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  1. From that photo, it looks like HHH is debuting his Cobra Twist at WrestleMania. And now I'm actually disappointed that HHH didn't counter the takedown with it.
  2. Sting WAS second rate in there last night. Honestly, I can do without seeing him or Undertaker again.
  3. For some reason, there looked to be a lot of torque going on on Perrito's head during the rana. Hard to explain, but it's almost like the headscissors was too tight and it ended up cranking his neck out of whack.
  4. Perrito was four months younger than I am. That hits home a bit.
  5. It's not overly difficult to get a distribution deal. I attempted to get some Zubaz merch for a "Retro" show I wanted to put on two years ago; instead, they tried to sign me as a distributor. But like Mike mentioned, the Zubaz craze in the Pacific Northwest had come and gone so I passed. To be fair, the craze was pretty much just five people that decided to wear Zubaz, and lasted about five weeks.
  6. I don't care. All of that sounds hilarious. Not hilarious enough to actually play Anarchy Rulz, but still.
  7. It would've been called a total burial of Bryan for sure.
  8. Dear Awesome The Sheik: How do you blade with boxing gloves on? Sincerely, Abdi LaRue San Diego, CA (Probable real answer - blade covered up by tape on the wrist of the glove, rip the piece of tape off with your teeth, run the wrist across your forehead. Or have a manager do it.)
  9. The problem with Alex Riley is that he's, y'know, still Alex Riley.
  10. They even have shorts now. The shorts are even better. Pink and black Zubaz shorts!
  11. He seems to have enough head room there, so that's good. I can't imagine how bad his neck and shoulders must be from all the slouching he must have to do. The Big Show doc that they put out a while back (A Giant's World, I think) had some really good segments on what Show goes through each day just to get around.
  12. Heck, Heyman managed the Samoan Swat Team. You can pretty much draw a direct line in gimmick between the SST and Reigns, right down to SWAT -> SWAT gear. If Brock tries to headbutt Reigns, the shockwave might take out most of the Bay Area.
  13. Up here in the PNW, we all went through a Zubaz phase in 2011, including me. I still have my pair of Seahawks-colored Zubaz, and lemme tell you, there has never been a better pair of "knocking around" pants ever invented. Warm, roomy, comfy.
  14. Hell, Luger and Kerry's gear is probably barely more material than Madusa's bikini.
  15. It's nice to see that Darrell Bevell got a new job as Cat's coach after the Super Bowl.
  16. For Transformers fans, Nimoy was also the voice of Galvatron in the original Transformers animated movie, and was the voice of Sentinel Prime in the third live-action movie. A huge loss. COPD is no way to go.
  17. Considering how much "smart" fans want to get themselves over at shows, he'll be the next Stone Cold.
  18. Wasn't it saying May 19 that made Kane flip out? Ehh, it's Kane. Who cares? Yeah, Show got the date wrong. It's May 19th. I was hoping at the end that HHH would bring up that he got the date wrong, say the correct date, and Kane would just goozle him for a moment out of reflex.
  19. You're going making me dig up my review of that movie and Baby Oil Joe Don, aren't you? That movie and its followup, Final Justice, are amazing. At least if you're watching the MST versions. eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat munch munch munch munch chew chew chew chew
  20. Tank is slowly morphing into Joe Don Baker from Mitchell.
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