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  1. Whiny Bitch Roderick Strong is an absolute delight. I legit think it's the best mic work of his career (damning with faint praise, yeah yeah yeah).
  2. Why do we need to see the same report for the fifth time? Surely THAT is the lowest form of discourse.
  3. This contradicts your previous assertion that comparing AEW to WWE is the lowest form of discourse.
  4. Trophy for the info, though I don't want to have to sift through regular programming to find the stuff.
  5. You have a strange definition of the word "ambush."
  6. I read this (twice) as Punk being ambushed by Billie Starkz.
  7. So what's the deal with this Heritage Cup tournament thingy? Is this an event, or just, like, a match per show? First thing that's really interested me about NXT in a while.
  8. https://www.si.com/fannation/wrestling/news/report-cm-punk-jack-perry-incident-leads-to-suspensions It's kind of awesome that two of the guys Punk hates so much were ready and willing to help clean up yet another one of his messes.
  9. I feel like I've read AEW guys already don't pay for flights, but I have no idea where I might have seen that.
  10. I assumed calling Adam Cole "light in the loafers" was about a week away.
  11. Wait, my Florida history book says Robert E. Lee ended racism ...
  12. Tell Dave to just say your picks won. (but you didn't get that idea from me)
  13. Then Nemeth's got nothing to lose. Burn him up.
  14. If I were Nemeth, and everything out in the newz-o-sphere right now were true, I'd give Punk both barrels on Twitter and dare AEW to drop him. Worst comes to worst, I'm sure TNA would pick him up. Punk getting triggered and proving he is indeed the softest man alive by unloading on someone with zero power is something that is too good to not share. And before someone says "he's right about potentially messing up a reconciliation," I'd think "Counterfeit Bucks" and "Peg Warmer Page" are a lot more likely to do that.
  15. I never understood or liked Lucha Underground.
  16. No one: Nobody at all: Not a single, solitary soul: Marty Jannetty:
  17. Andrew Zarian was the first to really report on anything about Collision, after he says he had dinner with a WBD person. The plan at the time was to just televise what had been Dark and Elevation, so they'd have an hour of extra wrestling content on Saturdays. Then yeah, with Punk healing up around when the debut was set, the idea got bigger.
  18. The demo is about in line with what movies used to do in that slot. Going against SummerSlam, I call that a win.
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