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  1. Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Hey, thanks for remembering! My birthday is on the 29th. Right now, the plan is to go see Top Gun in the theater and eat a bunch of food that's bad for me.
  3. An update on the car thing: When I bought the first car, I told my lawn guy he was owed a referral payment. He was super grateful and tried to give me half. I refused but appreciated it. I was only about 50% sure he'd actually get it. Fast forward to today. Get a call from my lawn guy. He'd just come from the dealer where they'd given him a check for $1000 - a referral bonus for both cars we'd bought. He was calling to tell me he'd gotten more than expected and wanted to give me some of it. I again refused. This spring was rough on his business so I knew it would really help him out. I'm thrilled for him that he actually got the money and even moreso that they gave him the referral for both cars. So even more of a happy ending to the car story. Couple bumps with the second purchase but overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to someone. But my lawn better look super sharp for awhile, LOL.
  4. The Yankees have cut prospect Jake Sanford for stealing from teammates and ripping off fans: https://www.nj.com/yankees/2022/05/yankees-cut-3rd-round-prospect-who-allegedly-stole-equipment-from-teammates-and-tried-to-sell-it.html
  5. Tabe


    Mitch Marner got his Range Rover carjacked: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33932412/toronto-maple-leafs-mitchell-marner-victim-carjacking
  6. For some reason, a play where Christian Yelich was called out on an obvious blown call came up on my newsfeed today. And I got to wondering, "What the heck ever happened to Christian Yelich?" In 2018 & 2019, he was arguably the best player in the NL. MVP in 2018, runner-up in 2019. Batting champ both years. Slugging, OPS, and OPS+ champ both years. 36 homers, then 44. Since 2020? .205, .248, .238 batting averages. Slugging .430, .373, .431. A TOTAL of 26 homers. So, what gives? Any actual explanation?
  7. Looked like a good crowd for the Florida game last night though they definitely bailed quickly once it was clear Tampa was going to win. Rough night for Florida with the officials. One goal (correctly) waved off after the puck went into the netting before Florida scored. And then a Tampa goal not disallowed after a Tampa player made contact with the head of Florida's goalie right before the shot. That decision baffled me. Florida goalie was in the crease, Tampa guy skates through, bangs his head, puck goes - no interference? The Tampa guy was "outside the crease" but made contact inside it. I get that they want goalies to fight through contact and all that but, dang, dude got bumped in the head right before the shot. Seemed like an obvious wave off to me but they allowed it. I'd also like to thank the NHL & ESPN for deciding that the StL/COL game was blacked out for me after it was over. I went to watch it in the ESPN+ app and was told it's blacked out. Why? I'm 1100 miles from Denver.
  8. Tabe


    He was kind of a second-tier Nicklas Lidstrom. Not going to blow up anybody up with a bodycheck, not going to fight people, and so on. But always in the right position and very talented offensively. And he's in the HOF so, yeah, incredible player.
  9. I think he'll work out but you gotta be patient. He needs to add 30 lbs - and he will. In the meantime, he's got lots of other skills that don't require him to "bang in the post", which isn't exactly a top priority for people anymore anyway. I wouldn't draft him top 5 but his skillset is definitely very appealing. He had a few stretches this year where he took over games for Gonzaga and showed off a dazzling array of skills. Stuff like block, rebound, flying dunk, block, behind-the-back dribble, hit a 3 on the break, and so on - all in 75 seconds. And, yeah, the dudes are a LOT bigger in the pros but he didn't get pushed around.
  10. That's pretty damning testimony by him. I mean, obviously, there are many reasons she could start crying that aren't related to him but that's clearly not what happened here.
  11. That's incredible. How have they not given up 5 in an inning before now?
  12. In his defense, Brady, Gisele, and Bridget all say that Tom & Bridget broke up before he knew she was pregnant. That show idea sounds awful. Then again, the roasts I've seen of regular celebrities have all been pretty awful, too.
  13. Yikes. That is definitely not-good.
  14. That works. More entertainment for us!
  15. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a link but, like Rippa said, it could also just be the law of averages.
  16. He's been killing Chris Paul. It sounds pretty personal - do they have some past beef or something?
  17. Ashley Bachelor, the mother of Rajon Rondo's children, has filed for an emergency protection order against him. He allegedly trashed her house and then left to get a gun, returning to threaten to kill her. Ugly, ugly stuff. https://www.tmz.com/2022/05/16/rajon-rondo-allegedly-pulled-gun-wife-children-emergency-protective-order-death-threat/
  18. Yesterday was his first game 7 win though.
  19. If he didn't suck so much, he'd have averaged more than 34/14. C'mon.
  20. You reversed the number. 4/84 $21m per - highest paid DB in the league now.
  21. Tabe


    Interesting. Lambert was widely discussed as maybe the top candidate for the Detroit job. Lambert and Steve Yzerman were teammates in Detroit.
  22. Jake Oettinger deserved a better fate. He stood on his head for 60+ minutes last night while his teammates were mostly invisible at both ends but it wasn't enough. At one point, Dallas had been outshot 40-11. He faced 50+ shots in regulation. That said, good riddance to Dallas and Jamie "hold up, lemme injure you with a crosscheck to the neck on faceoffs" Benn.
  23. McDavid's goal tonight - and his play in game 6 - showed again why he's the best player in the world. He just elevated himself to a level other guys simply don't have.
  24. He's the nephew of both Josh and John David.
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