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  1. Just saw this for the first time: The legendary Metal Maniac versus RIKISHI from this past December!
  2. I didn't like him because he looked like some kind of bondage/fetish wrestler; especially with how oily his body and how tight his gear was. Then he'd do these aggressively sexual poses with his tongue sticking out in a provocative manner. The Goldust stuff was pretty great though.
  3. Thunderbolt Patterson with the ATOMIC DROP~! and sexy, sexy pin on Joe Turco.
  4. Handsome Johnny Barend selling a Bobo Brazil right-hand.
  5. I have a free copy of Gentleman Ed Francis Presents 50th State Big Time Wrestling. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it's very visual. Lots of great photos from Ed Francis's collection . It's more of a coffee table book in style than say an unabridged history or a biography. Stories about Ripper Collins, Johnny Barend, Curtis Iaukea, Chief Billy White Wolf, Tosh Togo, Neff Maiava, and of course James "Lord Tally Ho" Blears.
  6. Lars Anderson dominates and wins with an armbar. Then he cuts a spirited promo, mostly against Ole Anderson. I'm looking for the definitive collection of Lars. Does it exist in video form?
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