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  1. Andy Kaufman https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1637847608709218310
  2. don't count on it - https://www.f4wonline.com/news/wwe/nikki-garcia-says-former-bella-twins-are-not-going-to-aew
  3. Be nice if they got the name of the venue correct I can bring a 3 week old to FD, right?
  4. Backlash will be heading to Puerto Rico on May 6th and the show will be hosted by Bad Bunny https://www.wwe.com/article/bad-bunny-host-backlash-san-juan-puerto-rico-may-6-2023
  5. His NXT TV debut in 2013 was teaming with a future dinosaur in a handicap match against PAC
  6. "The Most Fun You Can Have Watching Nazis Get Destroyed"
  7. WWE will start airing on TNT in the UK later this year. BT Sport is rebranding as TNT Sports.
  8. It was settled out of court - but yes - it happened http://grantland.com/the-triangle/wrestlings-greatest-shoots-wrestlemania-edition-hulk-hogan-vs-richard-belzer/
  9. Well - there's one tag team battle royale on Dynamite next week - and on the following weeks Dynamite - that's the Casino tag team battle royale.
  10. Yeah - it's hosting the Dynamite and Rampage before the PPV The PPV is at the Chase Center though
  11. Well - one bit of that was right Sami Zayn is a GOD Nice to see Undertaker needed help from someone in the front row to help restart the motorbike.
  12. And Carlos Correa ends back up at the Twins "pending a physical" - six-year, $200 million contract
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