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  1. Anyone else have deja vu scrolling this board? I'm sure we had this exact conversation before and RAF here replied with something exactly like this. I think I need to go outside or something
  2. Lemon and sugar on pancakes is amazing. The sourness of the lemon juice mixed with the crunchiness of the sugar and the fluffiness of the pancakes. Don't knock it til you try it. Yours sincerely, an English idiot.
  3. I just found out Sasha's real name is Mercedes Varnado. It's no Michael Hickenbottom, but that is definitely going in the "Should have used their shoot name as wrestling name" category.
  4. This is an important point. Imagine if this was your sister/daughter/wife being spoken about. I'm well aware that brains are still forming until you're 25ish and he wasn't "famous" then, but he's going to have to do some serious sincere apologising, some sensitivity training and perhaps a donation of his wages (matched by AEW) towards an appropriate charity may be an idea too. If I was AEW/WWE etc I'd get everyone on the roster to do some serious sensitivity training as well as social media / interview training.
  5. Damn terrible news on Cyberpunk, was so looking forward to that. Especially as I've actually caught up on games now during quarantine. I guess my furloughed ass can play THPS1+2 to perfect completion during September instead then.
  6. He didn't even spear anyone. It should be in his movie contract like I'm assuming it was in Roman's.
  7. Wait, what? You know about Eurovision over there? I thought it was Europe (and Australia's) dirty big secret.
  8. One thing I think Dynamite could do better is to stop starting off every episode with the commentators telling you what's about to happen. Show, don't tell. Start it off with a brawl, or a match about to begin, you've got plenty of time to show a few match graphics for later. This was very apparent this week when they started with "wanting to capitalise on the momentum from last week's Tyson appearance" and then proceeded to talk at me for 5 minutes.
  9. Allow me to translate to Commonwealth English: "Boom Boom Music" to me as an English person is people with amplifiers installed in their cars. What we call "Boy Racers". Because their cars go "BoomBoom". Australia shares a lot more colloquialisms with England than America. Boy racers can be of any race or culture, but are usually young dumb white kids who live in their mum's basements and use bank loans and credit cards to soup up their Renault Clios. So this "those people" tweeted by the person who is not Peyton is most likely referring to Boy Racers with loud ass audio systems. And Peyton is innocently agreeing with them. Internet mountain out of molehill.
  10. Oscars 2021 announced they're going to accept streamed films. (Without a theatrical release.) The 'new normal' is going to look a bit different after all the dust has settled. Doubt they'll be able to walk this decision back if the virus goes away (like a miracle.)
  11. Mandy Rose wasn't bad looking. at. all. But she was the only girl there I just completely didn't recognise without make-up.
  12. Same! I yawned at work (hangover) "Are we boring you?" "...Yes." I don't have that job anymore.
  13. This board should be the only place this sort of poll won't annoy me with tons of recency bias. Joker, I'm looking at you.
  14. Because I'm lazy, can anyone tell me apart from the above Memphis match, how many times he faced Regal and what were his best matches against him? Also did he ever wrestle Eddie Guerrero? I know Punk did, so maybe around the same time?
  15. Evil sexy Romulan lady will be back next season - Rule#1 in sci-fi, didn't see a body? Then they're not dead. Seven is now a lesbian ok, I'm gonna need some Chakotay closure first. Agnes is just gonna get away with Maddox's murder and be all smiley again already? A lot of the characters are pretty weak, but hopefully they'll get more well rounded in season 2. I'm hoping for some Worf, some Q and we know we're getting some Guinan, but maybe an Admiral Janeway / Sisko cameo would be cool too.
  16. Even as a Brit I had to stop watching out of anger when he kept repeating about how the US is having a "really bad flu season anyway" and started mentioning how many people are going to die just from the flu, almost like he's trying to downplay CV and/or try and apportion diagnoses to non-CV flus. He really is a scummy individual. Glad Bojo has locked everything down in the UK, but I'm expecting that we'll have to go the France/Spain route and have fines and police flying drones at old ladies to get them to stay inside. Then after that all we'll have to worry about is the pigeon uprising. *Edit*, shit I forgot seagulls! Agh! They're built like tanks round here.
  17. The Underground in London is still rammed with people going to work, it's almost like they didn't even look at news reports from NY 10 days ago. Good luck everyone!
  18. Quoting myself, because I don't get things right much- Universal Movies The Hunt, Invisible Man & Trolls Releasing On-Demand For $20 I expect other studios will follow suit over the coming months.
  19. BBC Sport is currently streaming pool and badminton for the first time I ever remember. I haven't decided which to start following yet, think I might read a book instead. A... B-O-O-K.
  20. I can see this virus changing the way a lot of films are released permanently (more straight to streaming basically.)
  21. The UK is still in their "containment" phase, when they should already be in their "delay" phase (shutting schools, cancelling events etc.) We should have learned from Italy, whose healthcare system is now well overcapacity, that it is much more of a priority to get people to stop interacting before it is over the tipping point. There are not enough ventilators to go around for the people who will need them. The NHS already operates at 80-100% capacity, meaning if we get more than a few hundred cases, we will also not have enough ventilators left, meaning the doctors and nurses will have to choose which patients get priority treatment like it was a military hospital in wartime. And all countries will have this same situation. But our government, the same as most, is more interested in delaying the economy from crashing than people's grandparents from dying. I'm going to try to put my relatives in bubbles, but most people, including my relatives are still very much in the "it's not as bad as they say camp". And that's my mum who said that, a diabetic who spent most of 2018 in hospital with a kidney infection . /rant over.
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