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  1. I feel like the first scene of the Echo show will be showing us what actually happened in that scene. If not then, then it will kick off an episode that follows an episode that ends with cliffhanger of Kingpin’s shocking return.
  2. The beginning of his run got me back into reading comics, the end got me out of reading them.
  3. One of my low-key favorite things about this movie is how, after Aunt May dies, Peter accepts it like a responsible adult instead of making an actual deal with the devil, and the magic used to fix everything comes at an actual personal cost to Peter that makes things worse for him and that he’s aware of, instead of seemingly making everything better for him while making him forget the actual cost.
  4. I think it’s part don’t think too deep about it and part it was a very nuanced and intricate spell that Peter and Strange didn’t fully think through all the consequences of. I think the spell did two different things 1) made people forget Peter Parker/and 2) magicked away evidence of or people “seeing” any evidence of knowing Peter Parker. So when Ned and MJ look at a picture that has Peter in it, he’s there and they just don’t “see” it, but he still has a bank account, social security, etc… because no one needs to know or remember him for those things to still exist. He can always reintroduce himself to people, but they won’t remember if they previously knew him. Needing to get a GED may not fully mesh with this, unless Peter had to drop out because showing up and reintroducing himself to everyone and convincing the school and teachers that this kid who they have no memory of ever being there should be graduating. One of the biggest problem with the MCU movies is that they’re based on comic book stories with typical comic book plot holes, but people expect better plotting from movies. Marvel is trying to have it both ways to varying success. The biggest plot hole with the blip is what happened to all the people who blipped away while driving cars or planes or helicopters, like the ones we see crashing right as the blip happened. Like did Nick Fury (or the Skrull impersonating him) just reappear in the middle of the busy street he got dusted in?
  5. Have they been playing up the horror movie angle as much since Derrickson left?
  6. Spider-Man was accused of and credibly framed for murdering another hero and causing massive collateral damage. Most of the other heroes who could vouch for him are gone, in hiding, or off world, and he’s not one of the Battle of NY heroes who every one saw save the world.
  7. If this was a Disney+ show, people would be speculating that
  8. The first spell screwed up and magic is hard to control and do well even if you know what you’re doing and are doing it right. Weird shit happens. They couldn’t just redo the first spell to undo the messed up first spell, so the “stronger” second spell was needed to undo it. tldr; comic book logic
  9. I think Encanto’s box office was probably hurt by the fact it’s already debuting on Disney+ this Friday. We considered taking our daughter as a “Hey, you’re now fully vaccinated!” surprise, but we figured why risk it when we can just wait like two or three weeks.
  10. I’ve never seen the Amazing Spider-Man movies, and this one made me tempted to do so. Probably not going to do it though. Spider-Man 2 and Homecoming are two of my favorites
  11. I would assume that the spell only applied to that specific Peter, otherwise that would cause pretty significant madness in the multiverse. Some asshole at a restaurant was loudly describing certain key scenes in the movie during lunch today, so I was glad I had already seen it.
  12. This was very good. It’s definitely a Spider-Man movie more than a “multiverse” movie, the latter of which I was expecting more of. The biggest disappointment was probably waiting around for the last post-credit scene and it basically being a just trailer.
  13. This is the first time I’ll be going to the movies since seeing Frozen 2 just after Thanksgiving 2019. My county is under a mask mandate that is mostly followed, and my seat is a solo seat on a side aisle in a small theater, so fingers crossed.
  14. Staying out of the Spider-Man Thread for now, but I picked up a ticket to see it tomorrow afternoon. It seems to be getting good reviews based solely on the headlines of the articles I’ve been purposefully avoiding.
  15. I wonder if we’re going to get more explanation about who hired Yelena to kill Clint/the connection between Elenor and Contessa. The idea for Yelena to appear in Hawkeye actually came from the Hawkeye show runner, and the post-credit from Black Widow was added to set it up, so I assume they’ve thought it through.
  16. I agree with @TheVileOne about the speech to Natasha. “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do… which is intimidate someone whose father I killed into leaving me and my own family alone.” Also, how long was their Uber escape ride? They escaped at dark and got out when it was light outside, which given the time of year it is, isn’t that early.
  17. For the record, Old Steve was just my initial gut impression while watching the episode, when he was talking about a friend in hiding who wouldn’t want to be found or whatever it was. It makes much more sense that it’s somehow connected to Clint/his wife.
  18. I don’t think anyone mentioned it so I could have misheard it, but when Clint was talking to Laura on the phone, he referenced someone (Jack or the Tracksuits) working for “the big guy,” did he not? This episode almost felt like one of those Walking Dead episodes where everything felt light and happy and then something shocking and horrible happened at the end.
  19. Rumor going around that Letitia Wright is leaving Black Panther 2 and the MCU over their vaccine mandate.
  20. My gut with the watch is that it’s tied to Steve Rogers, specifically somehow Old Man Cap. The pending Elenor/Jack reveal is starting to feel like it will be set up as the/a cliffhanger for season 2. It also feels like Echo will find out, during the finale, that Kazi killed her dad before Ronin showed up on Kingpin’s orders. She’ll storm off/disappear to set up the actual face turn in her own show.
  21. For the movies, I’ll be surprised if this is anything other than acknowledging this is a separate universe in the multiverse, maybe a cameo in something like Dr. Strange 2, or at most, Deadpool being transplanted to the MCU. I’d be really surprised if they rely on the Fox movies for new MCU content. As for Disney+, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Fox universe show up in What If?
  22. Yeah, Screen Culture has a fake Multiverse of Madness trailer out there too.
  23. So hyped for that… then saw it’s months away…
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