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  1. I have no idea what I've just watched here, but it was a billion times better than hanging around with Billy Bird, so I approve. Seriously though, was that AKIRA in the middle there?
  2. I hope that means that the real AKIRA has better things to be doing these days.
  4. Wow, England are ahead and need their tail-enders to put up another massive performance to even give their bowlers something to aim at. Of course, the bowlers and the tail-enders are the same people. Welcome to Test Cricket, Saqib Mahmood.
  5. Of which, over 40% was put up by an aging schoolboy at 10 and a debutant at 11.
  6. No like from me until we get a SACRED RIVER GAAAAAAAAANGES mention.
  7. You know what they say about people in glass houses?
  8. That explains it, there is no way on earth that Lawler would have chattered so much rot if he even suspected that Aja Kong might be in the same state as him.
  9. If I've got a choice of matches that I don't have a rooting interest in, then the one I watch/listen to will be based on which commentary team I like better; but I'd never just put a sporting event that I otherwise wouldn't watch/listen to just for the commentary. I have definitely been up late (3am, GMT) for MNF and thought "fuck this, I'm going to bed" because Brian Griese opened his mouth.
  10. Likening Maeda to the sea is about as accurate as it gets. He may not have been the best of the Shoot Style guys, but he was certainly the Ace of them in a way that no-one who followed him could match. There's an IWGP Tag Title match in which he basically dropkicks either Koshinaka or Muto (I can't remember which, me and a friend had been up pretty late watching random matches,) out of their boots, and now my friend remembers him as "Mr. Shoot Dropkick."
  11. Kingston would have to be mondo stupid to tweet something like that to get everyone hyped up for a match that he didn't actually want because he hated the guy.
  12. Does this mean that I only have to follow laws on the books at the time I was born, and nothing passed after that date?
  13. In a promo for Summerslam at Wembley, he quite clearly describes London as his hometown, which is complete nonsense.
  14. From what I hear, the RFL need the cash to throw into that giant meteor crash site in Bradford.
  15. Not a clue, just enjoy the trip.
  16. To be fair, Duck Machine Rory Burns has also been dropped along with Haseeb Hameed and his magnificent hair and Jos Buttler. Undertaker Lookalike Jonathan Bairstow keeps his place.
  17. From what I saw of Italy today, if they start strong I'd back them in against Wales; but that could be their only chance because Scotland are not looking bad at all. By the way, are we not going to mention Luke Cowan-Dickie forgetting what sport he was playing for a moment and going for a volleyball spike?
  18. He already has plenty of miles on the clock though, many of them going downward.
  19. What else are they going to do with that sweet, sweet TikTok sponsorship loot?
  20. GET THAT MAN A GIANT FISH! I do like Mitakeiumi and I'm glad to see him finally get to Ozeki after a bunch of inconsistent almost-runs at it.
  21. I imagine it has to do with something that someone else alluded to in a thread discussing WALTER's rebranding, that a significant number of English speakers without any knowledge of German have only come across three German words, one of them being Kampf, which they have picked out from the title of Adolf Hitler's autobiography, and then they've written the rest of the tweet from there.
  22. England's women at least manage to bat, I'm pretty sure that if Dani Wyatt had a suspicious twin brother, then the men might not have evaporated like cat piss on a hot tin roof.
  23. What England batting attack?
  24. I'm sure England could have found a way to make it worse, though.
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