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  1. sigh. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, I hope he gets the help he needs.
  2. I like the idea that Rey has some ruthless MMA motherfuckers on speed dial if shit goes south. The angle is one of their best in ages, to be honest. The beatdown on Monday and Cain's debut here. It's just a shame it's come at the expense of this years feel good story. That's wrestling. As much as I liked Kofi's reign, the focus has to be on those dudes. Anyway people are overlooking the best news of the night, NO MORE SHANE.
  3. One thing is for sure, if Seth was in Kofi's position, that match was going a little longer than 7 seconds or whatever. Kofi's 6-month run was a Gold Watch reign, the conclusion is proof of that. He was never booked as the guy. He was a placeholder until the FOX move.
  4. I think we have seen, even in MMA fights, that the most experienced fighters screw up their strategies and get caught from the bell. There is more juice in Kofi acknowledging that, moving to Raw and redeeming himself, than being completely decimated for 10 minutes before being F-5'd 10 times. Of course I have no confidence that creative will do any kind of follow-up worthy of his story and fully expect him to transition back into mid-card New Day theatrics. It is what it is. The optics of Lesnar and Cain in a WWE ring must have made Dana's head explode.
  5. Loved the new presentation. Loved that the Kevin Dunnisms are seemingly a thing of the past. Loved the two-man booth, and Corey being less JBL and more NXT Graves. The new set is stunning. For those things alone it's a big thumbs up. Wasn't expecting much as far as creative, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Cain in there. Kofi had a good run, but it was time. Oh and Tyson Fury was made for pro-wrestling.
  6. Well, we have new players in town. Of course AEW won the first scuffle, that much was expected. AEW more than doubling NXT in the 18-49 demos is big. With USA forking out $50 million a year for NXT, WWE are going to dip heavily in their arsenal for the foreseeable future.
  7. I dunno man. The Khan family donated seven figures to Trump's inauguration back in 2017. AEW can make a big show out of rejecting conservatism and selling the idea that they are more inclusive, the reality is Tony Khan is still eating from his Dad's pig trough. It's a sleight of hand. AEW was astroturfed from the very beginning. Anyway I HATE politics on this board. It's the reason I was almost banned. Let's focus on the wrestling and why Brandon Cutler was booked to be such a loser.
  8. Shayna should have just dropped the title to Bianca when she was white-hot, but she didn't for.. reasons. What has Finn done to his hair?
  9. Good god was Brandon Cutler a dork. Which I think was by design given how much of a star MJF came off in that match.
  10. If Cody is hellbent on signing all his old mates, I hope we get Sandow at least.
  11. If you're a exhausted ex/current WWE viewer, the last thing you would want to see is one of the old relics of the early 10's showing up as your big surprise to feud with Goldust. I can see why people would be sour about it. Has Swagger acquired enough clout in the MMA world to establish himself as a name? I haven't been following. I'll give him a shot.
  12. Shades of 2011 TNA at the end there. Crowd really enhanced the entire experience, I don't know what they were pumping into the AC but they didn't let up all night.
  13. I wasn't feeling Kenny/PAC on first viewing, but I went back and watched it again this morning without the beer goggles on and it was excellent. Excluding the botch I enjoyed the story for what it was. JR holding the viewers hand and elaborating on Kenny's attention being on Mox was a nice touch, as was him calling PAC a ''dumb bastard'' for not making a cover during the match. I do think Kenny is still getting to grips with the new audience, some of his pandering felt unnecessary and plodding at times. Pac though, is just the business. Head and shoulders above the rest, and he knows it too.
  14. If you're an old school wrestler, it is in your DNA to fleece fans dumb enough to pay the price for a photograph. If the demand is there, he can charge whatever he wants. All the old boxers do it. Conor McGregor does it. Are we assuming Conor is broke as well? Cornering the market and raising the price is one of the most simple economic principles there is.
  15. @CreativeControl I once thought the idea of nihilism - that life is ultimately meaningless and that my opinion is just wasted energy and didn't really matter was solid science, but all it did was lead me to a life of unhappiness and degeneracy. I agree with the notion that if you do not have enough knowledge about a topic you should a) learn more about it and b) shut the fuck up and listen, but that isn't the case here. I will exercise my right to have an opinion, as long as I am justified in doing so.
  16. Tell that to Buddhists and various Asian cultures who continue to use them to this day. I figure in the west they will always be outlawed, that being said there has been a rise of tattooists that have exhibitions dedicated to taking them back. Anyway, getting back to the purpose of the thread.
  17. Banning so called ''Nazi iconography'' and symbols (ancient symbols that were almost entirely adopted by the NS, the SS symbol having origins in norse culture) is a slippery slope, one minute we're condemning outlaw bikers for appropriation, the next we're burning Hugo Boss garments and blowing up Volkswagens. Once we have established that whatever the Nazis said, did or created is taboo, then anything goes. It all has to go. That includes anything German. Using this precedent the German language is a symbol of Nazism and will have to be eliminated, and that goes for the German people too, after all their bloodline directly feeds into Nazi ideology through ancestry. Look, I'm not condoning Nazism, but ancient symbols have a long history of appropriation and manipulation for various causes. The swastika doesn't belong to Nazism. The swastika is an ancient religious icon. We must take back these ancient symbols and reinstate them among the public consciousness as symbols of peace and divinity, because ultimately, that's what they are. If Taker wore the hammer and sickle (the same iconography that represented the murderous Russian revolution, the purge that genocided millions of Ukrainians and Russians two decades before Nazis ran roughshod over Poland (in coalition with those same Russian Bolsheviks) the average joe on the street wouldn't care, because people have been conditioned to believe the hammer and sickle is a symbol of unity among the proletariat, despite ignoring the millions of people that perished under it's ideology. Slippery slope indeed.
  18. I've had that dude on ignore for a while. And my comment was true, every other comment of his is racial in nature, usually signalling in some way and taking petty shots at white people. I clearly struck a nerve, because I had the audacity to call him on his bullshit and he remembered it. Anyway I'm not trying to get banned, so I'll leave it.
  19. The thing is HHH went to bat for Dustin and convinced Vince to let him go when Vince was keen on keeping him if the reports are to believed - which makes Cody's entrance even more bizarre. That Lucha Bros/Bucks tag, man. The worst kind of Will Ospreay vs. Will Ospreay inside a steel Will Ospreay match. Talk about overkill. Hopefully when the Revival get there they beat some of the bad habits out of the Bucks. I can't remember who said the production was better than WWE's but you are mad. WWE is the gold standard, AEW are nowhere near.
  20. Jericho stumbling on the spinning back elbow while taking up MMA training to lose his belly and bitch tits and then deciding to use it as a new~! and fresh~! finishing move is ''how do you do, fellow kids?'' tier cringe.
  21. Cody has a very pronounced persecution complex, especially when his Dad is involved. He has acted as a gatekeeper for anything Dusty since his passing. I can't say I blame him. Without said persecution complex I doubt he'd be in the position he is right now, it's clearly what fuels him.
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