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  1. Haven't really heard a peep out of the "Machado is a dickhead" camp this year, though I may have missed something through my rose-colored glasses. But hey, he can eat free for life for providing the interwebs with this pic.
  2. Poor Yordano Ventura. He just happens to be involved in so many of these beanball incidents, and EVERY TIME, he's the victim and the other guy is at fault. Sad!
  3. I'll just say this about the stupid "HE SHOULD'VE ASKED FOR A COMMENT!" defense, which isn't a defense at all. Okamoto apparently asked about Lesnar on Friday, and got told it wasn't happening. Helwani probably would've been told the same thing. And when you have a story like that on your doorstep, and you're confident in the sourcing behind it, you want to get the story out there. Myself and my employers have gotten burned on more than one occasion because we tried to play nice with PR, and someone else got the story before us.
  4. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. He's his own boss. If you don't like his work, there are millions of other columnists on the internet you can read instead. I don't understand why people feel the desire to constantly shit on someone they obviously don't like - it's incredibly easy to just read something else (as I do).
  5. He's a Boston sports fan and they've won titles in every sport over the last decade. That's a silly thing to call him out for.
  6. Murphy had a higher average and a higher SLG. At the end of the day, it's a player of the month award and no one gives a shit when all is said and done. Also, Marcell Ozuna had better stats than both of them, but he's a Marlin, so no one cares.
  7. The Padres have never been relevant. I find ownership getting in a huff about them continuing to be irrelevant amazing.
  8. ESPN has a new "most famous athletes" list. Do yourself a favor and don't read it.
  9. You never, ever launch a site cold with minimal content (unless you're an idiot). A lot of the content was likely already written and posted elsewhere prior to the launch today.
  10. I need to post an addendum to this. On Wednesday, they also won on shrimp. The bottom o the ninth went single, bunt, walk, walk, walk. Different pitcher, though. MINOR! LEAGUE! BASEBALL!
  11. Local minor league team did "kids day" today (bulk discounts for camps and such). It was also "thirsty Thursday", where beers are $2. And it was a 10:30 AM start. This is how it ended.
  12. He's very streaky re: power. The plate discipline will always be there.
  13. The Shitass Marlins are suing season ticket holders and stadium vendors. http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/marlins-sue-season-ticketholders-vendors-bankrupted-by-small-crowds-8475702
  14. Did you know Uggla is Swedish for "owl"? I know that because Vin told me the same story three days a year for three years, and I loved it each time.
  15. Fredi Gonzalez has been fired. I am happy.
  16. It's not even the top five highest game scores of the year, which is...well, it shows what a season of great pitching we've had already.
  17. Can we post Vines on here? Because if so... i love baseball
  18. This is Mike Rizzo's biggest gamble. It's either going to be a coup or a disaster. No real middle ground here. Also, you could realistically make the case that the best FA SP next winter is Bartolo Colon. Kazmir and Shields are certain to opt out now if they stay healthy.
  19. Fredi tried to force their hand last week but he doesn't realize his only leverage is to resign, which would help the team greatly. He's a shitty tactical manager like Cox was, but is the compete opposite in terms of personality. Cox had a stick of dynamite up his ass and was a fantastic leader of men. Fredi might as well be a corpse sitting in the dugout.
  20. He couldn't catch two years ago with the Braves. So now the Astros think he'll suddenly be great at it a couple months shy of 30. ...K
  21. The deadline for all teams to announce whether they picked up the fifth year option on their 2013 first rounders was Tuesday. They didn't have a choice to wait.
  22. Matt Bush was a stretch at #1 in his draft, so I think putting him on that list at all is ridiculous.
  23. His velocity has been steadily dropping for years, but it's finally in the dumpster this season. I don't think he's actually "hurt" as much as "old and declining"
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