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  1. It was nice seeing Jake laugh his ass off.
  2. I thought that was because of his arm injuries, and he didn't get hepatitis until later.
  3. Ye gods. More dance parties and Jungle Man, I guess.
  4. It's Wednesday! I know what that means!
  5. Surprised the overall isn't higher, but still a good demo number. Remember, movies were almost never doing more than 0.14 in that slot.
  6. I can't decide if QTV and Planet Jarrett need to feud or join to form one giant, goofball heel circus. But one or the other needs to happen.
  7. She was a heel until Friday! The alignments change so quickly now, you'd think Paul Wight was in creative.
  8. As someone not well-versed in pre-'90s wrestling, the things that stand out to me the most from Dark Side and Tales from the Territories: 1) How nice a guy Kevin Sullivan seems to be out of gimmick. Bully for him and his ability to work, because for some reason I always figured he was a genuine nutbar. 2) The praise for Dusty as a booker and creative guy. I was under the impression that most people, historically, looked down on his time(s?) as booker.
  9. I don't think Starks is effeminate, but if he were, would that be a problem? just drew should be no one's role model on here. Just watched the tag. I genuinely teared up during the nearfall sequence toward the end of the second fall. Pro wrestling is fucking beautiful.
  10. We'll have to remember to repost this when Wembley sells out.
  11. If they're both on PPV, All Out is gonna have, like, 25 buys.
  12. Consider the source. [this is where he quote responds with an inscrutable Twitter link]
  13. And the movies previously programmed at that time didn't?
  14. Tony Khan has said, more or less, that WBD wants Collision to do better than the movies they'd usually program in that spot. The movies usually did something like 0.12 or 0.14 in the demo, so the average demo bouncing back to 0.21 here has got to be a relief for everyone involved.
  15. The plates in the workout sketch were pretty clearly fake. They were bouncing around on the bar almost as if they were inflatable. Sydal/Trent vs. Bill/Cage was incredible. Great showing for Sydal.
  16. MJF is finally as good as some people thought he was a year ago. He deserves to be on top of the company. Any remaining dissenters? EDIT: @just drew I fucking dare you to say this knee looks soft.
  17. "Do you hate GMOs and love salmonella? TRENCH HAS THE FOOD FOR YOU!"
  18. So, uh, what's the significance of this belt Kingston's won? Sometimes I feel like New Japan has more titles than even AEW does.
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