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  1. Chris Connolly Jamie Kellnered the hell out of Grantland.
  2. The Marlins front office is a gong show. No way he'd go there.
  3. Took maybe a minute for the 360, haven't done it yet for the One but I've read that it's just as simple. AFAIK, no external storage is support for the PS4, which is ridiculous.
  4. Definitely go with the 1 TB one, even if external hard drives are cheaper than ever. I've had my 1 TB XBone since Juneish, have installed maybe three or four games, and I'm already at something like 24% full. If you game a lot, that puppy can fill up quick. But man, that $300 Dell deal....
  5. That's what really blows my mind here - if you want to emulate a franchise that has success on the field, there are PLENTY of better options than Cleveland. Since the Indians went to the 2007 ALCS, their attendance has dropped every year minus a one year spike from 2010-2011...which was quickly corrected. Payroll hasn't been outside the bottom ten of the league since 2002. Two playoff appearances since 2002 (Shapiro's first year). HE'S THE PERFECT MAN FOR A CHEAP OWNERSHIP GROUP!
  6. re: Anthopolous, Rogers apparently only offered him a two year deal at first, with the second year being their option. They then upped the offer to five with an AA-opt out after one, but by then, it was way too late. Bruce Arthur wrote a fine piece about the tire fire, essentially implying that Shapiro would have more of a hand in baseball ops than in Cleveland and that AA would have less power. Who in the hell would want a demotion after taking a franchise to their first playoff appearance and ALCS berth in 22 years?
  7. I got a 46" Insignia for $349 last year and love it to death. Here's an idea - let people buy whatever the fuck they want to buy without wagging your finger at them. Weird spot this year - I don't *need* any big electronics purchases. So...books and games? Books and games.
  8. Ben Cherington is joining the staff of...Columbia University and will be teaching a Masters class in the spring. Well, at least one of Dolfan's teams has a solid GM working for them now.
  9. Dusty won a ring...as a player. So did Matt Williams. Clearly predictive. Wonder who they're going to drag out from the early-mid 90s Giants next.
  10. I'm holding off for a couple of weeks. I'm sure there will be a $20 price drop before Black Friday, and maybe a steeper one by then...
  11. This game was an embarrassment for the Jays. Pretty much how I felt watching. In innings 7, 8, and 9 of the ALCS, Toronto has been outscored 21-1.
  12. A-Rod going to the Fox studio for the rest of the ALCS and World Series. MY BODY IS READY.
  13. Great. That worked out well for everyone involved.
  14. Goins fucked up twice in that inning, but it's beyond me as to why Gibbons wasn't getting anyone loose to start the inning. Third time through the order! Playoffs! Three run lead!
  15. Utley's vesting option converted to a club when he went on the DL, and I highly doubt it'll be exercised. Same with Arroyo - he's not going to throw a pitch for them in 2016. The money going to players on other teams is down to "just" $17.5 million next year, which isn't excessive (but will probably end up going up this winter. It's a benefit to having more money than god. The Braves had to tie BJ Upton's contract to Craig Kimbrel to get rid of him. If the Dodgers had someone like Upton that was so wretched, they could just eat most (or the whole) of the contract, let him play elsewhere, and wash their hands of it. it's another benefit when it comes to trades, like the three-way mess between them, the Braves, and the Marlins this summer. The Dodgers took on two dead contracts (Arroyo, Morse, immediately cutting Morse) and ate the entire signing bonus on Olivera's salary and the rest of Latos' contract for 2015. They also picked up a (then) top three prospect from the Braves, two relievers they wanted, and another starting pitcher they wanted with years of control (Wood). They gave up...well, an injured reliever and four minor league pitchers that won't crack the top 30. I actually think it's refreshing to see a team not give a fuck like this and use their money uniquely instead of just spending half a billion in one winter on free agents (which the Dodgers certainly could do)
  16. In that NY Times story, there's a tidbit about the sites actively helping people in the five states where fantasy is banned (or whatever the exact phrasing is) deposit money to play. That is...not ideal.
  17. I picked the wrong day to stop drinking for awhile. Holy shit.
  18. Oh, and the executives at Fox are shitting themselves. They're either getting the Cubs, Mets, or Dodgers in the WS. Guessing this will do the best numbers since '09 (at least)
  19. fwiw, I use ESPN's HR Tracker over Statcast, and that had it at 438...more reasonable. The Statcast numbers have been weird at times. They called a Nelson Cruz homer that hugged the fair pole something like 485, which is just stupid.
  20. I only have info for Game 1 so far, holiday + weekend delayed everything. But that drew 2.35 million, a new record for SN.
  21. There's confusion about the appeal, naturally. Might get heard today. Might get delayed. If the latter happens and the Dodgers lose the NLDS, I wouldn't be surprised to see the suspension dropped completely.
  22. It happened on national TV, in the playoffs, with a vicious aftermath, to a large market team, and they were pissed off immediately. The only one for those that was true for the Kang slide was the vicious aftermath, and I can't even remember if they brought the cart out for him. Re: Price. Sunday was his throw day, and the Jays only have one lefty in the pen after Cecil's injury. If shit got hairy in the later innings, they could have needed him for Choo/Fielder, but it never got there.
  23. Friend of mine that's a Pirates fans: "I am SHOCKED that the 2002 Pirates coaching staff wouldn't lead a team to the playoffs a decade later!" The Dave Martinez thing is weird - he's interviewed for at least half a dozen managerial jobs, and hasn't gotten one. All accounts are that he'd be a great hire. There has to be something else there. Kind of reminds me of the Kim Ng thing - she's interviewed for plenty of GM jobs, and there has to be something else keeping her from getting hired aside from "she's a woman"...right? Also, hiring someone for an advanced position solely to "break barriers" is an awful idea.
  24. The Cubs now need to win one non-Lester/Arrieta start to win the series. Good luck. Also, their offense has been dogshit outside of Schwarber. Five times on base tonight, three were Schwarber. Schwarber also had two of their seven hits against the Pirates. Bryant and Rizzo have been complete non-factors.
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