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  1. Ramon couldn't work Backlund for shit. It was his fault.
  2. Anyone have an idea of where to get the book The Belt, that Dave was referring to in the most recent Radio Mailbag? Is he talking about the Big Gold Belt book?
  3. What the hell happened to Vivica Fox? Back on Curb Your Enthusiasm, she was smoking, and that wasn't that long ago. Now, she looks close to scary.
  4. Surely, they won't be going with Reigns/Rollins at Mania with booking like that, right? Assuming they end up going in that direction.
  5. No talking, just fighting like a man. I like it.
  6. Being a mid-card heel is really not a good position for most guys in the WWE. You're going to put over a ton of people and won't get protected much. How many mid-card heels have been protected in the last couple years? Bray has been pushed to the side a few times and Rollins is basically a giant loser who can't win a match, even with a ton of help. Hell, he couldn't beat a fucked up Ziggler at Survivor Series with two partners. Rusev has done well but who knows how long that will last.
  7. I recognize that gif! In all seriousness, how cool would it be if someone like Cesaro used the Gotch Lift today? I imagine he could pull it off.
  8. Could they have been any more conspicuous than in this pic? All they need to be holding are some bottles and syringes and they would be set.
  9. I have to be honest, I think a gimmick with a mask might be better for Neville than just coming up as the character he is on NXT. Don't get me wrong, it has the potential to go completely wrong and end up along the lines of El Torito, if we're going by what Dave wrote. Still, the guy isn't the greatest talker, he's small, and doesn't come across like a major superstar, right now. He is great in the ring but that doesn't matter and never has with Vince. If a masked gimmick ends up working, it will work out tenfold for this guy, compared to his current status.
  10. Just finished the Thesz book today and I loved every minute. I haven't read the "Thesz Sez" section yet but it looks good. I just bought the Hornbaker NWA history book and I was anxious to start that before finishing every inch of the Thesz book. I'm already kinda confused with some of the title changes that Hornbaker mentions in the first chapter.
  11. David Schwimmer(sp)? EDIT:Please forgive me if that's another MMA fighter. I'm not too caught up on MMA these days.
  12. I buy most of mine on the Kindle actually. I think the only stuff I have in physical form is the WWE Encyclopedia and Death of WCW, along with a few of the old WWF/WWE hardcover bios from days gone by.
  13. I just posted an article on the father of Nick Bockwinkel, Warren Bockwinkel. Hope everyone likes it!
  14. Up right: PITBULL~! I was actually thinking Fat Joe
  15. That Hornbaker book looks like something I'll pick up. I usually pass on the historyofwwe.com books though. Do I really need to hear about Matt Striker's experiences wrestling at MSG?
  16. I never once said he should be booked in long matches in some internet fan fantasy. I'm not an idiot. I know that matches/workrate don't mean shit for business. I'd love to see how Vince would handle owning the UFC. GSP would have been working opening fights because he was too small.
  17. I still hate how the internet thinks DB got the short end of the stick during his run. Well, on one hand, over 9 months or less, he beat 4 major stars clean and got a lot of good tv time/angles. On the other hand, Vince wasn't very confident in him since he gave him two shitty reigns and then gave his push to the Big Show. Vince then gave Bryan a garbage man outfit for a while before starting to come around in the beginning of the year. Even then, Vince still thought Batista/Orton was going to be this huge draw and it was until February where he had no choice but to switch the main at Mania. Then, in a program with Kane, he's booked to be a coward after Kane threatened his wife. Good lord, he already beat Kane on a fucking episode of Main Event, so why in hell is he afraid of Kane? Why in hell was he worked over by Kane in that feud? Bryan should've said "fuck you" to Kane, "I beat 3 guys in one night, I can sure as shit beat you." Then he gets injured. Most of the time, in physical altercations, besides Mania and SS, he was booked to look weak.
  18. Same here. I took Brie's heel turn as acknowledgment that Bryan won't be back anytime soon. Do they strap the rocket to Bryan if/when he does come back? Vince is said to be gunshy about going all in on guys with health or drug issues (of course, the company is still pushing Randy "Made of Porcelain" Orton, and would probably give Jeff Hardy a monster push if he re-signed tomorrow). My thinking is that they won't strap him with the rocket if they have someone like Reigns instead. I think he'll end up as an upper mid-carder/occasional main event babyface. It's been obvious Vince is reluctant to go with the guy as a main stud. Even after he got the strap and got put over by three of the biggest WWE guys ever, they ended up booking him to run away from Kane in their program.
  19. Bryan really could not have picked a worse time to get injured. They finally got behind him for a longer title reign (I'm aware that the Kane program was shit though) and it all goes to hell.
  20. I'm going to pass on this. There is lit-truh-lee nothing I want to see on this show. I'll read Dave's results and probably watch the best matches later. I still haven't finished the Thursday NXT show.
  21. That was hilarious. Even in the longshot, you could see the inside was completely smoke-filled. Maybe he was lighting some shit up before appearing. Maybe RVD was back there with him.
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