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  1. Watching Wrestlemania 3 on FS1. Gotta admit that the Silverdome's roof was an underrated MVP of the night. You could see everything early, and as the night goes on, it'll get darker and darker. Some domes with more solid roofs are gonna be a bit dark for the entire night. Also, when was the last show where they announcers were essentially in the football media booth instead of ringside/close to the ring, Wrestlemania 8?
  2. well, I guess the ending of this episode is a good enough storyline reason to do the coronavirus hiatus instead of just saying that Contra unleashed covid19
  3. They're starting the Anthology series next week
  4. considering the rest of the episode, would it shock anybody if Herb's store was a drug front?
  5. in the scheme of things, if the promoter is doing more drugs than the talent, then the promotion will have some hard times
  6. Steve Ray was on the local news here the night of the Owen Hart death because he's reasonably local to KCMO. As for Herb, imagine all the various people he could have partied with, and he ends up bring cocaine and hookers to pay with Colonel freakin Red. Also, every bit of footage of Abrams, aside from the last known footage, came before he turned 40. Cocaine did not do him any favors for aging.
  7. Conrad probably helped them find Colonel Red for this episode
  8. Preparing for tonight's Abrams' episode with a classic
  9. 255k does beat the non-Benoit viewer record by a little bit. The Benoit episodes got 320k. The S2 episodes ranked by number of viewers: Schultz, New Jack (229), Brawl for All (226), Bravo (221), Snuka (209) Season 1 got between 154k and 234k with the Von Erichs the top episode, followed by Gorgeous Gino (225), Brody (214), Moolah (200), Montreal (181), and Savage/Elizabeth (154). The two lowest rated episodes were also the first two episodes of S1. So I'm guessing Road Warriors gets higher ratings than Abrams and the Owen one might be the top non-Benoit episode.
  10. the timeline on HistoryOfWWE Schultz was being subbed out on February cards after the 13th. Also, Cagematch doesn't have Schultz working in Japan until March 1985. So they fucked the timeline up on when he was in Japan post-Stossel too.
  11. looking at the TV listings for that night and 20/20 was on Thursday Nights in February 1985. There was a Presidential address at 7pm Central that bumped everything back a half-hour. 20/20 aired from 9:30 to 10:30 Central that night up against Hill Street Blues and Knots Landing. That year, Knots Landing was a top 10 show and Hill Street was top 30. NBC and CBS had 6 other top 20 shows on that night (Magnum PI, Simon & Simon, Cosby, Family Ties, Cheers, and Night Court) ABC had the following shows on Thursday Night that season: People Do The Craziest Things, Who's the Boss, Glitter, TV Movies, Wildside, Eye to Eye, Street Hawk, "Specials". Who's the Boss was the only show to make it to the end of the 1984-85 Season (and it moved quickly to Tuesday Nights). Anyways, the news stories mentioning Stossel/Schultz started coming in once Schultz was suspended by the NYSAC (which happened before 20/20). So one reason why people think slapping Stossel got Schultz fired is because Schultz was fired 10 days before that 20/20 episode aired for different reasons.
  12. On checking Wikipedia.. yesterday/today is the 25th anniversary of Collision in Korea. But yeah, it's not exactly undercovered but Inoki's diplomatic quests are... really something.
  13. All the local news people who do problemsolvers segments are unhappy with that sort of talk. Superniche thing I just realized tonight: of course Schultz was facing Inoki after an incident involving a slap. Guessing there isn't enough good content for an Inoki DSOTR, even if Inoki is as whacked as anybody in this business.
  14. not sure if it's exactly a 180.. but the 20/20 reel they showed on DSOTR included him and some tobacco company about cigarettes and cancer... nowadays, Stossel is a skeptic on the tie between cigarettes and lung cancer. Going from consumer reporter to libertarian isn't a total flip but it's a change. I had a college-level ethics class that had one of those Stossel videos once. So he sorta found a niche years ago among libertarian types. Now, no disrespect to those types since they have their positives.. but 2000s Stossel would have opposed 1980s Stossel's lawsuit to get $280k from the WWF. Mansfield was more hateable than Stossel though
  15. Stossel getting on a high horse about not liking it when people get bullshitted is amazing considering the last 25 years of what John Stossel has done on television screens. If Stossel had discovered Reason Magazine and Libertarianism before 1984, he would have obviously realized that opposing kayfabe is inconsistent with all the other stuff he believes. That's not even getting into how Stossel hates frivolous lawsuits now.
  16. actually, they're airing the After Dark for Schultz next week. The guests are Ricky Morton, Brian Blair, and Dutch Mantell for that one. Yes, they now air the After Darks 166 1/2 hours after the episode is over.
  17. yeah, Mansfield was David Starr if Starr was a lot dumber.
  18. how much of the UWF roster has to be dead in order to have a Zombie UWF?
  19. John Stossel and Dr. D probably have some mutual interests. A shame that they can't bond over talking about how the government sucks or how guns are awesome. Also, Eddy Mansfield seems like he read Twitter to see how to argue his point in a way that would get cheap support from some people. They fucked the timeline up about McMahon and the commissions. They aired a clip from 1997 (Undertaker/Christine Todd Whitman).
  20. one would think that marathon TV tapings would help some people figure out that this isn't on the up and up
  21. Old Dr. D David Schultz looks like even more of a redneck than young Dr. D
  22. The pandemic has not helped Chris Gethard's ability to host this show.. but he got an extended talk in about the Shockmaster because Uncle Fred is on this show.
  23. The replay of the Bravo episode includes deleted scenes of Claudia (Dino's daughter) playing cards with Earthquake and going to DisneyWorld with her dad. So somebody got to be Canadian Earthquake in a dramatization only to get cut from the regular episode.
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