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  1. My envision was best mediocre not most mediocre. Who are the guys that are clearly not top level but who aren't so uninteresting or bad that they fall into those categories?
  2. Isn't this bullying? Poor Punk had self-esteem issues on how he looked bald and the Big Show humiliates him. Look at that terrified look on his face.
  3. I don't remember seeing Buddy Rose wrestle much in the WWF but I do remember his vignettes.
  4. Because of your post, I watched it and it's pretty boring and shitty. Ax was just going through the motions but he was doing that towards the last half of 90 anyways. I just imagined what it must've been like as a Japanese fan who knew nothing of Demolition to see this average looking man dressed in paint and bdsm gear trying to be a tough wrestler. He wasn't doing any of the mannerisms of Ax either. Sad, really.
  5. Was the WWF planning on signing Tenryu in 91 or did Vince hate Demolition so much that he'd let two Japanese guys go over on them?
  6. The Sandman had his white trash final form going on.
  7. I felt like I should've been looking for a dick or something gross.
  8. Kid Kash was like RVD 2.0 back in 2000. I loved him!
  9. Bam Bam was far from mediocre, in my eyes. The guy could have a great match with anyone and was pretty believable as a big man heel. He was certainly never going to be the face of a company though. Some would say he is one of the best big men in modern history. Name me 3 guys better than him (try to exclude Vader). I like Herc but he is definitely on the cusp. To me, he fits in with guys like Barbarian or Warlord, in that he they look good and are pretty damn solid workers but that's about it. I think I became a fan of the Barbarian from this board, from one of the topics on him back 05 or so.
  10. I love the Warlord, Haku, and Barbarian. All pretty solid guys. Sid is a great example of a mediocre guy. He had AMAZING presence at times and when he was protected well, he looked pretty serviceable. But, when he was unchained, the guy was horrible, case in point his 99-00 stuff. His entrance was the best thing he had going for him then. His WWF runs were pretty reeled in and better by default. He was booked great in ECW too for his short stint.
  11. I'm not sure I would want to meet the person who would actually wear this shirt Apparently there are two designs...
  12. But would he have drawn? I was thinking more along the lines of who is the total package. Look at Benoit, who I consider on the cusp of mediocrity. The guy was extremely dull, could talk just competently, but he was a hell of a worker. He was never going to draw for a major American company, at least. IMO, Matt Hardy is a similar guy. He could work but he was kinda dull even during his Version 1 days.
  13. Who do you guys think are the best mediocre wrestlers of all-time? Guys who maybe had the looks and size to be a star but just didn't have much else, and even got big pushes too. I have to think that Paul Roma is the bottom of the barrel for mediocrity and the standard bearer. He was good looking with a good physique who wasn't going to draw for shit. For the top of the mediocre list, I'd put guys like Lex Luger and Bobby Lashley. I'm a fan of Luger but he never had the charisma to justify his big pushes. I loved him as a babyface and wish he'd have gotten more time in a role like that. Lashley is as dull as you can get, with no major presence or charisma, and the only way he is looking good is through amazing protection/booking. I'm told his heel run in Impact was decent though but since returning to the WWE, he has kinda floundered. How about Matt Hardy before his Broken run? Who else you guys got?
  14. I always wondered what Lloyd Braun was up to these days
  15. That sucks. Anyone know how the live stream is on the FITE app? I'm still not sure I actually want to spend $40 on a PPV in 2018, lol.
  16. Can I just subscribe to the HonorClub for a month and watch it with that, or is there a straight PPV option on top of that?
  17. Forgive my ignorance but is NJPW World airing All In live?
  18. That whole fucking Universal title lineage is horrible. Finn and Goldberg were pretty short. Owens was the usual weak WWE heel because heaven forbid we have strong WWE heels. And, Brock looked strong but never wrestled. It's up to Roman to seize the day and make this belt a man's belt.
  19. What all can I customize and share and download online? I know you can download created wrestlers but do they have belts, rings, etc. too?
  20. What's the state of HonorClub these days, in terms of streaming quality and VOD? Anyone know if they're still doing an open beta for Roku?
  21. Did they just grab one of those giant makeup pads and pancake her face with it?
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