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  1. Juan Soto tests positive for COVID-19 as per Passan.
  2. They should just barnstorm for all 60 games, play in sandlots, HS fields, wherever they can get booked on the fly while travelling by train like some kind of old-timey circus.
  3. I'm watching my wife and son play it, and goddamn does that puzzle mechanic in battle look like the most un-fun thing I have ever seen. I love that series, but I think I will sit this one out.
  4. That's badass, I confirmed a fluctuating week just now. Prices will spike at somewhere around 140 for us as early as tomorrow morning.
  5. I was wondering if IWA-MS was still going to run KOTDM this year, so I checked their Twitter. Dig this flyer. Gage looks like he is wearing the Dave Grohl oversized hand prosthetic from the Everlong video.
  6. He sure does, but it's not even his!! It's the Dr. Decker mask from Nightbreed, but in black instead of gauze-y brownish white. If this is merely a typo, it's the greatest typo in history. If it was intentional, you made me laugh super fucking hard at my office desk, so thank you for that.
  7. 101 this morning for us. 35% small spike and 30% large spike possibility. We also got the 15% decreasing, so hopefully we both don't end up with it.
  8. I realize this is not a picture of a wrestler, but I laughed until I hurt when I saw this tweet: This cat also hella looks like the American Gladiator "Malibu".
  9. That game is my only beef with them. They are an awesome team, but I wish that they or their producers would have thought about having them shut the fuck up for two innings. It's just a thing I though that they missed the ball on. Same team. They moved to Fredricksburg after the 2019 season. The Nats don't own the club, though. Affiliate relationship only.
  10. And it's not like Thorne and Palmer were any better. But yeah, I love the ambient audio option, I wish it were accessible on the Fire TV app. I thought it was supposed to be across all platforms again after the big update last year.
  11. So the one instance we had before this to hear what a baseball game actually sounded like at the big league level was the empty yard O's - ChiSox game during the protests over Freddie Gray's murder. The announce team yakked all over that goddamn game instead of just sitting quiet for an inning or two and let the game speak for itself. I figured we would never get that chance again, and now we have that very same opportunity, and the fucking league wants to pipe in audio? I love this game, but I hate this business bullshit.
  12. BarrMark from that board made the dopest fucking wrestling mixtapes. I bought more than a few.
  13. I think there were some rumors kicking around on Maki. I don't recall if they were from anyone we should take faith in, though. It might have just been folks here talking about it. The women's division keeps making small steps towards being totally legit, but it needs another worker or two to be the cornerstones. Too many of these ladies are hitting their stride as characters, but only a few of them have the in-ring side popping as well. As far as that goes, Maki is not the answer. I think Big Swole is mad entertaining, but she SUCKS in the ring. That match from Dark this week with Rache Chanel was real fucking bad, and it was because you put two workers out there that only have the style side dialed in. Character work is super important, but the ability to both throw or receive a decent headlock takeover is as well. Brookes would be another good get, but just at the start of the year he made it pretty apparent that DDT was his top priority. He moved to Japan full-time with the intent of focusing on his work for DDT. I think he's a no-go. At least for right now, anyway.
  14. Maki Itoh goofed on him a little bit on twitter, because why wouldn't she? She's fucking ruthless.
  15. Meaning what? That young folks are becoming more aware of the world's injustices and are doing their part to not contribute to them? Goddamn, I hope so. I struggle everyday with how to be to a more positive force in life in order to set the example for my boys for those kinds of things. I don't want my generation's missteps to continue to fuck things up for everyone.
  16. Same dude, I think. Huge XPW fanboy, had some sort of plan for a documentary about the company. I remember him from the CZWFans board. Interesting take that he's more pissed about someone telling stories without consent than he is that the abuse/assault/generally gross behaviors happened, but whatever. He has been a longtime CHIKARA employee, so he may just be defending his employer, as misguided as that may be. Additionally, the idea of him being a fuckhead 20 years ago can be partially explained that he was mad young, like teenager young. Hard to provide a nuanced approach to anything at that age, and we are all morons at that point in our lives, yeah? Certainly no excuse for any fuckery today, but his past idiocy can at least be tied to his youth.
  17. That is Dan Fucking Severn. This would be post IWA Kawasaki Dream / KOTDM in 1995.
  18. I sent friend requests to everyone on the list I hadn't already, so be on the lookout for that.
  19. "On tonight's episode Terry Funk, recently back from the Bahamas explains to all of us where to find the best beader/braider in all of Nassau Town."
  20. Masked Diablo jerking curtain and in the main with Gorgeous George? I can understand such a happenstance because of no-shows or whatever, but to advertise it? Hella weird.
  21. No Kenley Jansen or AJ Pollock in camp in LA yet. I never expected to see either one. Jansen with the ongoing heart troubles has the ability to sit out and get paid and accrue service time, and if I were in his spot, that's the route I would take. Pollock has a super new baby that was born hella preemie and has health issues that come with that. I saw a picture of he and her, and she is mad small and still on nasal oxygen. Again, in the same spot, I stay home. I am really looking forward to the upcoming cancellation of this season.
  22. We were at 109 this morning. After last week's poor showing, I was a little anti-turnip. Of course, that probably means this week will be a large spike. My wife sticks to a rule of "nothing over 100". I should probably do the same.
  23. And it was heinous. Right back through the box 60 feet, and the fucking thing had to get 60 feet of elevation off Tanaka's head, and it landed right on the fringe of the grass by the dirt track just to the plate side of the 3B dugout. So maybe 30 or 40 feet behind the plate? Bad news. I hope he's okay. The impact sounded wholly un-fun.
  24. @Gonzo Thank you so much. I left you a couple of my favorite shirts and a fun piece of furniture at the house. Look for a letter in the mail later today, I'll dig through my catalog and see if I have anything extra cool and send it along. You have any kind of themes running or anything so I know what direction to move in?
  25. Super dope. On my way. I have to make multiple trips to bring all the goddamn vegetables.
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