people had him on skates.
  8. I wish it was that simple but it's not. The problem is a systemic one. The public schooling system is eroding and vastly underfunded. Families are being destroyed. I will never blame an individual for a systemic issue. Compound this with a culture that is beyond toxic, it's a recipe for disaster at every level of society.
  9. How so? Censoring the word breeds a plethora of problems, do we ban music containing the word from school premises too? That would require banning phones I guess? That would require a tremendous amount of policing to accomplish. The idea of ruling schools with an iron fist might be viable to you, I say good luck with that.
  10. In a perfect world that would work, but we don't live in a society where teachers hold absolute authority over it's students anymore. The word is woven into the fabric of the culture. If you're going to censor one word, then you have to censor all implications of the word. Seems problematic to me.
  11. The goal of any sport is to win titles, without titles they're meaningless. Combat sports have exploited personal feuds for a millennia, but often they are fighting for a title or at the vest least fighting to improve their rank towards a title shot. With FOX wanting a more realistic sports feel to the show, I see the logic in Brock being the champion and Cain as the challenger. If the brand's champion is playing second fiddle to the other guys, then the title is merely a prop and not worth a shit.
  12. Well yeah, social media and music have contributed enormously in normalizing a variation of the word, that coerce white kids who become submerged in that culture to use the word with impunity. You make a word cool, and then outlaw it's use for a specific racial group, you're almost begging those kids to say it. Do I believe Orton engaged in a Freudian slip the other night? who knows. The topic of the word is one of the most important, yet tedious ones to discuss. Better to just leave it alone.
  13. Well as much as Rollins seems to have the majority of the fans in arenas on his side, his quarter-hour ratings have been the lowest on the shows for a while now, which suggests to me the general consensus is Seth isn't the guy. It's almost like fans are impulsive and don't really know what they want. Roman should have been inserted into the title picture right here - I know it's a ghoulish thing to say, but his illness and recovery would have been the perfect lead-in to regaining his title, with the added bonus of having (for the most part) fervent fan support. Instead we got some insane Shield shit and Vince feeding Ambrose lines exploiting Roman's illness that ultimately lead to Ambrose leaving the company. Funny that.
  14. sigh. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, I hope he gets the help he needs.
  15. I like the idea that Rey has some ruthless MMA motherfuckers on speed dial if shit goes south. The angle is one of their best in ages, to be honest. The beatdown on Monday and Cain's debut here. It's just a shame it's come at the expense of this years feel good story. That's wrestling. As much as I liked Kofi's reign, the focus has to be on those dudes. Anyway people are overlooking the best news of the night, NO MORE SHANE.
  16. One thing is for sure, if Seth was in Kofi's position, that match was going a little longer than 7 seconds or whatever. Kofi's 6-month run was a Gold Watch reign, the conclusion is proof of that. He was never booked as the guy. He was a placeholder until the FOX move.
  17. I think we have seen, even in MMA fights, that the most experienced fighters screw up their strategies and get caught from the bell. There is more juice in Kofi acknowledging that, moving to Raw and redeeming himself, than being completely decimated for 10 minutes before being F-5'd 10 times. Of course I have no confidence that creative will do any kind of follow-up worthy of his story and fully expect him to transition back into mid-card New Day theatrics. It is what it is. The optics of Lesnar and Cain in a WWE ring must have made Dana's head explode.
  18. Loved the new presentation. Loved that the Kevin Dunnisms are seemingly a thing of the past. Loved the two-man booth, and Corey being less JBL and more NXT Graves. The new set is stunning. For those things alone it's a big thumbs up. Wasn't expecting much as far as creative, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Cain in there. Kofi had a good run, but it was time. Oh and Tyson Fury was made for pro-wrestling.
  19. Well, we have new players in town. Of course AEW won the first scuffle, that much was expected. AEW more than doubling NXT in the 18-49 demos is big. With USA forking out $50 million a year for NXT, WWE are going to dip heavily in their arsenal for the foreseeable future.
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