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  1. "8 million ways to die...She's one" - cue impending doom music. Is stuck in my head more so than Lucha Bros.
  2. Most people would look like shit compared to Ron Simmons. JBL was jacked© back in the attitude era. So is the next AEW ppv in Cincinnati? Moxley vs Jericho would make sense as the main event?
  3. I must second the love for Nyla on commentary. Very punny. "Stupid dinosaur!" Had me rolling .
  4. Damnit that double frog splash double 619 should have been the finish! Just once let us have the babyface people actually like win the big one
  5. I wondered why the photo thread had the "hot" tag. I was not disappointed.
  6. The reason I think they go with Jericho for a while longer, is because this is the alternative to WWE, where they are going to build and then deliver on long term storylines. Not turn Kevin Owens heel then face again in like a week and hope we forget about it. (That could have been anyone's name really.)
  7. 1.) They shouldn't have asked/order Paige to do it in the first place. 2.) Asuka's green mist clearly doesn't have the power of Great Muta's, she has to manually regurgitate it from her venom glands with her hand for it to have its true strength.
  8. I've never heard in my life the kind of incredulous heat Jericho got with the "Who wears a scarf?" comment. The whole crowd looked liked they turned to him and gave him the Hogan YOU in disbelief, amazing
  9. Ortiz does look like the naughty ADHD kid from school, it's in the eyes
  10. Oh man MJF was so good in that. Snatching the kids hands out of his pockets, calling him a brat, chasing the ref
  11. I like Bayley's Sensational Sherri eyelashes and make up, it's a good look for her, stands her out from everyone else too.
  12. Those 90s movies were SO perfectly casted.
  13. I didn't want to go to that hypothetical fight thing, but I do agree, he, like the Miz, just doesn't appear tough. That's why Miz is an awesome chickenshit heel, or as he is now, a underdog MIDCARD babyface.
  14. The Bad: Sasha lost her 2nd straight PPV clean as a whistle after coming back hot. Bryan didn't turn on Roman after the win. I guess all the fans are meant to forget the last years heeling? What happened to that heel Bryan face Miz program they were building to? Turning Strowman heel is a bad idea, I mean he's already dead in the water, but a guy of his size could easily be resurrected. I doubt anything will come from the Fury thing. Fury's getting paid millions and millions in his boxing contract, he'd be stupid to risk his knuckles on Strowman's face getting paid peanuts comparatively. Gable short jokes, and even worse the scripted responses from Gable. Graves adding to those short jokes and even worse, his humble bragging about sleeping with Carmella every opportunity he gets. I legit hate Graves more than Michael Cole, I'm still in shock that could happen. Gable not winning by ankle lock, clean as a whistle screaming in agony at the top of his lungs furious tap out from Corbin. That's how babyfaces are meant to beat heels. Not by ref assisted distraction roll up. Gable is a wrestling machine and should be a mega star by now. Compare Angle's meteoric rise in '99 to Gable's last few years. Angle won everything that first year. Newly heel turned Bayley lost. As of yet we've not had any really good promos or angles to let her new heel persona shine through. You can tell from little things she actually has control over in her matches that there is potential there, if we ever get to see it. Bray/Seth - BAHAHAHAHA! The red lighting. The protected curbstomp being ruined, now whoever loses to just one of those is buried. The gimmick of the cell is dead. That mallet. Seth being a whiny cowardly uncool little creep. He's legit 6'2, 220lbs, but still looks to me like someone who wets the bed. The DQ finish in a no DQ match. Seth and the referee's "acting." The fake blood that was more pink than burgundy. Bray is also now ruined, because they booked him so strongly it will never make sense for him to lose, to seemingly anything, let alone one single finisher. Of course he will be back to his losing ways again soon, regardless of logic. Not a single WWE wrestler having this phrase in their lexicon - "That's not gonna work for me brother." Surely some of these people have fuck you money? Or at least pride in their career, being a mark for yourself isn't always a bad thing. Rusev, Kanellis, Gable, Kofi, Bray, Becky, Seth all should have uttered that phrase just in the past week. The Good: Kabuki Warriors showing some heel tendencies. I haven't seen Asuka for a while, she looks good, like maybe she lost weight, not that she needed to, but she looks better than ever. Such a waste what they didn't do with her. Gable and Corbin do have good chemistry. AEW chants.
  15. WWE's UK deal has always been pretty bad, because they're on Sky, who are behind a big pay window. You usually would get Sky along with your phone and broadband... Except there are a lot of other companies who offer TV, broadband and phone packages. These packages aren't really affordable for low income households. You also have to pay extra for the PPV's, (not to mention the sports channels/HD), which when you're paying £55 for the package per month, is an expense too far for a lot of people. I'm on one of the alternatives BT, so I cannot watch WWE, BT does the same thing with UFC, I've never bought a PPV that way. ITV4 is a free channel to anyone who has a television. It makes money by having ad breaks. This means that 100% of people with a freeview TV in the UK can watch AEW should they want to. If you want to watch WWE you need to be in a household that can afford Sky, but also be one of the households that chooses Sky over one of their competitors. I'm not sure what their market share is, but I'd hazard a guess at about 1/3rd. So the potential audience is a lot larger. I'm certainly not going to complain at all about having free wrestling on my TV again. ITV also has a free catch up player, which hopefully will allow us to watch AEW at our convenience the day after it airs in the US. So in summary, in my opinion, as someone who lives in the UK, Cody is right, their deal is much better in terms of audience potential and accessibility. As for the time slot and the ad breaks and I assume the censorship that the episodes will go through, that part we don't know how yet. Hopefully they can find a way to put it in a decent slot, preferably live and then a repeat the next day, later than the watershed of 9pm for TV-14.
  16. What? No Vince Vaughn? I hope they all get eaten.
  17. Well they finally managed to give us a commentator I hate more than Michael Cole. Didn't know it was possible. Please don't let Rusev be sucked into this pile of shit angle for longer than a week.
  18. Criterion Channel question for those of you that have it. Do all movies play fine for you? No buffering problems or just not starting? It may be because I'm using a VPN, but I can't get certain movies to play no matter what country I say my VPN is in. Then the next film from the same actor/director will play just fine. I just want to watch Harakiri damn it!
  19. Yeah Joe is jobbing to Ricochet. Heyman is high on him remember.
  20. Criterion is pretty fucking awesome. I can watch Sword of Doom on repeat and never get bored, let alone the other 2000+ movies they have on there.
  21. Simulation theory has become a lot more well known since the trilogy ended, so maybe they could do something about that. How essentially when Mr. Anderson was unplugged from the Matrix and became Neo, he actually was just in another Matrix and so forth.
  22. Re: the Rock. He's 47 and is as big or bigger than Arnie was at age 30... When he won Mr Olympia... In his prime... On steroids. I don't know how many gym bunnies we have here, but basically every actor/mma/wrestler is on something. I know tennis isn't the same, but they train with weights a lot too, and guys like Nadal, Murray, Federer, their bodies are unimpressive and achievable, they are also heavily tested, one of the only sports that seems to be.
  23. I can't work out if that tables film is self aware or if it is serious. Who's directing it, Tommy Wiseau? I seriously do not understand how it got made. In fact I just had to google "Is Ronda Rousey tables a real movie?" it's not on Imdb, so I am more confused than ever.
  24. Do you think being introverted/extroverted has a correlation with how much a person posts? I have been here for many, many years, but I'm just not the talkative type. I figure everyone else will say what I would say anyway.
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