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  1. After watching Tommy Hanson hit (if you want to call it that) for four years, the DH in the NL would be a glorious thing.
  2. Thanks. I don't know much of anything about the NBA and it's local crews, so I'm insanely interested to see how these results shake out. Final tally will be revealed next week sometime...really have no idea what to expect. My favorite part about the MLB polling I did two years ago was all the people rolling in to say "so and so isn't #1? INVALID". Motherfucker, we had as many as 3,000 votes in some of these polls, don't give me talk about invalid results because your hometown crew was seventh instead of first. Anyway, we're doing baseball again in May or June, hockey in November or December, and NFL national in probably next January. I'm tickled about the shitload of work headed my way.
  3. The worst part is that they were bidding against themselves.
  4. Cue the shitheads talking about "karma"
  5. Anthopolous officially hired as VP of Baseball Ops by the Doyers
  6. Wei-Yin Chen gets 5/80, maxing at 6/96 from the...Marlins? And of course, there's not a no trade clause, so he won't be there in 2018.
  7. A friend got a Braves one that was the same way. And Andrelton Simmons was mis-labeled as Jace Peterson. Licensing is a bitch.
  8. He actually posted a funny thing on Twitter the other day with a half and half cap. I think he'd probably go in with the Angels since he won his MVP there, but who really knows anymore
  9. Johnson's number is also Ichiro's number.
  10. Less a hacking, and more a "Luhnow didn't change any passwords" sort of deal is what I remember reading. Not real fucking bright, for sure. And yet, pretty smart about baseball type stuff. It's like that friend you have that can do complex mathematics, but can't remember to turn off the stove after using it. Well, after all the passwords were changed, he hacked back into someone's email to get the new passwords and went in again. Not like he just typed "password123" again and again and again.
  11. Storen was put in a position to fail back in the 2012 NLDS. How in the fuck could Johnson just sit there and watch him get thrashed in Game 5 for as long as he did without even getting someone loose? Shit, for that matter, Johnson just sort of gave Storen his job back going into the playoffs after Clippard had pitched so well all year. Then in 2013, they signed Soriano, which worked fine that year and horribly in 2014, leading to Storen taking his job back. There was no reason for Storen to lose the job in 2015, but they brought in Paps, and he fucked errrrrrything up. I'm not saying Storen is some sort of top ten, elite level reliever, but he's been horribly mismanaged in DC from pretty much day one.
  12. Each of the five charges apparently has a max of five years. Sentencing is in I think...April?
  13. Joe Lucia

    30 For 30

    Flair one hasn't "officially" been announced yet. Wouldn't be shocked if it aired here in the fall, but I highly doubt it'll be airing before then unless it's a short...which it could be, but again, hasn't been announced.
  14. First off - thanks for reading. I didn't expect this post to go over the way it has today (top non-pinned story on Reddit MMA for something I saw on a whim?), but here we are. Anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of MMA knows that Dana is a shithead on social media, but the only site that's ever really covered it is Deadspin, who has an axe to grind with the UFC for whatever reason. Helwani pushes the company line pretty well for the UFC, and it's not as if he was reporting something critical here - 197 in Brazil was fucked because of their economic crash, would be moved to the US, and would have a couple of big fights on it. In the grand scheme of things, that's small potatoes. If Dana has such an issue with it, bitch at him in private - there's no gain from doing it in public on Twitter aside from making your legions of mouth breather followers happy. Then, when the report ends up being true a week later, you not only look like a petty shithead, but also someone that doesn't even know what the fuck his own company is doing. Shit, I just thought of it. Dana White is Jim Irsay, except the vast majority of NFL fans and media know Irsay is completely insane.
  15. He lost his ballot two years ago when he donated it to Deadspin. It's a joke.
  16. They don't need to be mutually exclusive. If the three that didn't vote for Griffey did it for strategy purposes, I have no issue with it.
  17. I mean, he's not getting in today. It would take an unprecedented jump from the unnamed voters. Next year will be the year. Raines and possibly Vlad? Poor, poor Jonah's sanity...
  18. Please don't misread the tracker - just because a player is over 75% on the public ballots doesn't mean they're getting in. Their totals are always lower on the ballots that haven't been revealed. It'll just be Griffey and Piazza this year. No way Bagwell and Raines get enough support from the ~60% or whatever of ballots not out yet to get in
  19. Four years, low 70s, which is a good ass deal for KC.
  20. And SI for his sportswriting, which is pretty awesome. Also, Jon Heyman has left CBS Sports. Story broken by...me, which is cool.
  21. The Dolphins are interviewing Mike Shanahan tomorrow. BREAK OUT THE PUPPY GIFS
  22. I was thinking you said Hall of Famer...whoops
  23. That is a good ass question. Sutter is the answer, but I never would have guessed him. Here's another - when he's induced in two (or three, whatever) years, who will be the first Hall of Famer without a hit in his career?
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