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  1. Jason Heyward's career low in walks is 48, coming in a season in which he played 104 games. His career walk rate is 10.8%, the same as Josh Donaldson. The league average from 2010-2016 has ranged from between 7.6% and 8.5%. Saying "he doesn't walk a lot" is stupid. Let's move on, because someone doesn't know what they're talking about and will keep beating that damn drum with his eyes closed. The Marlins completely overpaid for two months of Cashner and Rea, but what the hell do you expect? On one hand, it does make them better, and hey, good for them that they're finally doing something. On the other hand, they got fleeced by San Diego for the second time in a month. Cosart has his share of issues and Capps won't be a factor until probably next May or so, but they could easily be turned around in 2017 for even more future value. Naylor's a ways away, but he was the best chip the Marlins had to deal that wasn't contributing to their team right now. The market for pitching right now is insane. Real annoyed at Vizcaino's oblique strain right now, and I would not mind if Teheran got moved for one of these ridiculous packages.
  2. Braves fans know exactly what happened in 2011 - he hurt his shoulder, tried to play through it, and the team's shitty training staff didn't do anything about it. I have no idea if that's affecting him NOW, but it has in the past, and he's overcompensated and changed his swing to deal with it. That being said, a lot of it *is* luck - he hasn't been a "power hitter" for years, and is still collecting a fair amount of doubles this year.
  3. The Braves got a legitimate prospect in Travis Demeritte for Dario Alvarez and Lucas Harrell, two guys plucked off the scrap heap in May. Now THATS how you make a trade!!
  4. He reverts into Braves-level BJ Upton and actively hurts the team.
  5. On the bright side, at least their owner isn't a piece of shit art collector who scammed taxpayers out of $2 billion or whatever it was.
  6. Robin Ventura had literally no managerial or coaching experience when he got the job, so let's not sit here and pretend he's Jim Leyland. Dude is a terrible manager that's been in over his head since day fucking one.
  7. May not be a stretch to say that AJ Preller got more value flipping Upton and Kimbrel than he gave up for them, which is borderline insane. now, if only Matt Kemp would stay healthy and productive so he could get flipped too...
  8. It's less about what they're throwing and how much they're throwing. Kids are being pushed into baseball year-round. They're not playing football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring - it's baseball all year-round. Jeff Passan's The Arm talks about this in a lot more detail, but in short, the arms of these kids aren't getting any time to rest up, and as a result, you're seeing more and more blowouts at kids of younger ages.
  9. There is a certain circle of Cubs fans that feels like trading any prospects is bad. That circle of Cubs fans doesn't realize they all can't play at the same time.
  10. Maybe complain about him when, you know, any of this nonsense is negotiated into the next CBA and isn't just idle talk radio chatter.
  11. Joe Lucia

    30 For 30

    Doc & Darryl was so depressing, and sadly felt incomplete. Those 80s Mets were totally screwed by the lack of a Wild Card, too - the team won at least 90 games in every year from 84-88, and only made the playoffs twice.
  12. Like El Dragon mention, placement matters. You can hit the bejeezus out of the ball...right at someone. You can barely make contact...and be standing on first base. Stanton has the five hardest hit balls this year, which have resulted in three singles and two ground outs. Theres also this thing called "launch angle", which is the arc of the ball coming off the bat. Lower launch angle generally means a ground ball, while a higher launch angle generally means a ball that hangs up in the air longer. If you're smashing the ball at a lower launch angle, it's not going to carry as much (and as a result, has a lower chance of falling into a gap or over the fence) compared to a ball hit a little less hard but with a higher launch angle. Head hurt yet? There's such a thing as too much data. I don't think we're there yet, but the predictive value of everything we have now is still fuzzy. The Moneyball philosophy comes into play here too - find an undervalued asset and exploit it until the rest of the league catches up. Maybe there's some sort of butter zone with launch angle or exit velocity that teams are figuring out (perhaps in combination with out private data) to figure out which players to target.
  13. The lineup the team tweeted out was different from the real lineup. Braun and Lucroy were flipped in the final lineup. Damn MILLENNIALS, staring at their phones and social media instead of looking at the lineup card in the clubhouse!!!! And yeah, it does happen every so often - seems like once or twice a year, almost always in the first inning. Dusty told a great story about batting in front of Ron Cey instead of behind him, Cey getting called out because of that, and Dusty launching a homer. No idea if it's actually true or not.
  14. When you have just shy of 5 million Twitter followers like Bill Simmons, your mentions must look like the big wheel from The Price is Right, just constantly flowing and never stopping. Shit, one of the accounts I help manage for work is at 185k, and our mentions move pretty quickly (and can immediately turn into a shitshow not even worth acknowledging) when something interesting is going on.
  15. MLB has been pushing for this for years upon years. I personally don't think it's going to happen this time around because there are more pressing issues (mainly, the QO system) that are of interest to both sides.
  16. MLB ethered the Red Sox for screwing around with international signings last summer - five of the kids they signed were declared free agents, and the Red Sox can't sign *any* international amateurs this year. This is massive - the international system is completely fucked up, but the Red Sox went around the very loose rules in a very blatant way.
  17. I mean, you can pay attention to whatever the hell out want to pay attention to, but it's not like "hitting the ball hard" is something we're just realizing is good.
  18. I agree that it's silly, but with Panik and Pence both out, it's not like the Giants are teeming with great options at DH.
  19. So did Josh Hamilton. And Shawn Green (who also added a single, giving him arguably the greatest offensive game ever). hmmmmm....that's a fun question. What's the greatest offensive game ever? My vote is either Green, or Mark Whiten's two grand slam game.
  20. ESPN and Turner have worked out a deal to let Craig Sager work the sideline for Game 6 of the NBA Finals. That. Is. Awesome.
  21. Apparently, ESPN made all of the episodes available on Watch ESPN tonight. That's pretty cool of them.
  22. What I'm ASSUMING (and keep in mind, this is just an assumption) is that it'll go up sometime in July with each part being an episode.
  23. Here's the sad thing about that... Chip Caray started using that line for Lucas Duda YEARS ago. Kill me.
  24. Mike Carey is out at CBS. Enjoy your weekend.
  25. I officially got promoted last night. I bought a brand new car today. Tomorrow? I dunno. Gin?
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