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  1. So yesterday i played through about 45% of the story mode and I never got any of those drawn wrestler graphics. It was just the same picture of a wrestling ring over and over and over again with text underneath it. I was extremely confused and thought it fucking sucked. Hmmm.
  2. The "I love sushi" sticker is not fellatio, it's cunnilingus, but yes I've seen people with trashy bumper stickers blaring shit like Rush Limbaugh or Ben Shapiro. I can't really picture a Cornette fan driving such a vehicle, but then again I'm having a hard time imagining what his demographic base would look like/drive. If Jim could stop being so venomous and distasteful in describing what he doesn't like, and focus on what he likes? That'd be so much more enjoyable. I've really liked listening to him going off about things he loves, but as soon as he starts getting shitty about Omega or Jordynne Grace, it's all garbage. He's the kind of guy who could make a legitimate, educated, and logical criticism but then fucks it all up by being such a prick about it.
  3. Finally playing through Sleeping Dogs and it is a blast, and for only $5?! I actually got it for that price a good while back but it's currently on sale for $5 yet again, great pickup for anybody who's been curious.
  4. Media Molecule also said they wanna keep up on support for Dreams for the next five years or so, bringing it firmly into the PS5 era. That's pretty fucking cool.
  5. Well before anything else, that move won't work anyway - any kind of "grabbing" dive like the blockbuster or swinging Frankensteiner will just act like a strike and knock the opponent off the teammate's shoulders. At least that was always the case with older games and I highly doubt they changed it. Sorry!
  6. Reading a few pages this morning and man, it's a testament to how badly they bungled The Butcher and The Blade when there's hoss-talk* and nobody's mentioned Andy Williams... * If anybody wants to name their podcast Hoss Talk, have at it.
  7. Randy Savage, to me, is absolutely the greatest pro-wrestler of all time, the greatest EXAMPLE of a pro-wrestler for those very reasons but let's not forget, he was only listed at 6'1, that's not some gigantic man but he always came off as an imposing and intense dude. He could look totally natural in there against either Hulk Hogan or Jushin Liger. Even his life story of a switch in sports to his awful treatment of Elizabeth to his seemingly redemptive final years and sudden tragic end. Macho Man is definitely the ultimate pro-wrestler.
  8. The correct answer to who you'd have from another era here and now is always going to be Eddie Guerrero. Fuck, even just a timeline where he doesn't pass so young, let alone Eddie in his prime.
  9. They haven't really said yet, whereas there's been a pretty good idea of how move editing will work so who knows . I'd guess it's similar to how modders have added new parts. Either way I'm hoping to see lotsa new shit from more dedicated/inspired/talented folks with far more time on their hands than I'll ever have again.
  10. That's what the eventual move and part craft is for - cannot wait for it!
  11. Thatcher is so fucking great, somebody I didn't immediately love but slowly grew on me. He reminds of of an ugly, classless William Regal, so that rules.
  12. Just wanted to apologize for coming off as such a prick, Sundays are usually my beer drinking days and I'm definitely more likely to shoot off with a controversial opinion. I don't necessarily have a changed mind on the man's life but I realize that I offended a lot of the people here and for that I am sorry.
  13. If she did, do you think nobody would mention her behavior outside of the ring in the thread? Answer that honestly, please. If Ric Flair passes, his actions outside of his work will be mentioned. If Hulk Hogan passes, that's a hard SAME. People won't even bat an eye. As mentioned, Don Imus dies and people openly acknowledge him not being a saint. I was honestly surprised nobody had done the same thing here. If thinking that makes me an asshole, I'm not fretting for a second.
  14. This on a board that has had multi page threads about the Tessa Blanchard's of the world? Come on, you can't pretend some people are sacred cows while relentlessly shitting on other people for their bad behavior. Fuck, when Don Imus recently passed, people were far more diplomatic about his actions and I don't recall him raping anybody. That said, it's fucking awful that his daughter was a victim as well, not to mention the pilot and other passengers.
  15. Since I'm more of a lurker and certainly don't dip into the sports threads much, I guess I'll be the dude to say something about him potentially being a rapist so none of y'all have to feel weird bringing it up. Carry on.
  16. Those count, I think. The S ranks suck when you play the same match ten times over and keep getting a high A, but getting the Platinum for this game made me pretty damn proud.
  17. All these probes and inquiries aside, surely some lawyer would be able to make a potentially huge and easy case out of litigating their absurd definition of an independent contractor, right? I mean, they'd need clients to wanna die WWE but it's gotta be an extremely valid case.
  18. I prefer games have trophies that are linked to completing the story and side missions without an insane amount of grind , and I don't play anything online so I don't enjoy those trophies either. I feel like for mostly single player games like Uncharted, those should be optional, kind of like a DLC trophies are, unrelated to a platinum.
  19. Oh yeah I just totally posted this in the other thread, I'll go delete!
  20. Okay this was posted in the other thread and I can't seem to delete it so whatever, looks good...
  21. Some people get an email, too, maybe a code for a special avatar? I know Spider-Man did the same, H:ZD too. I love that shit, man.
  22. Read through this all, at some point will contribute, but to introduce my DADness... Two kids from a previous marriage - 14.5yo daughter who is a brilliant asshole Swifty multi-instrumentalist and two years class president in a row; extremely extroverted and riddled with anxiety because all her friends are rich and we're not. 13yo son who's the sweetest kiddo but wracked by depression and is barely making it through school right now, very introverted but still stylish AF. From marriage part duex, a 1.5 year old son born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), basically brain damage from lack of oxygen (lesion on the placenta is the cause it seems). Very developmentally delayed, incredibly sweet and wonderful but still closer to having a 3-4mo and cannot sit up, let alone crawl or walk like most neurotypical kiddos. Both his siblings love him SO MUCH, and me and the wife do as well but it has been an incredibly hard year and a half. So that's the background, and when it's time to say what's up in DAD-dom, y'all can take this in mind
  23. So new year, new thread, how's everybody's backlog/pile of shame looking? I've got... The Last of Us, God Of War, Nier: Autamota, Yakuza Kiwami, Nioh, Doom, Hitman, Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, MGSV, GoW 3 Remastered, Bloodborne, InFamous Second Son, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, Sleeping Dogs, and more. A LOT of that was from the PS+ free monthly games, but still, and of course there's still shit I never did on PS3 like Ico, Shadow of The Colossus, Monkey Island, etc.
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