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  1. That's pretty cool, definitely picking it up. I don't think I'll play through U4 again but I didn't get far in Lost Legacy so maybe that'll be worth a restart. Of course, if they give us the option to import saves and have trophies auto-pop, then I might just finish LL on PS4 first
  2. Not a season 3 announcement, but still rad...
  3. I have a similar issue with going back and revisiting older games, like I recently jumped back into Ghost of Tsushima to try the DLC and yeah, getting my ass whooped left and right. Of course then I went and started Psychonauts 2, so that kind of messes things up even further.
  4. I haven't played it and finished it in a few years but for some reason I feel like it didn't take all that long... But then I'm thinking, isn't this a game where you do all of the side missions first and then you get a bunch of assistance in the final battle, whereas if you just play the game straight through you are on your own at the end? I feel like that's right.
  5. I'd also like somebody else who has more time than me to take the list of everybody cut from WWE since AEW has existed and give me the percentage of wrestlers Tony Khan has signed. I'll be surprised if it reaches double digits.
  6. As far as PS5 game size being smaller than PS4, that's absolutely legitimate and is due to using a solid state HD. It's pretty damn cool, really, having smaller games and incredible load times. ALMOST has me wanting to buy an additional SSD but I'm not quite there yet, between library and expendable income.
  7. To be fair, Schiavone comes off as a "loving asshole" on the podcast and in the end seems to really like everybody there and enjoy his job. I think it's just his sense of humor (plus I've heard people do the same to him and he seems to laugh at it).
  8. Agreed @Jijiabout Starks, it's an odd situation and one wonders what might be behind it. On the upside of not seeing certain folks on television, Cage has been MIA and I'm not fretting about that. As for Danielson, Punk, as well as Ruby and Cole, I'd have to imagine it's an attempt to get new eyes on the product. Whether it's working or not is to be seen, but at least Danielson is putting on bangers every time he's out there.
  9. I wonder how people are going to react if/when Rami, Steen, and Gargano show up. They're all in obviously higher card ranking than Nese, they bring a lot more to the table, but it just always seems like any new signing has people bemoaning the state of the company. Frankly I think that's really weird and wouldn't think about them adding talent if I didn't see it discussed here.
  10. I can only assume you're referring to my post which doesn't in any way portray Matthews as a "young up and comer." What I did say is that I think he's got a higher ceiling than Nese - but he's not quite there yet, and maybe it'll take a year or two of wrestling in other places.
  11. I disagree. For one, I would think Buddy had a higher asking price. Secondly, and I consider this a positive, Buddy can go around the world and get a bunch more seasoning and eventually end up in AEW as an upper middle card guy if not main event, whereas I, like @Stefanie the Human, think Nese will remain a solid hand/mechanic lower card dude. Think about somebody like Hangman and where he was in ROH versus where he grew to be with NJPW experience and a solid three-year build in AEW. I think Murphy/Matthews could get to a similar place in due time.
  12. I find it kinda funny that people start wondering aloud about AEWs finances every time they sign somebody, like Tony Nese is coming in with some sort of Brock Lesnar deal.
  13. A quick Google search tells me Dar is still with NXT UK and that's a damn shame!
  14. We need one night with a truly riled-up Pac as the third member of the announce team... Preferably Ex, Taz and Pac.
  15. Sammy rules. Nese looked damn good. BUTT MEAT~!!! Dax's tiger driver was a thing of beauty.
  16. I'm psyched for people who want a PS version of GamePass but I have SO many games in my backlog that it truly doesn't entice me.
  17. You're not wrong at all, I hadn't even considered that, BUT it was still incredibly distracting.
  18. I wonder how much more people would have liked the match had he worn jeans and a T. Shit, I would have liked it more and I didn't mind it at all, even the flaming table, which I honestly marked out for.
  19. Kris Stat fucking rules and that's the best Ruby has the looked in AEW. Andrade's double knees with the chair was GNARLY. Taz bringing up the stuff on Cody's back was hilarious, something about a fan throwing glue in the garbage can after drinking some? Just bonkers...
  20. Finally watched this show. Comments to come with season 3. In the meantime, maybe some of y'all need this... https://www.yfbspod.com/billy-joel-sucks
  21. As per usual, one of the Turner networks was running MCU movies all weekend and rewatching Infinity War and Endgame, Thanos pretty clearly spells out his intentions, especially the second time - saying fuck even leaving half the universe alive to be potentially ungrateful, I'll start from scratch. I don't think homie had any loftier, unspoken intentions I'm waiting for Eternals to be on D+ for various reasons, but going into it with a positive outlook based on what the people I trust are saying, but even if it's not groundbreaking I'll at least be home with the family, bathroom breaks, and all the food and drink I could want.
  22. Growing up, I had a few friends who were into it but my parents thought it was stupid so I watched it on my own in my room, no biggie... But when I got to be a teenager yeah, I was out and about with it. Nowadays I have a zombie Dr. Wagner, Jr. tattoo that I got in my mid-20s, on my inner forearm, so that's a good conversation starter for other fans.
  23. @Marioanything that is still a PlayStation 4 game, even stuff that is patched to work better on a 5, you can just keep on the HDD and you are correct, you should be able to just plug that bad boy right into the new system. The only thing you really want on the default PS5 hard drive are PS5 games which will take advantage of the solid state technology. Enjoy it, it's a great system!
  24. Originally I didn't mind the change since the "uncanny valley" argument made sense, but then I saw that "The Boys" was able to convincingly pull off a stretchy supe and yeah, if that show can do it, The Mouse sure as hell should be able to...
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