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  1. Originally I didn't mind the change since the "uncanny valley" argument made sense, but then I saw that "The Boys" was able to convincingly pull off a stretchy supe and yeah, if that show can do it, The Mouse sure as hell should be able to...
  2. Three solid matches, little bullshit, and a killer lineup for next week's shows set up. It really doesn't have to be hard, now does it?!
  3. It should be noted for anybody who hasn't played the original, this sequel starts with a quick recap of all the events. Granted, they are still pretty confusing, but it gives you an idea what you're getting into... So I'm not entirely sure how far into the game I am but I just got through the area where you get the band back together and everything gets psychedelic and colorful, and holy hell what a great game! It's currently available for something like $20 off so I strongly recommend it.
  4. I was watching on a delay due to fam stuff but man, as stated by @Jijithat first half wasn't great. Luckily everything from the awesome Rosa/Hayter match forward was GREAT. Cody's belt being thrown back almost felt scripted with how perfectly it rolls into the "what will he do? storyline. The heels winning and standing tall in the end was also intriguing.
  5. A year ago I would've not been too stoked about Gargano maybe showing up in AEW, but between his recent work and seeing what Adam Cole can do without the "HBK-coached drama" attached, yeah gimme Johnny Frickin' Wrestling on Wednesdays and Fridays. Although I'd rather have had Ciampa
  6. I picked up Psychonauts 2 on sale and man, I'm totally getting the same excitement as playing the original for the first time. In fact, I'd gladly buy Psychonauts again if it was remade with the new graphics/controls.
  7. As always, it's nice to be stoked for Wednesday night wrestling!
  8. First name and middle name, short answer. My father's the opposite - Annino Christopher.
  9. Just found out that at some point this year Deadguy did a reunion show. Fuck, not that I could've went, but sooooo cool.
  10. I actually like that AEW factions have blurred lines, so to speak. Tay is friends with DO but not official, Hangman even more so, and that's enough. Both DO and Best Friends having both men and women, even if only a few, is also refreshing. The Pinnacle crossing over with Malakai Black and Andrade's situations is also neat, as is The Inner Circle only coming together now and then to have each others' backs while otherwise operating independently.
  11. There should be an "explain your username" thread pinned in the Land Of Confusion so whenever new folks wanna get to know us multi-decade posters (?) it'll all be right there.
  12. Aren't we getting Eddie Kingston vs Daniel Garcia as well? That should pretty much rule... Edit: on Rampage. Damnit!
  13. It's obvious that AEW is doing great with live shows and is probably making money hand over fist with merch, makes me wonder why that's never brought up when people wonder aloud about TK spending too much on talent
  14. Maybe it's just your wording but she was hired with the promise that her and her husband would be on the same brand, THEN they fired him.
  15. First bunch of Black Friday sales are live on PSN and most seem to be matched by retailers, like Guardians Of The Galaxy is available half-off already, that's pretty rad...
  16. It's cliche at this point to say, "how can you not find a way to make money with _______?!" Swerve is easily the latest name to insert.
  17. I don't really think we're going to see dickhead Danielson going hold for hold with anybody. People expected the same in his match last night and instead he basically just beat the dogshit out of Uno. I would expect you mostly the same thing with Cabana but then maybe runs into more trouble with somebody like John Silver who can hit really fucking hard as well.
  18. Yeah, that mean event was fucking bonkers all things considered but you got to give a lot of credit to Sammy. He looked amazing, his selling was spot on and added a ton of drama, he did some crazy shit, and he brought it home believably. Dude has come a LONG way from being a flippy Johnny Kickpads type.
  19. Hmmm, makes me wonder what the consensus would be... If you had to watch one or the other, Hardy or Jericho? Personally I'll be on Team Extr- er, Team HFO...
  20. Obviously they could go the other way but before the match against Hardy, OC specifically said that they were DONE after. With any luck they stick to that!
  21. Plus they are in his home state. Years of conditioning would have you think he would suddenly be in a match jobbing, though...
  22. I'm certainly not stoked about Lethal being signed, since there are just tons of other people out there that don't come with that bullshit baggage, not to mention you're setting to piss off you're growing women's roster.
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