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  1. This is weird. You know goddamn well that they asked for his recipe before they shitcanned him. I wonder if they asked him to take the fall, but he got some sort of banging severance. ANA looks tough for cracking down, this 30 year guy gets to retire, and the Angels get to fuck every opposing pitcher that was coming in and expecting this guy's grip to be in the clubhouse. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28847166/angels-fire-visiting-clubhouse-manager-aiding-opposing-pitchers?platform=amp
  2. "Nick's Ass Ruling Warfare" It sounds like I named the show after my life mission, so I've got that going for me, I guess. I was ruling asses when WARHORSE was just a BATTLEPONY.
  3. I thought the same thing, but I also hella like how it sounds in English. And then, you immediately make me reconsider liking the name in Spanish.
  4. Is this because you think he's handsome, or did he change the spelling?
  5. Like, I know that folks have used that line as an insult, but I fucking love the idea of them as spooky perverts, and I kind of wish they would embrace it. The whole deal with Uno sitting on the Creepers came off as super sexual to me, and I really dug thinking of them as some real fucking weirdos.
  6. I think that's part of the deal, too. Nobody gets mad if a babyface stays full on in character, because he's being cool to people. You ask a guy that is playing a super dastardly heel to go meet and greet? He better be spitting straight venom at motherfuckers that get to his table. Abdullah would have forked the kid.
  7. I wouldn't have either one of my kids anywhere near MJF. If he motherfucks me, I can shake it off, and I was fully prepared for that possibility. But while my boys understand that it's all a work, their young ass brains can't possibly grasp the idea of a grown man treating them poorly. Dad should have left that boy out of that photo op.
  8. I'm so glad I don't live in Japan. I'd be broke as fuck from dropping two bucks into Kinnikuman vending machines all the time.
  9. I'll put it here since it is in relation to HOU, but in no way is this a man saying a stupid thing: I'm pretty sure this motherfucker wants to be commissioner. I still think he sucks, but I appreciate him speaking up and saying this shit.
  10. I think a woman like Kimber Lee would be a most excellent addition to the division. Maybe she can come in with her older brother Brodie. I have only seen Jamie Hayter the twice that she was on Dynamite, but she fucking RULED. I can kind of take or leave Bea Priestley, but that is more about her overall affect bothering me, I think her in-ring work is plenty fine. They probably aren't bailing on STARDOM, but I would be full-on invested in them in AEW.
  11. Dear jerkoffs at MLB, You want viewership to increase? Allow us more of this kind of happy horseshit. And I don't mean the booth interaction, just mic these dudes up and let me that stream as an alternate audio feed on my MLB.TV subscription, the way you used to do with ambient ballpark noise.
  12. I'm obviously like months behind on this thread, but I wanted to shout out for the GMPD mention. I was introduced to them by my love of Pittsburgh rap cats Grand Buffet. I have one of their albums and am always looking to pick up the rest of them. You can get Bloodsongs for pretty cheap, but I have legit never seen their first one available anywhere, and their second record has two copies on Discogs right now, one is $65, and the other is $130, so fuck that noise. Always cool to see I'm not the only person in the world to know of something that I think is so goddamn nifty.
  13. I was like, "Yo, is K-DOJO really that great?" Then it registered.
  14. Goddamn, this is a winner. It would be hard to breathe in that studio, what with all the cigarette smoke plus the added heavy air because of all the bullshit coming out of cokeheads mouths. I would like to volunteer to shoot an episode, please. "Man, this yay is pretty great, should we talk about the redeeming qualities of 80's slashers, or how as an 8 year old, Optimus Prime's death in Transformers: The Movie really colored my vision of what it means to be mortal?"
  15. Now that there is the UFC / ESPN PPV deal, what is the back catalog situation? Is Fight Pass still a thing? Has the archive moved to ESPN+? Do I, as a regular old Hulu/Disney/ESPN+ subscriber have access to that archive if it exists? If it does exist, how quickly do events show up? Or if I want to watch older fights, do I have to make a full-price purchase or subscribe to another service to do so?
  16. This is the story I have heard, in a couple different versions. It's on her Wiki: While still in high school, Young went to a professional wrestling show and challenged then-champion Mildred Burke when she visited Tulsa to wrestle Gladys Gillem. Because the promoters told her she could not wrestle the champion, she wrestled Gillem in a shoot fight, beating her within seconds. After the fight, promoter Billy Wolfe wanted Young to become a professional wrestler. She left home two years later to wrestle professionally. Young later traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina where she met and trained with The Fabulous Moolah and also met Ed "Strangler" Lewis whom told her "I don't like girl wrestlers, women should be in the kitchen, but after seeing you, you was born to be a wrestler" She told a version of this story during her HOF induction.
  17. Not a chance. We know for a fact he frequents the Longhorn Steakhouse.
  18. That joke is a thousand times funnier if they use his rodeo name instead.
  19. I have been thinking about what his arc might look like, and I think it's almost a guarantee that he puts the knife in Jericho's back somewhere down the road to take over IC. He has shown thus far that he's going to shine as King Fuckhead, so that feels like the most surefire way to allow him to blossom into that kind of guy that hangs around the most important feuds/titles/show placement. He's still so goddamn young, it almost feels weird to be talking about it, but he just keeps sticking out as the kind of guy that looks like something very special moving forward.
  20. That's hilarious. Fucking guy was in STL in 2017. Ureña was probably throwing at Acuña, anyway. Diaz just happened to be in his way.
  21. I blow hella reefer vape clouds in the shower in my office bathroom. I am one of three dudes in my whole office, so I feel like I'm probably not going to get caught. I stay high all day, and it makes my job so much more enjoyable.
  22. I can't speak for Half-Genie Hero, as I've never played it, but I've played the three preceding titles, and they are super goddamn good. I'm a sucker for platformers, but really, isn't everyone?
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