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  1. The local Colorado lucha company that I've been filming is now working with me more to let me do more at their shows which is pretty awesome. They just had the STRONGHEARTS on their shows and definitely presented some clashes of styles that I'm working on getting uploaded over the next few weeks. For example, their main had one of the hometown boys tying up with both CIMA and Cassandro in a triple threat match. I never thought I'd see CIMA and Cassandro in the same match. I'm working on getting the others uploaded too. Septimo Dragon and Matt Sydal had a great match and then T-Hawk and Lindaman put on a great match with a local luchador and a luchador from Texas named Sairus that was great (and we got to hear T-Hawk chop Sairus through his souuuul).
  2. So I decided to try my hand at the classic DVDVR Road Reviews that Ray and Pete and Dean used to do. I'm not nearly as funny or as knowledgeable but I see a lot of fun shi-tuff so I thought I'd put one up and see what people think and maybe do some more https://medium.com/@ifightgiants/njpw-wrestlekingdom-14-night-1-road-review-6c7343c8c8fc
  3. Another match from the last IWC Legacy show. I'm pretty excited for this next week as tomorrow night I'll get to see El Vaquero Fantasma Vs. Negro Nevarro and Psicosis although which one I'm unsure and then I'll be off to Chicago for Survivor Series weekend. Anyways, enjoy Hikuleo Vs. Legacy King Vs. #IAMTHEPROVIDER
  4. GoD Vs Hijo De LA Park and Hijo de Fishman These last few months at this promotion has seemed like the Hijo de LA Park show. He gets this crowd on fire with help from GoD and they have a great match with the crowd invested and flipping out nearly the entire time.
  5. El Hijo del Santo is great in this. The main from the IWC Legacy show in Denver.
  6. I had the honor of seeing El Hijo del Santo live on Sunday and filmed the match. This shot I thought was amazing. https://twitter.com/i/status/1177705271717531648
  7. Two lucha promotions ran within half an hour away from each other last night. One show had a bunch of AAA stars (Texano Jr, Pagano, Golden Magic, Faby Apache, Lady Shani, etc.) and the other had motherfucking El Hijo del Santo~! (I've always wanted to use that since I originally started reading the Road Reports 20 years ago... Fuck, I'm old). But the show also had Lance Archer, El Hijo de LA Park, Rocky Star JR., and Andrew Everett. And it was so worth it just to see how over El Hijo del Santo is with this crowd. Everett opened the show with a local kid Logan Austin who has improved greatly over the last year and I would say is one of the top guys currently in Colorado although my main local viewing consists of lucha and deathmatch wrestling so I might be missing people in some of the other promotions. ANYWAYS, I'm going to post some of the other matches later but here is Logan Austin Vs. Andrew Everett:
  8. Watching the Grand Prix show and digging Rey Bucanero's grumpy Raven look.
  9. I thought I'd post some matches I filmed a few months ago. Septimo Dragon and Delta Jr. Vs. Mick Moretti and Sol Azteca - IWC Legacy Mick Moretti is not only a workhorse in the ring but a guy doing everything he can to make a name for himself. He flew out on short notice and got himself booked on this show shortly after wrestling Mania weekend. Septimo Dragon is also great in this and hits some great spots. Low Ki Vs. Volador Jr. - IWC Legacy Low Ki ran a training seminar earlier in the day which was fun and while nobody got to do squats with filing cabinets, everyone found out why he is in such amazing shape. He was originally supposed to wrestle Laredo Kid but his flight was delayed so they subbed in Volador Jr. The match was alright, a short sprint. Phil Schneider talked about it in Segunda Caida and I just now got around to uploading the match. I'm going to upload some other fun goodies from the last few months like a great Puma King and Black Taurus Vs. Psycho Clown and a local luchador match. I've also got some older matches like Bandido Vs. Flamita Vs. Fenix Vs Matt Sydal and Zumbido wrestling in a granite factory lurking in my channel if it is of interest.
  10. I’ve been getting really into Lucha since TripleMania. That Blue Demon Jr. main was shockingly good with the bloodbath and the fan reaction were insane. I’ve also discovered the CMLL Live YouTube shows which have been great including the recent six-man that saw Místico/Caristico square off and get the crowd out of their seats at the standoff. One thing I don’t get though is the hype around Volador Jr. I’ve seen him a few times this year and he feels like he is a step behind or maybe he just mails it in for the smaller shows.
  11. I picked up my WrestleKingdom tickets a few weeks ago and got my ringside~! New Years Dash seats this morning, I'm so excited for these shows. I agree on Ishii/Goto taking the tag league, what else do they have for Goto to do at this point? You could move him and Sanada into a feud I guess but if he doesn't have something on the bigger end of the card, it will just be shitting all over him and their attempts to get him over for the past year. I really want to see Shibata in a singles honestly, my original hope was him Vs. Nakajima or Shiozaki but with Nakajima winning the NOAH title along with NOAH getting bought out, I'm not sure either of those is an option. A lot of people are throwing Cody Rhodes' name around and while his showing at BOLA wasn't that bad, it isn't a match I want to see unless it is Shibata's professional soccer tryout.
  12. But does Ahmed getting hurt open up the spot for the Rock? I could see them not putting Ahmed back into a "serious" angle because they worry about him getting hurt again. If Rock doesn't join the Nation and just goes heel by himself, does he reach the level of success without having a group to play off of and eventually lead? I mean, I assume he does but it is interesting to think about the way he rises to the top without being part of the Nation.
  13. Here is a question that has probably been done to death but I cannot recall the answer: Was Rock joining the Nation something that was planned or a knee-jerk reaction to Ahmed getting hurt for the umpteenth time? If Ahmed didn't go down, would Rock still have joined as they wouldn't have needed the fourth?
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, I got right in and snagged tickets for all three nights! Sounds like the whole shindig sold out in 4 minutes, after I bought my tickets, I went back in and everything was gone.
  15. I'm really hoping it isn't. Myself and my friend from the UK are planning to make a trip out of this and the idea of a quick sellout is scaring us shitless. For people who have went through the PWG panic attack before, what is the process of buying online? Do you get an "Add to Cart" option for the event and then you check out via their order form? Can you buy 2 tickets in the same order? Would it make sense to purchase Night 1 and then purchase Night 2? Sorry, like I said, scared shitless haha.
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