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  1. WWE fans > any other pro wres fans. Until they refer to themselves as "Dolphins" or part of the "Chain Gang"...then they instantly become scum of the Earth.
  2. Why is Khali even being mentioned? He's a 7'3 400 lbs monster that can crush basketballs with his bare hands and knock out The Undertaker with an overhead chop. How is he in any form not a credible world champion? Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler has a smooth .000 win percentage as world champion and the only person he can defeat is Kofi Kingston or Heath Slater.
  3. All that would do is open the door to Dolph jobbing to Kaitlyn after doing a backflip sell for her spear on a throwaway episode of Smackdown. Search your heart...you know this to be true.
  4. Glad to see Dolph has found his niche as Kaitlyn's sidekick.
  5. Well, UT's mother already gave birth to a 6'10 zombie...it's not a stretch that Paul Bearer and UT's mother would give birth to a 7 foot tall pyromancer.
  6. I refuse to judge a wrestler's ability based on how they look when wrestling against Daniel Bryan. Unless it's CM Punk...then he'd just look unbelievable and not credible, like he does against everyone else.
  7. Brock's motivation is to teleport from his self-imposed exile in the forest whenever his Brock-sense goes off and he must protect his BEST AND ONLY FRIEND IN THE UNIVERSE Paul Heyman. Also...to hurt people. These are both great motivations. Also, I'm amazed and stupefied at how WWE can get everything so right with Cesaro and Bryan, but then fuck things up so royally when it comes to making Ziggler look good. I mean, Ziggler sold for like 99% of that match against DARREN YOUNG.I know selling is his strong point...but Jesus Christ, that's not the way to make someone look like a star and future world champion. He should be dominating the fuckin jobbers on the roster, at least.Now, that Cesaro/Bryan match...THAT is how you make someone look like a star. Those uppercuts were pure sex.
  8. I think Kane is just a prelude to the return of Big Show as the final boss.
  9. So on the subject of Ohno, I found this while perusing the interwebs... So...yeah.
  10. The only help Mark Henry is going to need when he gets through with The Shield are from the people that will need to retrieve Seth Rollins' corpse from the abyss that Mark tosses him into.
  11. Some RAW thoughts... Bryan vs Cena at Summerslam? Well, I guess I've gotta get tickets now. I hope Mark Henry destroys The Shield. The Hall of Pain has reopened. RVD and Jericho wrestling at half the speed they did ten years ago was both depressing and fascinating. They picked it up at the end and turned it into a decent match. Brock tossing around skinny bird-legged CM Punk all over the place and then dropping him on his head with that F-5 on the table was compelling as hell. It also proves that Brock is the best friend Heyman could ever have. When has CM Punk ever been that selfless? Lemme tell you...never. Ziggler losing like a chump to ADR yet again and then getting demolished by Big E's titties. All is right with the world.
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