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  1. I picked up my WrestleKingdom tickets a few weeks ago and got my ringside~! New Years Dash seats this morning, I'm so excited for these shows. I agree on Ishii/Goto taking the tag league, what else do they have for Goto to do at this point? You could move him and Sanada into a feud I guess but if he doesn't have something on the bigger end of the card, it will just be shitting all over him and their attempts to get him over for the past year. I really want to see Shibata in a singles honestly, my original hope was him Vs. Nakajima or Shiozaki but with Nakajima winning the NOAH title along with NOAH getting bought out, I'm not sure either of those is an option. A lot of people are throwing Cody Rhodes' name around and while his showing at BOLA wasn't that bad, it isn't a match I want to see unless it is Shibata's professional soccer tryout.
  2. But does Ahmed getting hurt open up the spot for the Rock? I could see them not putting Ahmed back into a "serious" angle because they worry about him getting hurt again. If Rock doesn't join the Nation and just goes heel by himself, does he reach the level of success without having a group to play off of and eventually lead? I mean, I assume he does but it is interesting to think about the way he rises to the top without being part of the Nation.
  3. Here is a question that has probably been done to death but I cannot recall the answer: Was Rock joining the Nation something that was planned or a knee-jerk reaction to Ahmed getting hurt for the umpteenth time? If Ahmed didn't go down, would Rock still have joined as they wouldn't have needed the fourth?
  4. ben.

    BOLA 2016

    Thanks for the advice guys, I got right in and snagged tickets for all three nights! Sounds like the whole shindig sold out in 4 minutes, after I bought my tickets, I went back in and everything was gone.
  5. ben.

    BOLA 2016

    I'm really hoping it isn't. Myself and my friend from the UK are planning to make a trip out of this and the idea of a quick sellout is scaring us shitless. For people who have went through the PWG panic attack before, what is the process of buying online? Do you get an "Add to Cart" option for the event and then you check out via their order form? Can you buy 2 tickets in the same order? Would it make sense to purchase Night 1 and then purchase Night 2? Sorry, like I said, scared shitless haha.
  6. What is the deal with Jigsaw and Chikara? He hasn't been around in over a year but pops up here, I assume he is either under a different gimmick or this is one of those "it is for a storyline and I won't use you for two years but you better be available the second I need you" Quackenbush logics.
  7. Nah, you're right. It is essentially like someone calls cut. My favorite commercial break I've ever seen live is a Sheamus/Randy Orton match where Orton realizes they went to commercial, asks someone at ringside for a water and then stands there and drinks it while Sheamus sits outside selling a throw into the barrier. The second the light goes red again, Orton tosses the water bottle and rushes outside to get Sheamus.
  8. Did you end up making it to the show? I'd love to hear feedback on what you thought overall of the venue and the show.
  9. That Wrestling Diary is a great read and definitely a lot of help, thanks so much! I would be looking to get there the Sunday before the show and would hope (and it sounds like it is a possibility) to do a show every night or multiple shows if I can swing it. I did the Rumble in Orlando this year and did 8 shows in 7 days and then did a Mania trip last month that also included Jersey/NY/Philly and did about 13-14 shows during that time period so I make sure to get as much wrestling as possible. But so doing Sunday, I would likely pick up all of my tickets that day but definitely want to try and online shop for NJPW just based on what I've heard from year's past of the good seats for WK being gone and the ticket sales the next night. I usually have a big group I travel with for Mania but the Japan trip will likely be me and one or two other people so I am so grateful to you guys for providing me with this info.
  10. Awesome, thank you guys so much. I have heard that WrestleKingdom and the night after WrestleKingdom have advanced ticket sales going quickly after the on-sale with the night after WrestleKingdom show selling out pretty quickly, any insight on what the best way to get those tickets early would be?
  11. Howdy everyone, So I think for 2017, I'm going to try and travel to Japan for some shows. I found this guide: https://prowrestlingisart.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/puroresu-guide-to-japan-part-1/ Which is very interesting and eye-opening that I hope to take advantage of but am curious for the people who have made a similar voyage, how did you find the experience in terms of getting around, buying tickets, communicating, seeing stuff, etc.? My plan is to hopefully do WrestleKingdom, the night after WrestleKingdom and hopefully some shows before and after said events. I heard that sumotickets.com should be able to help me with procuring WrestleKingdom and night after WrestleKingdom tickets so I'm not out in the cold for either of those shows. Does anybody know of a good site that has good schedules for events taking place in Tokyo? I will thank everyone in advance and hope there are some people here who can share what they know and help me not make a fool of myself as I try to knock this off the bucket list!
  12. I just finished reading Lion's Pride and maybe I had too high of expectations for the book but it didn't provide what I was looking for in a History of New Japan book. It felt like a Wikipedia article with a bunch of Buzzfeed lists interspersed. I feel like I need to read the Sunny book before Mania so I can entertain my friends' with some Sunny Days jokes.
  13. That was what lead me into thinking about these questions. I feel like Hogan/Savage could've drawn in a stadium atmosphere, especially the buyrate that it got showing that could've been the case in a better environment.
  14. That is weird to me as for Mania IV that is understandable as the whole tournament thing seemed lackluster but I would have figured V had a hot enough angle to bring a crowd to sell it out. Does that mean that WWF handled the tickets then and sold off a bunch to Trump?
  15. I'm getting Mania fever right now and have some questions if anyone can answer: When was the last legit Mania sellout? 20,21,22? Was Mania 4 and/or 5 a sold show for Trump or was it a WWF show and Trump cut him a good deal on the venue and bought a inch of the seats to give Trump Plaza people for comps? Anybody attend the Mania 5 brunch or Mania 10 fan fest and have any good stories?
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