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  1. Tournament of Death 6 Location: Bedroom You know we got the one year of Zandig putting a bunch of production value into the show and now we are back to the Smart Mark Video cold opens. And did anything ever come of the CZW to PPV announcement Zandig made? I mean, obviously we got the third party trying to make Lufisto out to be a cat fight girl now (and I can’t wait for her to get her hands on that guy), but I don’t think they ever got an actual pay per view, right? I know they got the Big Vision DVDs at Best Buy, was that it? Anyways, I finished my Chipotle burrito bowl and sto
  2. Not sure what you good brothers have planned for today but I'm going to be playing the World Wrestling Peace Festival on my Twitch today and try to keep up with the action as I attempt to commentate the matches. Live in five :) https://twitch.tv/ifightgiants
  3. Tournament of Death 5 Smyrna, DE Location: Basement I’m in the bowels of my house otherwise known as my underground lair where the technology is. It turns out that Highspots Wrestling Network doesn’t have Tournament of Death 5 so I had to dig through my uncategorized DVDs to find my copy. Alas, our journey continues good brothers and good sisters! Brandon Prophet Vs Andy Sumner Vs Nick Gage I went to learn more about Brandon Prophet because I only vaguely remember his name and the most intriguing fact I learned is that Kyle Threat is still in his top 8 on
  4. Same. I went to the one live show but with cases on the rise and all the crazy stuff going on, it has made me apprehensive to go to shows and I’m a diehard traveler so that is saying something. I had debated on driving to GCW, ICW, and Warrior Wrestling because I don’t want to fly but just can’t do it. I hope everything gets cleared up soon whether that be cases going down or a vaccine or treatment but until then, I’m really apprehensive to start traveling again whether it be by car or plane. Or boat. Mule.
  5. @clintthecrippler I would go out on a limb and say that Necro/Green Phantom is in my top five so far in terms of matches. I seriously think Green Phantom could have been a huge name on the deathmatch scene if he wanted to be but I also partially assume that Necro may have beat those career aspirations out of him. Gage seems so apprehensive in these older shows and definitely isn’t the guy we know today. I’m curious to see when this changes because in these first 4 shows while he takes the bumps and gets hit with the gimmicks, you can tell he really didn’t want to.
  6. Tournament of Death 4 Wow, huge jump in production value. Either CZW ordered out to put the video together or Smart Mark hired or took some classes with someone who knows advanced Final Cut Pro. Beef Wellington is a pretty funny promo. We are also getting Eddie Kingston Vs Zandig! God, I love seeing Kingston beat the shit out of people, that is going to be fun. This is the first time they’re running this from the woods rather than behind a bar or warehouse. Sexxxy Eddy Vs KC Bailey Sexxxy Eddy does a dong dance for his intro with three girls. They have a barbed wire bat
  7. Tournament of Death 3 7/24/04 Smyrna, PA So apparently we have moved for the third iteration of TOD. We are at the Breakaway Tavern and are treated to John House outside of the venue with fans showing off the weapons that fans brought. It sounds like some of their CZW students are going to be fed to the wolves in the first round while the fans want to see Nick Gage take this years tournament. The fact that nobody has said Nick Mondo tells me he is either injured or has already went into retirement. Arsenal Vs Hardcore Ninja Two IWS guys get their shot in
  8. This is something not a lot of people notice or think about so good question. You can see people in there sweeping what they can and in the matches that break up the tournament the mat looks relatively clean. There are a few points during the shows where you see a guy get in the ring and bail with the camera picking up him saying they need to get the tube fragments out of the ring. I assume that Smart Mark cut out a lot of the cleaning and I should keep an eye on if there are any canvas switch outs because I know at least from the Deathmatch Tournament I attend in Denver, they swap out canvase
  9. I'm really looking forward to their 7/24 show and didn't realize that they had a show up already, I'm going to have to check this out. I love the BloodSport shows with the BloodSport show Mania weekend being one of my favorite shows of that week so I am fully up for more promotions like this popping up.
  10. Tournament of Death 2 Dover, DE July 26, 2003 Location: my bed I took a nap in between viewings. Pain in my back is still going so I’m going to lay here and try and watch a bit of the next show. No video packages this time, straight into the first match with panes of glass in the ring. Zandig Vs Spyder Nate Webb So apparently they did somehow turn the end of last year into a storyline. It makes you wonder if they actually turned this into an angle or Ian just needed some money. I still love hearing Wheatus and it puts Nate Webb in the running for o
  11. The service is ran by Vin Gerard, the Chikara regular who was Equinox and then unmasked back in the day. I feel particularly horrible because I think Vin was looking for help with the programming of the site early on and I declined in a DM which kills me because I would have loved to work on this. There are a lot of cool features and hidden gems on the service. I definitely recommend checking out Zona 23 for some weird outdoor Lucha deathmatch wrestling and they put up the old school ICW shows which I’m pretty sure is the first place I saw Low Ki in 2000. Another cool thing
  12. Tournament of Death 2002 Location: My top floor couch I feel like death. My right leg is nearly useless as the popped disc makes most moving a chore and a lesson in how much pain I can actually take. So let’s relieve my pain by traveling back to Dover, Delaware on August 31, 2002. Did you know that the 2020 version of Tournament of Death was supposed to be in England and that I was considering going? I’ve done BOLA, I’ve done Best of the Best, I’ve done Slave to the Deathmatch, I really wanted to knock another tournament off my list. Oh well. We get the big block letters
  13. I went to my first wrestling show since going to Future Stars of Wrestling in Vegas right when COVID hit (Ring of Honor cancelled their shows that weekend 3/4 of the way through my road trip). The show was Primos Premier Pro Wrestling doing a Black Wrestlers Matter show in a bar in Denver. The bar would only allow 50 people into the building including the wrestlers so there was a smaller crowd with clustered seating for people going together (with their names on the chair clusters) and everyone was required to wear their masks outside of the wrestlers, commentators, and the referee. Definitely
  14. Quick note: If any of you have ever been to a Tournament of Death, I'd love to hear your experiences. I am always intrigued by live accounts and that "On The Road" style review of how the day was (What did you eat on the way and how did you get there, what workers were wandering around and how did they interact, what sticks out in your mind that day). So post all that in here to help expand on the experience good brothers and good sisters! Preface When I was a kid in the 90s, I was your typical WWF fanboy. Growing up in Denver right after the Denver Auditorium was remodeled into the
  15. I'm going to start dropping some footage on my Twitch stream every Thursday and Saturday. Pros: I'm going to drop some harder to find footage such as a fancam of Sammartino/Brody, some Hawaii footage, etc. Cons: I'm going to use this as an opportunity to see if I am any good at doing wrestling commentary. Saturdays will be a VLOG version of a DVDVR On The Road Review as me and my friend will be doing commentary and talking over shows we have been to exclusively. If you have a Twitch, you can follow at https://twitch.tv/ifightgiants
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