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  1. Big character shift for Swerve. Went from "guy who'll cheat to win a wrestling match and might turn on his tag partner too" to "utter psychopath". Although, I'm realizing as I'm writing this, I guess that was the Halloween-themed segment.
  2. Meltzer is saying he never heard anything about Larry being hurt from either side. Seems to think it's made up. ?
  3. Couple of things about that story that haven't been touched on yet: - The Castle Doctrine law being mentioned is strange. Is the idea supposed to be that the NOW Arena is Punk's home? Or does the law say that you can fight anyone who enters a room that you're already in? - The source for all this is "Punk's camp". Ace got fired, who's even in Punk's camp right now? FTR?
  4. If someone said that to me my next question would be whether they thought the Pipe Bomb was also no big deal.
  5. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1073053/cm-punks-dog-injured-and-more-on-aew-all-out-fallout-exclusive/
  6. Seeing lots of "Why is Penta getting a title shot?" whining. My headcanon answer is he's getting a title shot because he took Villano IV's mask in arguably the biggest match of the year in AAA, and I also think that's the real reason this match was made, and I'm hoping they at least mention that it happened.
  7. NXT 676k, 0.18 demo, #12 on cable btw. The Tuesday night thing had to be a contributor too. Some people probably forgot or never knew it was even on, some others would have NXT as their first choice.
  8. I started at the last post and read backwards, and it took me a bit to realize that you guys definitely were not talking about The Visitor from 2007 with Richard Jenkins.
  9. Saw some "Jericho should have used the cradle piledriver on Jerry Lynn" takes, but I just saw a tweet that pointed out that Jericho was basically using the Lightning Kid's Lightning Strike. Maybe not intentional, but some good headcanon at the very least.
  10. I always think back to a sign in the crowd on WWE tv, pink sign with black letters, obviously Hitman colors, and it said "SAME FIVE MOVES". (I like Bret! But the sign was funny)
  11. Just in case you missed hearing about it, it's been up since yesterday, I believe.
  12. I'm always gonna remember an ROH show I attended where Castle started off a face promo by sternly chiding the whole crowd for being out late on a school night.
  13. There's at least one difficult spot in this one, but you have my permission to look up any unfamiliar Japanese names ?
  14. HMM. Expecting lots of "The Bengals, I mean the Broncos, I mean the Bears" on social media.
  15. Holt McCallany, aka the older detective from Mindhunter, has been cast to play Fritz Von Erich in that Iron Claw movie. Seems good!
  16. Gordlow told me to tell you that he thinks White Flag is a great song and he doesn't understand why that guy in the main event would want to ban Dido.
  17. Somehow I missed that there was a stipulation on the Hobbs-Starks match. I was thinking you give Starks a quick win here, then do a rubber match with a stip as a Dynamite main event, with minimal rematch fatigue because the first two matches would have both been short.
  18. I'm not spoiled on whatever the spoiler is for this show, but I've seen a couple of tweets/posts making allusions to it (I'm not gonna quote them in case it somehow gives it away) and I just have no idea what they could be talking about. Apparently it's good, though!
  19. Natural gonna be like "You know, I've thought about it, and I think it was the right call to put the title on Mox"
  20. On first watch I felt like her delivery was good and the material was very bad. But it was pointed out to me that maybe she got some of the lines wrong (particularly that "you know me -> you don't know me" bit).
  21. I kind of enjoy that most crossword solvers would be completely powerless against these ones (barring a ton of Googling).
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