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  1. in before Brock shows up on Smackdown and acts like he never left.
  2. also, whenever Velasquez comes back, he should be the Superfriend who makes saves for imperiled babyfaces because he's looking at it from the real world POV and not the WWE POV where nobody ever tries to save faces.
  3. it's kinda cool, at first, to have people diving into a layer of fog.. but that's probably not safe either
  4. Cain Velazquez becoming a locker room favorite purely because he was stuck in this spot is a pretty amazing swing from the possibility that he could have been resented for instantly jumping into a spot and getting his deal with a known knee injury
  5. Janela's chops looked amazingly bad in the match he had on Dark a few weeks ago, but i'd hope/expect that he knows not to use knife-edge chops in a real fight. Also if you're under a contract from a real company, fighting random unemployed/self-employed dudes really isn't a great idea.
  6. Hawkins or Ryder are high on my list of people who will blurt the real story
  7. shit, being better on that podcast than somebody who sounds like an NPR host isn't hard (how did that pairing come about, some MLW podcast network thing). But Brian's a young old man on anything relatively recent too
  8. it wasn't on the podcast, it was on Twitter on Friday night
  9. If I recall correctly, it started with Brian Last asking if anybody heard rumors about a Marko Stunt injury in a match with Joey Janela, and ended with a challenge to a Last/Janela fight that wasn't quite agreed upon due to a disagreement over camera crews (LOL at the concept of a guy who has problems releasing podcasts on time having a camera crew handling anything).
  10. scary thing is... Cornette's not actually the worst part of his podcast either (some of you who were using Twitter on Friday night might catch what i'm referring to)
  11. Glenn Jacobs being the Mayor of a county does spare us from the awkwardness of them calling Cain Velasquez just "Velasquez" because they don't want people to confuse Cain and Kane
  12. Joe Galli is fake news trying to tear down an American hero like Nick Aldis
  13. If one company is gonna have a unionization push, I’d think AEW talent should get in on this union thing. But I doubt either company experiences that for different reasons.
  14. somebody's gonna try to get a raise purely by playing the "pay me more or else I'll tell the Riyadh story".. we'll see which person on the trip leaves the WWE first. At least Saudi Aramco's IPO is moving along smoothly.
  15. one interpretation from somebody talking to Bix: it's probably not helpful to toss a "let's just say 300m for story purposes" into this story. Just unnecessarily confuses things.
  16. Also, Cornette's ROH run was mostly successful in giving him a reason to know who several current WWE superstars are. (Also it's a reason why he hates some AEW guys). At least Cornette's whole "not wanting to fly" thing has been sorta vindicated this week.
  17. that is a big fucking plane.. just something to note since there's some people with "why didn't they just scramble all the private jets that the Saudi government seized" questions.. They were taking a Boeing 747-400 to get back. Wonder how much of the ring/set has to be transported back on flights like that. At least we'll get a good post-Survivor Series feud of "Charter Plane superstars vs Atlas Air superstars"
  18. Smackdown has changed from "show Cornette never watched because he was unplugged from wrestling for one day a week while running OVW" to "show Cornette watches because it's on network TV"
  19. of all the countries to buy military vehicles from.... Canada? I think the "WWE pulled the feed in Saudi Arabia" story has been modified to "WWE put the show on tape delay in Saudi Arabia in response to not being paid". Which could be justified as a "hey, we wanna protect the attendance, pal" move (even if it doesn't matter to the WWE how many people show up if the Saudis actually pay them)
  20. in my book, Aldis is a face and Joe Galli is a heel
  21. this month is gonna slow down a little bit once the Saudimania story fades.. but goodness.. it has been a tremendous content month so far.
  22. Vince will become the eternal chairman ala Kim Il-Sung upon his death.
  23. it might have been for the best for everybody involved that Vince wasn't stranded in Riyadh for a day
  24. There is some dispute over the detail of cutting a feed since it was airing on delay anyways. Vince would be up there for telling somebody “what are you going to do, behead me?” while in Saudi. also, considering sixty is sesenta and six hundred is seiscientos. How likely is it to confuse them? Meaning, it seems more likely the Saudis owed 60m and not 600m.
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