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  1. lots of gif potential in the whole Lana hitting Rusev with a kendo stick and Rusev no-selling
  2. I’m just gonna guess that El Hijo De John Lennon uses a move called “Instant Karma”
  3. and congrats to Sean Lennon on his Mexico working name of "El Hijo de John Lennon"
  4. Earthquake kicking somebody in the face looks like it should kill them, which isn't something you can usually say for a dropkick
  5. okay, Pillman Jr (Pillmanito) would have some interesting matches in Mexico. Pillman/Smith vs Dragon Lee/Extreme Tiger was some fun stuff. Proximo vs Toto is a fat boy special too.
  6. The team of Gedo, Jado and Ricky Fuyuki battle Ashura Hara, Jinsei Shinzaki, and.... John Tenta (WAR 1994)
  7. amazing how Terry inherited Dory Sr's facial hair but Dory Jr just managed to look old 50 years ago
  8. Villanos 1, 4, and 5 go up against El Signo, Negro Navarro and Black Power
  9. yeah, I get like hundreds and hundreds of channels and BeIN Sports isn't one of them. Unless BeIN is on some other freeish streaming thing (like how I noticed the AAA/Impact channels on Pluto)
  10. Saturday night MLW Fusions (at least for as long as Court can tolerate the YouTube payouts)... so MLW can get it's own consistent timeslot in the YouTube wrestling I watch on my laptop or Roku (which is 3 CMLL shows, NWA Powerrr, AEW Dark, and MLW)
  11. would Cody need to find a way to tell Dusty that they've picked somebody else to commentate on the shows? Dusty probably would be in the Schiavone chair, to be honest.. or maybe he's hosting AEW Dark ("can we call it AEW Prime?")
  12. Overall, AEW got 963k, NXT 698k. Viewership down. 18-49 rating up. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-wednesday-cable-originals-network-finals-10-23-2019.html
  13. a popular war might be required to make that a workable face gimmick. Or something like USA 2001-2003. Of course, Lacey Evans being a Marine (no such thing as a former Marine) would also be something to dial up if she's a face.
  14. well, it's fine to have a twitter account provided you make up a name and make it way too easy to be traced back to you once you drop your clues. See: Delecto, Pierre.
  15. Hopefully Joe Galli dials it back a bit before Bix sues him for gimmick theft
  16. it seems like a bad idea to be a MLB Umpire with a Twitter account
  17. The only shows Cornette seems to watch the whole way through are on cable (aside from whatever 'magic' he used to see Takeover shows that were on the network, although considering he was a tape trader back in the day, would it shock you if he found a way) so I could see him deciding "why would I need to watch the shows, I was there in person". So he might not be aware of every ad. To be honest, I didn't understand why they had a 3 minute countdown on the first episode.. but they've made the countdown better in the other episodes.
  18. Joe Galli, world class twerp Also, I assume that Billy Corgan is a user of the invisible hair cream.
  19. at least typing "The War Lord" instead of "The Warlord" is a slight improvement But i'm guessing a time limit draw involving Bulldog Bob Brown in the second match of the card was probably boring to watch.
  20. the Murdoch/Murdock typo stayed in the news article mentioning match results (but they did figure out how to spell Teijo by the time the matches ended) It's no "Rick Flare" though...
  21. it's not a wrestling advertisement without at least one preventable typo
  22. The same wrestler (Sam Fatu) was the Samoan Savage and the Tonga Kid.. so I figure there's enough flexibility here to fill out a card. So anyways, Haku and 2 of his sons vs Panther and 2 of his sons. Let the kids do most of the work and the 59-60yo dads occasionally do stuff. You tell Haku he can't be part of this card.
  23. maybe there's an echelon here where Puerto Ricans are tecnicos in Mexico only if they're fighting Anglos? My tentative main event for "Samoans vs Mexicans" is not technically possible right now.. that match would be Usos vs Penta/Fenix. This being Mexico, i'm sure that Haku and Blue Panther can work on opposite corners in a trios match.
  24. fortunately for NJPW-A not every state has the same ambulance requirement as New York State
  25. the LA Park promo (which the subtitles undersold, from what I hear) does make me think of the value of a money mark show where the entire card is Samoans fighting Mexicans.
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