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  1. I sent friend requests to everyone on the list I hadn't already, so be on the lookout for that.
  2. "On tonight's episode Terry Funk, recently back from the Bahamas explains to all of us where to find the best beader/braider in all of Nassau Town."
  3. Masked Diablo jerking curtain and in the main with Gorgeous George? I can understand such a happenstance because of no-shows or whatever, but to advertise it? Hella weird.
  4. No Kenley Jansen or AJ Pollock in camp in LA yet. I never expected to see either one. Jansen with the ongoing heart troubles has the ability to sit out and get paid and accrue service time, and if I were in his spot, that's the route I would take. Pollock has a super new baby that was born hella preemie and has health issues that come with that. I saw a picture of he and her, and she is mad small and still on nasal oxygen. Again, in the same spot, I stay home. I am really looking forward to the upcoming cancellation of this season.
  5. We were at 109 this morning. After last week's poor showing, I was a little anti-turnip. Of course, that probably means this week will be a large spike. My wife sticks to a rule of "nothing over 100". I should probably do the same.
  6. And it was heinous. Right back through the box 60 feet, and the fucking thing had to get 60 feet of elevation off Tanaka's head, and it landed right on the fringe of the grass by the dirt track just to the plate side of the 3B dugout. So maybe 30 or 40 feet behind the plate? Bad news. I hope he's okay. The impact sounded wholly un-fun.
  7. @Gonzo Thank you so much. I left you a couple of my favorite shirts and a fun piece of furniture at the house. Look for a letter in the mail later today, I'll dig through my catalog and see if I have anything extra cool and send it along. You have any kind of themes running or anything so I know what direction to move in?
  8. Super dope. On my way. I have to make multiple trips to bring all the goddamn vegetables.
  9. I'm not sure if we are friends, I'm going to look and add you now if need be. Let me know when you are up and running.
  10. Anyone have open gates with better than 45 bells for turnips? I spent a fucking ton last week and am really not that interested in taking a 50% loss on my investment.
  11. I popped huge for the shirt. I have found myself getting rid of a lot of my wrestling shirts lately, but that one might find its way into my closet.
  12. That first video is tough to get through. It's a lot of unintelligible VM messages without subtitles, so I have no real idea of what he is saying in them. Man, that second video comes off very "Crystal Meth Christian" if you know what I mean. Like all the real deep religious horseshit tends to come out of folks when they are in the middle of a stimulant bender. Not that her word would mean any less if she is on drugs, but it makes it hard to follow what she is talking about when she is spouting off about how we are going into war in a "spiritual battle" and how the light will vanquish the darkness.
  13. I spent just shy of a million Bells at a buying price of 96, so keep me in mind if anyone gets crazy prices this week.
  14. Man, that Quack video gives me a very real reminder of Brett Kavanaugh and his crocodile tears and his faux outrage that anyone would question his "good name". Fucking gross.
  15. I personally prefer a different giant robot, but this Mazinger X BJW shirt is the thing that goddamn dreams are made of:
  16. That's the same argument being made for the "some bad apples" horseshit with the cops, yeah? I'm of the idea that 95 good guys saying nothing about 5 bad guys equals 100 bad guys. Obviously, I don't think that people that are innocent of abuse should have to face any consequences for someone else's actions, but you make a really excellent point about it being a hard thing to have to come to terms with if you are one of the folks that has knowingly ignored this behavior, for sure.
  17. This is real fucking stupid. Is this their homage to the Ospreay / Ricochet flipping posedown?
  18. All-time is probably Cattle Mutilation, as it meets the important criteria of looking dope and has an ultra-hard name. I am currently very enamored with Ortiz' "Tiger Style", both as an attack and as a taunt.
  19. It's pretty unfortunate that the timelines couldn't match up so we got the Boneyard match with AJ, then at the next big 4 show we got him vs Reigns with the hat and glove shit. That would have been note goddamn perfect.
  20. "I only did it because I like you." Isn't that the same deal that assholes use on their spouses when they beat them? Maybe these folks accused of all this shitty behavior need to apologize for that behavior, and then go silent and use their newly-found open schedules to try to be better people moving forward. Also, in Kong's case, the last part when he says "I hope we can hash this out between us like adults." is super gross too. Fuck you, dude. That kid likely didn't think the guy that punked him in front of the entire locker room was willing to hear the details of how you bullied them to tears and caused them to rethink their appreciation for their chosen profession. He should have just fired on him. Maybe you get fucked up, but at least you get the pleasure of drilling some piece of shit that treated you badly.
  21. I like the combo of Tex and Shanghai with Pistol Pez, Scorpio and Rude. That's a weird stable I could get behind.
  22. What? No bullshit. Scott Hall, man. That's a hella cool move.
  23. So, like 15 minutes ago at the tender age of 41, I just completed the first module of the very first college course I have ever taken. It's Intro To Sociology, and I have no fucking idea what to expect! I have decided that since I have all this experience in Social Service over the last 13 or 14 years, I should maybe start making some strides towards a more rigid social worker type position. That's not really my classification currently, but a lot of my work is very social worker-y just based on the nature of my caseload. So why not take some college credit, and make my employer pay me more money to do the same kind of stuff I already do?
  24. I just dropped 250K on turnips at 99 per. My first real dip into the Stalk Market this time around. Let's see if I can make some money! Also, all this Animal Crossing got me interested to see what some of my older towns look like, So I went back to New Leaf and screwed around for a while, it was pretty weedy, but not too bad. When I fired up the original, though, I realized just how long I had been away: I think I'll try to log in once a week and make an appearance.
  25. If anyone is in the hunt for a new villager, I have a robo-turkey named Sprocket at the campsite. I'm going to open my gates right now, I might or might not be running around.
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