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  1. i feel you, brother. Owen's death hit me hard in 1999, and hit me even harder a few years ago when i rewatched all of the Attitude Era shows. not the first time Owen's been involved in a non-WWE wrestling project since his death. he was in (at least) one of the Legends of Wrestling video games.
  2. Ross always seems to try to play the middle card. While acknowledging that it was, in fact, his job, he also deflected and claimed that he only did what he was told to. That's not how it works. You either make talent decisions (regarding hiring, firing, punishments, etc.) or you don't. which is it? Also, when asked about Ric Flair's lack of punishment, JR said that Flair was a "made man" and wondered aloud if that was right or not. YOU FUCKING ALREADY KNOW THAT'S NOT RIGHT. Fire him, fine him, take him off the road, send him to counseling/rehab, do SOMETHING. Just ignoring it and letting that behavior continue is ABSOLUTELY ABHORRENT. I know Vince is ultimately the one true boss, but if your VP of TR is letting shit like this happen, he needs severe repercussions. In any normal company, Ric Flair, Dustin, and numerous other people would have been fired as soon as they landed. Ross would also have consequences for letting that go on while he was there. Fuck that old time "boys will be boys" mentality.
  3. the day of 9/11, i was a few weeks into starting college. i was skipping my morning classes that day so i could watch the Price Is Right (i probably had a major hangover too, but i can't confirm that). didn't get to see Bob Barker that day. and i usually feel like the odd man out in that i'm not that effected by what happened. like yeah, i can appreciate the tragedy and mourn the loss of life, but i have zero personal connection to what happened. @Tabe's comparison to Pearl Harbor is spot on for me. now, this did lead to friends of mine signing up for and/or being deployed overseas by the military, so it's not that i'm completely cut out from connection.
  4. i agree with the 2nd part of your quoted post. as for the first, i feel like Starks got drowned out basically the entire time. what i did hear was good, but Jericho's still finding his balance and continues to talk over everyone. i really hope he can dial it back going forward.
  5. Midnight Connection sounds like some drug running circuit to me....
  6. ok, i have started to/tried to watch Extreme Rising 4 on three separate occasions now, and I'm just not feeling it. i don't know if it's the presentation, the production, the performers, or what, but i just can't get into it at all. feels bland and uninteresting. damn shame after coming off a fun card in ER3. thus officially ends my ECW watch. next up, another promotion i have no history with (albeit a much shorter tenure), Wrestling Society X.
  7. my LOL of the night: Jade with a big pump kick or whatever, and JR says "that got her right between the headlights" hmm, a 30 second video of Suzuki killing guys while Archer talks over it. as if somebody requested something of the sort. i feel like AEW has grown by leaps and bounds, and i hope when Hangman returns he's able to pick up where he left off. great show tonight. needs more Thunder Rosa. next week is gonna be off the charts.
  8. i just built a shelf to house all my disc-based games. having the Greatest Hits version on Mario Sunshine never bothered me until today..... https://ibb.co/vHd83hN
  9. RIP Norm. you were one of the absolute best.
  10. you should put that in a spoiler tag, just for the length
  11. i've watched BTE every week for 3 years now, and the only thing i specifically skip is Nick Nemeth's stuff. that's the opposite of a ringing endorsement.
  12. a few years ago, i took my nephew to the a small local comic con-type event. I'm a big Batman fan. i've watched every movie, tv show, and cartoon. i read EVERY Batman comic published from 1939-2011. i have a gigantic Batman cardboard cutout on my basement wall. i think that probably puts me in the upper echelon, if you measure by those kind of metrics. My nephew is a bigger Batman fan than i am. he likes a couple of the Batman cartoons and has played one of the games (i think it was a Lego Batman game, but i don't know for sure). he's never read a Batman comic to my knowledge. some asshole saw my nephew's Batman shirt & mask and tried to belittle him by asking if he's read *insert some comic here*. my nephew was upset. i could have easily contributed to the toxic fanship this prick was exhibiting by making some obscure Batman reference that this guy didn't get. Instead, i told my nephew that this guy was a lot like Harvey Dent. sometimes, he pretends he's nice, but really he's a jerk. It made my nephew feel better and this guy feel bad. worth it. this shit ain't rocket science. People are allowed to like what you like in ways other than how you like it. Once more people realize that, the better off everyone will be.
  13. in the leadup to his Revolution '20 match with Pac, OC was out with Best Friends and cuts a promo. you know what, in trying to explain it, it just sounds lame. here's the YT vid. starts about 1:45 in. the crowd reaction is just hilarious to me.
  14. the Matrix was the first movie i ever watched on DVD. At a friend's house, who had a large screen TV and excellent sound system. i was used to VHS movies taped off TV, so this was quite the experience. i just rewatched all 3 Matrix movies in the last week (just because it seemed like a thing to do. when i started, i didn't even know they were making a #4). The first one is as awesome as ever. It really struck me how society has changed since that movie, where online avatars and clans and stuff like WoW has really brought to life what living an artificial life would be like. M2&3 i probably haven't seen since their original release. At the time, i was less than impressed with them. the fight scenes didn't look real enough (too choreographed, it looked like a sparring session instead of a battle to the death), plus the storyline goes in a direction i didn't appreciate. On this rewatch, i enjoyed them quite a bit. I was invested in the story and the choreography didn't bother me at all. I'm glad i checked them out. that being said, i don't really feel anything from this new trailer. it looks like more or less a reboot. I'm gonna have to wait for plot details and reviews before i decide to check it out.
  15. i don't remember the opening recap. could be because i missed it or because if i thought it was just an All Out refresher, i skipped it on purpose. honestly not sure. In my mind, a 30 second-1 minute promo video would be enough. Set it to clips of big moves/famous moments/vs. Moxley history, and with or without Suzuki narrating to the camera (subtitled, obviously. Unless that goes against his gimmick, which it might and i really don't know). My guess is that AEW didn't have access to any footage from Japan, which changes what you can do of course. The commentators and Punk putting him over DOES help quite a bit. i think it just goes back to the "show, don't tell" philosophy. there's two main differences that i see: first, these wrestlers debuting during a battle royal are, more often than not, surprises. You obviously can't hype them up with video packages and keep their debut a surprise. secondly, we will learn about these roster additions as time goes on. Their past history, while important in the moment, will give way to the future as new history is created. A one-off appearance (or two-off, in this instance) needs built up to tell my WHY this is special. otherwise he's just another Japanese dude that will lose to Moxley. Although to be fair, i wouldn't object to better introductions across the board- look at what happened when Tommy End (or is it Malakai Black? only Excalibur knows!) debuted. --i'm not saying the Suzuki debut was BAD or anything. just saying that a little video context would have gone a long way.
  16. 2 day old thoughts: echoing many other thoughts, Excalibur was sorely missed. Black/Dustin wasn't bad, but they didn't seem to have their timing down whatsoever. i had higher expectations. the missed kick worked only due to the exposed turnbuckle directly preceding it. in the Elite segment, Brandon Cutler stooging for Marko Stunt was fantastic. seriously, go back and check it out if you're able. Marko hits the ring, beelines for him and jumps on him. Cutler holds his ground for a minute before doing the 'tree falling' spot. the Hobbs/Dante match was easily my MOTN. yeah, you could see that Hobbs was out of it at the end. The pin was a bit awkward but i think it worked. I feel like Hobbs' snarl is note perfect. and when he busts out the confident smile, it doesn't get much better. the MJF/Pillman Jr. stuff didn't really bother me, but i didn't really like it either. agreed with @christopher.annino that it really only works when the audience member/plant sells it. otherwise, like in this case, it just falls flat. Hayter/Soho was a pretty decent match. The fact that Hayter took the L isn't an issue (of course Soho needs to win her first match after the Casino Battle Royal win), but it's more that she shouldn't have been programmed against Hayter so soon. Give Soho a win against a mid card woman unaffiliated with Britt. Let Britt's goon squad show up after the match or whatever to further the angle, and you can still have the same post-match brawl, but builds to next week's (or whenever) Soho-Hayter match. This match had no build and no stakes. Unrelated, the actual finish of the match seemed abrupt. count me with @Greggulator. I know Minoru Suzuki by reputation. I've seen a couple of his matches (also his MMA bout with Jushin Liger), but feel like he wasn't explained enough to the audience. This is a man who, to my knowledge, has never been on US TV. Has he ever had a match in the US? or for an American wrestling company? Some more introduction would've been welcome. And i don't even disagree with the "discover him on your own" mindset, but generally that comes AFTER the fact. like in a "Wow, that dude was awesome. who was he?" kind of way, not in a "who is this guy in tonight's main event" kind of way? the comparison to a tv show, with "seasons", doesn't really jibe for me. on that note, the match itself was fine. i wasn't so impressed that i'm going to look up Suzuki matches, or research him in any way after the show. he was cannon fodder for Moxley.
  17. and Scott Coker is tweeting that Horiguchi has signed with Bellator edit: gotta admit, if he doesn't fight in Rizin anymore, i will be disappointed
  18. according to wikipedia, dude's 37. ancient in WWE years.
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