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  1. Haven't checked in here in a while but man I really should have! Loads of things I've picked out to add to my watch list.
  2. Incredible, memorable show. This is the only time in wrestling history that we’ve had two five star matches back to back. It may never happen again. These two matches were beyond special and the fact that they happened one after another was amazing. As Tanahashi got the pin, I felt it was the wrong call but I didn’t want to piss & moan about it because the match was so incredible. Then I saw OKada in the aisle with Gedo – it was the most powerful imagery I’ve seen in a long long time, and then the story clicked with me and I realised that Tana winning was 100% the way to go. Okada conq
  3. Prediction time! Nagata Red Dragon TenKojiHonma Team Yano Toru Sakuraba Ishii Kenny Meiyu Team AJ Shinsuke Okada
  4. My ballot! 1 Misawa vs Kobashi, NOAH March 1st 3/1/2003 ***** 2 Kawada & Fuchi vs Nagata & Iizuka, New Japan December 14th 12/14/2000 ***** 3 Kobashi vs Sasaki, NOAH July 18th 7/18/2005 ***** 4 Burning vs Kensuke Office Survival Match, KO/SEM August 17th 8/17/2008 ***** 5 Kanemoto vs Hayato, New Japan December 22nd 12/22/2009 ***** 6 4-way tag, Toryumon August 30th 8/30/2003 ***** 7 KENTA & Ishimori vs Marufuji & Ibushi, NOAH July 15th 7/15/2007 ***** 8 Kobashi vs Akiyama, NOAH July 10th 7/10/2004 ***** 9 Ohtani & Takaiwa vs Kanemoto & Minoru Tanaka, New Japan June 25t
  5. Bryan was a hugely impactful performer while he was around and created some really special moments which are easy to forget with how bad the company has become (I myself am a cluprit of this). He was admittedly a very hard candidate to evaluate, as were Devitt and Steen for similar reasons, but we felt top 30 was a fair representation of what he achieved in a short window.
  6. as far as I know. My ballot is nearly ready!
  7. So the latest Fighting Spirit Magazine is out and with it comes the release of the first annual FSM 50. Yes, we're continuing the tradition of the PS 50, and I'm honestly curious to see if the list evokes as much scorn as the PS 50 always did. I was always a huge mark for the list (especially during the 1998-2005 period) and I was excited to be included in the process for this. One thing that I think the PS 50 failed on was actually providing a basis and criteria for the rankings. So here's an idea of the thought process behind these rankings: The main criteria can be described as bell to be
  8. So how we doing lads? How many of us are getting ballots in by end of year?
  9. Updated for 10/12 (New additions in bold) NOW JAN 1 – DEC 31 WWE: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (2/23) ***** The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family (7/20) ****1/2 Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Falls Count Anywhere) (8/18) ****1/2 Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Batista (4/6) ****1/2 Daniel Bryan vs. HHH (4/6) ****1/2 Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt (1/26) ****1/2 Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn (2/27) ****1/2 Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena (2/17) ****1/2 John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing) (6/1) ****1/2 Cesaro vs. Sheamus (9/21) ****1/2 The Shield vs. Evolution (5/4) ****1/4 The Elimination Cham
  10. Naito vs. Tanahashi 10/10/2011 Naito had become a serious player due to his impressive showings against Tanahashi (2 wins and a draw out of 5 bouts), and this was his biggest match to date - Sumo Hall main event with the gold on the line. He knows he can beat Tanahashi so he's not shy about going right at the champ. Meanwhile Tanahashi himself knows he can be beaten by this guy so he needs to unload the heavy artillery. For fans of limbwork that pays off, you get a nice little moment towards the end. For fans of big finishes with two wrestlers throwing all they have at one another, you most
  11. just watched this. It was actually a WAR show, and man was that crowd MOLTEN!
  12. My piece on Jun Akiyama's HOF case. I hope people enjoy it! http://http://fightgameblog.com/2014/09/wrestling-observer-hall-of-fame-2014-the-case-for-jun-akiyama/ Also my show with Todd and Justin talking LOTS about the Hall. Both parts free at F4W! DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The 2014 Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame! Votes have been coming in, the debates are strong and soon we will know where the people stand! But enough about Scotland - the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame ballots are out and there is A LOT to discuss. To discuss it, we've rounded up our good pals - the RG3 & Kirk Cousins
  13. Now you have me wanting to rewatch it dude, haha!
  14. NOMINATE: Kotaro/Miyahara vs. Ishii/Irie - AJPW August 16 The hottest All Japan match this year. This was a little rough around the edges at times, but the effort is monumental. Irie and Kotaro are the stars of the match and their exchanges towards the end blow the roof off Korakuen. I've never seen Kotaro Suzuki take punishment like he does here. You could tell it means the world to him to get a spark going with this product, and I think they might just be getting there with two excellent Korakuen shows back to back. Irie continues to show that he's one of the brightest young talents in wres
  15. NOMINATE: CIMA & Gamma vs. The Millennials - Dragon Gate September 9 iPPV One of the best performances in the 17 year career of CIMA. This was a masterclass. The story is that he's now fully transitioned into the role of grizzled veteran, out of the main event picture and has acted as a mentor for Eita and T-Hawk who are basically versions of 1999 CIMA in Crazy Max. Here he (and Gamma) must face the monsters he created and he is out-matched in everything but veteran savvy. He has to use every trick he knows to just stay alive, and his selling gets Korakuen behind him like you wouldn't bel
  16. Updated for 8/30 (New additions in bold) NOW JAN 1 – DEC 31 WWE: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (2/23) ***** The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family (7/20) ****1/2 Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (Falls Count Anywhere) (8/18) ****1/2 Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Batista (4/6) ****1/2 Daniel Bryan vs. HHH (4/6) ****1/2 Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt (1/26) ****1/2 Antonio Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn (2/27) ****1/2 Antonio Cesaro vs. John Cena (2/17) ****1/2 John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing) (6/1) ****1/2 The Shield vs. Evolution (5/4) ****1/4 The Elimination Chamber (2/23) ****1/4 The Shield vs. T
  17. I second Tanahashi/Naito and Tanahahi/Nagata. If you think you would add them, I'm happy to do write-ups. I'm much more of an expert when it comes to the 2000s than the 90s. Really my guide to what to watch for the 90s has been your site, so there aren't going to be many matches that I've seen that aren't up there. I'll have a think about the 2000s though. I'd say there's loads of DG worth having up.
  18. NOMINATE: DDT August 17th - HARASHIMA vs. Kenny Omega vs. Isami Kodaka My word, that Sumo Hall main event was incredible. Easily my favourite thing on the show. Isami is cracking my top 10 favourite wrestlers in the world right now. He's so fun to watch, so creative and takes some serious beatings. Everything in this match was on point, but also looked spontaneous (which is rare for a 3 way). They did a great job keeping all three guys in the action for a large portion of the match before Isami got killed on the floor, so you didn't have the usual three way rotation thing. Also, they got wha
  19. Adam Summers raised the question two weeks ago of whether the August 1st G1 show was the best Korakuen ever on the strength of AJ/Suzuki, Shinsuke/Ishii, Nagata/Shibata, Naito/Makabe, Goto/Tenzan and the other fun matches on that show. I'm struggling to think of something definitely better but here are some candidates that come to mind. NJPW, 02.08.2013 (TV Asahi Ch.1 & Ch.2/iPPV) Tokyo Korakuen Hall 2,015 Fans - Super No Vacancy Full House 1. G1 Climax - Block B: Karl Anderson [4] besiegt Shelton Benjamin [2] (6:28) mit dem Gun Stun. 2. G1 Climax - Block B: Yujiro Takahashi [4] besiegt
  20. YES to: Ishii vs. Naito, February 11th, - Yes 5, No 0 Okada vs. Goto, February 11th - Yes 4, No 0 Okada vs. Ibushi, March 6th - Yes 3, No 0 Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito, April 6th - Yes 2, No 0 Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Shinsuke Nakamura, April 6th - Yes 2, No 0Tomohiro Ishii vs. KUSHIDA April 12th, - Yes 1, No 0Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tomoaki Honma, May 3rd - Yes 6, No 0Ishii vs. Ibushi, May 25th - Yes 3, No 0AJ Styles vs. Kazuchika Okada, May 25h - Yes 1, No 0KUSHIDA vs. Ricochet, June 8th - Yes 2, No 0Alex Shelley/KUSHIDA vs. Young Bucks, June 21st - Yes 1, No 0Kota Ibushi vs. Ricochet, June 21
  21. I'll round back and get the ones I've missed at some point, but for now here's the latest three DG matches that I'd nominate. August 5th - Yuga Hayashi & Yosuke Santa Maria vs. Don Fujii & Ryotsu Shimizu There's nothing quite as sweet as the taste of rookie fire getting quenched by grumpy Don Fujii. Hayashi in his Korakuen debut, makes an instant impression and really adds a ton to this match. It's by no means a match of the year, but it's a match that everyone could enjoy. July 20th - Millennials vs. Takagi/Tozawa Really great build to this match in the weeks preceding it. Eit
  22. YES to Sekimoto vs. Shinobu. Excellent match which really made up for what I thought was a disappointing match last year. Sekimoto's pacing and storytelling ability mixed with the fire and underdog qualities of Shinobu made this one of my fave bouts of the year. NOMINATE: May 31 BJW - Twin Towers (Sato & Ishikawa) vs. Kodaka & Miyamoto One of my fave tags from Japan this year. These four killed it. Twin Towers are such good bullies, but their opponents had plenty of tricks up their sleeves to counter the size advantage. The dynamic makes the match interesting the whole way through,
  23. Alan4L

    2014 G1 Climax

    replacement would make alot more sense because they can just transfer all his planned results onto the guy and not have to change booking plans. KUSHIDA would be my pick, although Honma would be fun too.
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